A Watch Order Guide For Watching the ‘K’ Anime Series

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for a watch order guide for the ‘K’ anime series. But, first, we’ll explain it to those of you who are unfamiliar with this series.

‘K’ is an anime that combines everything you want from the world of anime. It has superpowers, supernatural characters, and plenty of action. 

While it may seem somewhat average from some perspectives, ‘K’s’ beautiful visuals and incredible, captivating soundtrack make it a fantastic watch. 

Yes, there are some clichéd stories within the ‘K’ series, but you can expect that from many anime series. What sets ‘K’ apart from the others is its unique and stunning animation. 

A Watch Order Guide On How To Watch K Anime Series

If you want anime with some of the best visuals, the ‘K’ series may be what you want. 

It can be confusing for viewers to decide what to watch with movies and episodes to watch. However, two seasons of TV shows and seven movies (six movies fall under the umbrella ‘K: Seven Stories’) means you have a lot to watch. 

But, where do you start? Well, we are here to help! 

In this article, we will guide you through the watch order of the K series so you can enjoy each episode and film in chronological order (first to last released). Read on if you want to watch the whole series in the proper sequence and not get confused.

K’ Anime Series: Is It Worth Watching? 

If you search for online reviews of the K series, you will undoubtedly find negative comments. 

One reads, ‘K Project might be the biggest letdown of an anime I’ve seen all year,’ but the same reviewer goes on to state, ‘the animation is gorgeous and the art direction in the first episode had a setup for a series that was going to be epic.’

The consensus of many ‘K’ viewers is that it is beautiful to watch, but the storylines lack substance.

However, when ‘K’ gets good, it gets very good. That’s why we recommend watching the series as soon as possible. As we said, it is visually extraordinary, and around the halfway point of the series, the story becomes pretty interesting. 

If you love anime, try ‘K.’ Some people love it; others hate it. Who knows?  You may find yourself loving this anime series. 

K Series – Watch Order Guide/Release Order

K anime series

We will begin with a list of episodes and films based on the storyline and a continuous timeline for first-time ‘K’ viewers. These are not necessarily in chronological order. Later, we will discuss the series’ actual chronology.

This list will help you understand each plot and detail of the ‘K’ story so far. 

Season 1: K/K-Project 

This is the first season of the K anime series. Titled ‘K,’ or ‘K-Project,’ this is where you should start your ‘K’ journey. You can catch up with later episodes in the series once you have watched the first season. 

Movie: K: Missing Kings 

You may have been expecting to see the second season immediately after the first. That’s how it usually works, right? Well, not always! 

If you want to follow the storyline and timeline, it’s best to watch the movie ‘K: Missing Kings.’ This sequence makes the most sense to us. 

Season 2: K: Return Of The Kings 

Once you have watched the first season and followed with the first movie, watch the second season titled ‘K: Return of the Kings.’ 

Trust us; everything will begin making sense by the end of this season after watching the movie in between. 


There are just two seasons of the anime ‘K,’ in addition to seven movies. Once you have watched ‘K: Missing Kings,’ followed by the second season, you can move on and enjoy the remaining six movies.

While these movies do not follow the storyline or have recaps from the seasons, many of the characters remain and they are each a great watch. 

If you decide to watch these movies, we must reiterate: First-time viewers should watch them only after the two anime seasons and the ‘K: Missing Kings’ movie. 

Below is a watch order of the ‘K’ movies known as ‘Seven Stories.’

Movie Watch Order

R: B
Side: Blue
Side: Green
Lost Small World
Memories of Red

Circle Visitors

Remember, at this point, these are not necessarily in chronological order. However, this is the order we believe makes the most sense for first-time viewers.

Second-Time Viewers 

If you have watched the ‘K’ series but want to revisit it, you probably want the chronology of each episode and movie.

Here is a list in order of releases from first to last:

Seven Stories 4: Lost Small World (Movie)

Seven Stories 1: R: B (Movie)

Seven Stories 2: Side: Blue (Movie)

Seven Stories 3: Side: Green (Movie)

Seven Stories 5: Memories of Red (Movie)

K/K-Project (First season)

K: Missing Kings (Movie)

K: Return of Kings (Second season)

Seven Stories 6: Circle Vision (Movie)

As you can see, the chronological order is quite different from the recommended order for first-time viewers.

But, as a second-time watcher, you will understand what is happening in each episode or movie because you’ve seen it before. 

In Summary 

If you were to base the ‘K’ series on animation and soundtrack alone, it would be up there with the very best of all time. Yes, the storyline is not always the best and is pretty clichéd in some areas, but, on the whole, it is a very enjoyable watch.

For first-time viewers, we recommend following our first guide but if you want to watch the series in chronological order, that’s fine too. We think our watch order gives viewers a better understanding of the whole story. 

We hope this guide has helped you understand in what order to watch the ‘K’ series and that you enjoy watching the beautiful production of this anime.