About Us

Hi there pals, Cal here. I am a self-confessed comic book nerd, and I am totally proud to say that. Of course, it makes sense why I am the brains and brawn behind Comic Bento. Comics, at least to me, are one of life’s most wonderful pleasures. 

From the artwork to the witty storylines and how straightforward they are to read, I have never come across a comic that I have disliked. That is, I will always be able to find something I like about every single comic! 

As a kid, I was always seen as the geeky one for reading comics. Whilst my friends and classmates were all playing computer games and going to soccer practice, I would happily spend all of my time sitting outside under a shady tree reading my favorite comics.

Like most kids, I started off with DC and Marvel comics. To this day, these two franchises are where my heart lies. However, as I got older I was introduced to the wider world of comics and came across some now much-loved independent comics and lesser-known comics. 

With growing up, I started to have the realization that, actually, I was not the only person in the world that loved comic books. In fact, there were so many more people like me who got sheer joy from the delivery of the latest installment of their favorite comic escapades. 

When I started high school and later college, I made firm friends with like-minded people, and together, we would read comics, recommend them to each other, and eventually go to the movies to see all the popular DC and Marvel comic adaptations. 

This passion and the comradery I have with my fellow comic book nerds made me realize that there may be people out there who felt like I felt when I was younger. They have a passion for something but no one to talk about it with. 

That is where the idea for Comic Bento came from. I wanted to use this website as a space for comic book fans everywhere to come together and learn, read theories, get information, and just generally engage in some cool comic book-related stuff. 

Happy reading, superheroes!