20 Facts You Might Not Know About Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira is one of the most likable characters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. And not just in Demon Slayer, but in the world of manga and anime in general.

From Inosuke’s first-ever appearance, he’s loud, full of himself, and not afraid to take on a challenge. He’s feral-like, hot-blooded, untamed, and outspoken, and that’s why we downright love him!

But that’s not all. He’s also highly recognizable as a character in terms of appearance – some might even go as far to say iconic – popular for wearing a boar’s head as a mask, dual-wielding long blades, and being full-on shredded.

You might be interested to know more about Inosuke after watching the show or reading the manga. On the other end, you might consider yourself a diehard Inosuke fanatic.

Whichever it is, you are sure to find a fact or two on this list that you are yet to know about Inosuke Hashibira. 

So, with all of that said and out of the way, here are 20 fun and interesting facts you might not know about Inosuke! 


Inosuke’s Age

Ever wondered how old Inosuke is? It can be hard to tell early on into the series – not just because of the whole boar head thing he has going on, but also because of his physique and gruff voice.

You might think Inosuke Hasibira is in his 20s, but he is actually 15 years old – which is quite young! It’s true regardless, and if you didn’t know, Inosuke’s birthday is on April 22, with diehard fans celebrating it each year.

Inosuke’s Height and Weight

Just like Inosuke Hashibira’s age, it can be hard to tell his height and weight, especially in the anime, in which the viewing angles are constantly changing to show off his ripped muscles.

Inosuke is, in fact, 5’5”, or 164 centimeters tall. That’s not that tall by most people’s standards, but it is worth remembering that he’s just 15 years old.

As for his weight, Inosuke is 139 pounds, or 63 kilograms. And considering his height and muscle mass, the figure checks out.

Inosuke’s Body Fat Percentage

Inosuke is jacked, and it begs the question of how he put on so much muscle mass by the age of 15. Regardless, it’s just one of the most recognizable features about his appearance, together with the boar mask and the dual blades.

The fact that Inosuke has so much muscle definition is evident that his body fat percentage is significantly low – something like 5% or 6%, we’re guessing. Either way, that’s pretty damn impressive, considering the sheer discipline it takes for both professional athletes and bodybuilders to reach such a low number.

Inosuke Doesn’t Like Shirts

Inosuke Hashibira is rarely seen with a shirt or top on. And when he is forced to cover his torso – for example, when he is made to wear pajamas and robes in the anime and manga series – he doesn’t really like it.

To be honest, we would probably feel the same if we had the same physique as Inosuke. It is also an indicator that Inosuke Hashibira doesn’t feel the cold. Unfortunately, that we can’t relate to.

Where the Boar Head Comes from

Not everyone knows where Inosuke’s boar head mask comes from, as it is not explicitly explained in-depth in the anime. It’s definitely an iconic look, which begs the question: where did he get it?

The answer is that Inosuke got the mask from his mother. Inosuke Hashibira’s “mother” was a boar (a female boar) and he took her head after she died to wear it in remembrance. 

That’s both sad and dark – and kind of sweet, to be honest. But there’s no doubt the boar mask has given him strength and character. 

Inosuke’s Upbringing

So, Inosuke Hashibira was raised by a female boar, who he considers his mother. But she wasn’t the only boar that raised Inosuke; in fact, it was a pack of boars that nurtured him into the headbutting hothead as we know him.

As for his real parents, Inosuke had an abusive father, who he escaped from with his real mother, Kotoha Hashibira.

Long story short, the runaway pair ran into a cult, before escaping into a forest – eventually getting cornered on a cliff. Kotoha threw Inosuke into the river below, saving him (while she was killed), until Inosuke was found by the aforementioned pack of boars.


Inosuke was raised by a pack of wild boars for the best part of his childhood. That makes sense, considering his brash, animalistic personality, but that does not account for how he learned to speak, however.

While Inosuke Hashibira did spend most of his childhood with boars, he did eventually have human contact. These people were in a village close to the mountains where he was raised, namely Takaharu and Takaharu’s grandfather.

This friendly pair came across Inosuke and are the reason Inosuke learned to talk, even though, at the time, Inosuke was not even aware he was a human.

Despite learning to talk, however, Inosuke cannot spell, evident when Tanjiro Kamado asks Inosuke how to spell his name – after which Inosuke faints.

Inosuke’s Memory

We are not talking about Inosuke’s childhood memories here, but his memory in general. If you paid attention to detail, Inosuke gets other people’s names wrong – mostly Tanjiro Kamado, the main character of Demon Slayer – and it happens frequently.

It’s a humorous characteristic, to be honest, making for some good, light comedy in the anime

Among the wrong names he calls Tanjiro include Kamaboko Gonpachirou, Shakariki Gengorou, Itadaki Tontarou, Anago Kanjirou, Hamado Tangorou, Amado Jangorou, Monjiro, Tontarou, and many, many more. And despite constant correction from Tanjiro, Inosuke still fails to get his name right.

Demon Slayer

Is Inosuke a Girl?

Despite his built physique and voice, Inosuke gets mistaken for a girl. It’s one of the most Google-searched questions about Inosuke, and there’s a slight reason why.

When he is not wearing his boar head mask, Inosuke Hashibira has quite feminine features. He’s clean-shaven, young-looking, with big green eyes, thick eyelashes, and long, blackish blue hair. 

If you saw a cropped image of Inosuke that only showed his face, you wouldn’t be totally mistaken for assuming that Inosuke is a girl.

Contortionist Abilities

One of the most famous scenes involving Inosuke Hashibira is one of his earlier moments with Tanjiro Kamado. To show his superhuman physical prowess, he bends over backward, bringing his chest to the ground with his head peeking through his legs.

This, however, is not just great flexibility. In real life, the only people who can pull off such an impressive physical feat are contortionists. Whether you find contortionists weird or not, Inosuke just so happens to be one!

Enhanced Senses 

Inosuke has enhanced, inhuman senses, which is most likely due to the fact he was raised in the wild by boars. Nevertheless, his enhanced senses bring a lot to the table in Demon Slayer story, helping the trio to track down demons.

Inosuke’s superhuman senses have names, specifically enhanced touch and extrasensory perception. He possesses the ability to feel vibrations in the air, as well as detect movement that is out of the range of a normal person’s ability.

This is the reason Inosuke is such a formidable opponent when it comes to combat – he can sense his enemies’ movement and respond in advance.

Inosuke’s Special Power

Tanijiro Kamado is well-known for his “water breathing” technique that he uses throughout the Demon Slayer story to beat his foes. Inosuke Hashibira has his own special power, and it’s called “beast breathing”.

It’s definitely fitting for Inosuke, and it gives him an arsenal of fighting abilities such as lightning-quick slashes with his swords, detecting enemy weaknesses in real-time, high-speed charges, and powerful blade throwing.

The Reason for Inosuke’s Chipped Swords

One distinct detail about Inosuke’s double swords is the fact they are jagged or chipped. Both his blades have deep cutouts that run from the handle to the tip of, which can’t be good if you are a demon and you fail to move out of the way of one of Inosuke’s slashes.

In Demon Slayer, Inosuke even goes out of his way to chip cutouts into a fresh pair of blades gifted to him – much to the chagrin of the swordcrafter. In fact, he purposefully wants his blades to be this way, quoted as saying that they are like being “sliced by a thousand blades”.

Are Nichirin Swords Real?

So, Inosuke Hashibira likes his blades jagged and chipped. But are they real? Are there swords like Inosuke’s in real life?

In fact, Inosuke’s famous dual-wielding blades are actually katanas. And in Demon Slayer, they are called “nichirin” swords. These are the magical, color-changing swords used by demon slayers to slay demons, so, unfortunately, they are not real.

If you wanted a pair of Inosuke’s katanas, however, similar-looking serrated katanas do exist, as well as cosplay versions of Inosuke’s signature swords.

Inosuke’s Headbutting Technique

Inosuke Hashibira loves to headbutt. He headbutts demons, his friends (notably, the memorable scene where Inosuke headbutts Tanjiro, causing a large visible bump on his head), and even trees.

But Inosuke’s headbutt is no ordinary headbutt. When Inosuke headbutts, he leans forward, dips his head, and charges – very much, of course, like a boar. This is a unique characteristic of Inosuke and a fun detail that highlights Inosuke’s upbringing and animalistic nature.

Inosuke and Bakugo

Inosuke Hashibira and Katsuki Bakugo, from My Hero Academia, share a lot of similarities personality-wise. In fact, the two are so similar that they are often compared in videos and on forums.

Bakugo, like Inosuke, is hot-headed, short-tempered, and quite full of himself. He’s aggressive and loud, with an overall personality that’s similar to Inosuke’s fiery nature. Whether in fact Inosuke Hashibira was inspired by Bakugo, we don’t know, however.

Inosuke’s Favorite Food

What is Inosuke Hashibira’s favorite food? Throughout the Demon Slayer story, Inosuke loves to eat. He never turns down a good feast, and it could be the reason he maintains such a well-built physique.

As for his favorite food, Inosuke happens to love tempura, a famous staple of Japanese cuisine. He’s seen several times throughout Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba snacking on tempura with a look that can only be described as ecstasy, so it goes without saying that the dual-wielding hothead loves eating tempura.

Is Inosuke Married?

Skip this one if you want to avoid spoilers!

The anime has not got this far, but in the manga, Inosuke has a special love interest named Aoino. Inosuke Hashibira and Aoi Kanzaki meet later on in the series, and eventually marry. 

The two are well-loved by the Demon Slayer community, which isn’t hard to understand seeing as Aoino happens to match Inosuke’s boldness and outspokenness. In other words: a match made in heaven.

Inosuke Isn’t Always Strong

Despite Inosuke’s sheer self-confidence, strength, and physical prowess, the boar head-wearing hero isn’t always as strong as we think he is – or even as strong as thinks he is.

When facing the formidable spider demon (the father demon), he meets his match and is eventually overpowered and left broken. Inosuke puts up a good fight, but is ultimately beaten and saved by Giyu Tomioka, another demon slayer.

While his self-belief is one of Inosuke’s biggest traits, it also means he does not know his limits.

Sad Inosuke

After Inosuke is overpowered (almost killed) by the spider demon, before being saved by Giyu Tomioka, it’s obvious that Inosuke takes it personally. It damages him mentally and forces him to question his abilities for the first time.

Despite this, sad Inosuke is one of the memorable moments of the story for Demon Slayer fans and Inosuke Hashibira fans. Why? Because when Inosuke is down, he refuses to take off his boar mask.  

This side of Inosuke shows his softness, insecurity, and vulnerability, as well as a more relatable side of Inosuke, that we don’t often see. 


And that’s it – 20 facts about Inosuke Hashibira that you might not have already known about. 

Inosuke is one of the most loved characters from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and these fun and interesting facts only make us love him more.

We hope you enjoyed this list, while learning a few new things about Inosuke Hashibira that you didn’t know before!