Are Shoto Todoroki And Dabi Brothers In My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia. The Half-Cold, Half-Hot hero has grabbed the eye of fans with his peculiar weirdness and undeniably gorgeous appearance.

Despite receiving far less screen time than other characters, Shoto has managed to establish himself as a fan favorite because of his enigmatic aura.

His remote and icy demeanor piqued the interest of many. He also appears to have family issues, since he despises his father, Endeavor, who is the current No. 1 hero following All Might.

Many fans have speculated whether Shoto and Dabi are related throughout the series when it comes to family. Continue reading to find out.

Who Is The Todoroki Family?

From the beginning, the Todoroki family is coercive, abusive, and unloving, rather than a typical loving family. In Japan, Enji Todoroki, also known as Endeavor, used his power and influence to force his future fiancée Rei to marry him.

The purpose of this marriage was for Enji to have a child with a powerful Quirk so that he may one day overtake All Might, Japan’s most powerful hero. The couple’s marriage was chilly and unloving, and it existed mainly to benefit Enji.

The parents had one daughter and two boys before the hybrid Quirked Shoto was born. Because he saw tremendous potential in Toya’s Quirk, which was a stronger version of Enji’s, Enji had already trained him to be his heir.

When Shoto was five years old, Enji utilized harsh and unpleasant tactics to educate him on how to become a Hero. Shoto had a strained connection with his older siblings as a result of his father’s intervention. Rei tried to urge Enji not to put Shoto through his hard training, but he refused and told her to stay out of it.

Rei was also a victim of Enji’s mistreatment, and as a result, she became mentally sick. She screamed and splashed boiling water over Shoto’s left side, which reminded her of Enji’s. Following this, Enji had her committed to a mental facility.

Shoto continued his training over the years, despite his dislike for his father, before applying to U.A. High School. Shoto has forgiven his mother for burning him as a child and now meets her every day, symbolizing their reconciliation.

Who Is Dabi?

While some may find Dabi’s look intimidating, his rugged bad-boy attributes have made him one of the anime community’s favorite characters. Dabi started off as a typical evil villain, hell-bent on ending every hero’s career.

He is arrogant and rude, but he is also manipulative and lacking in emotional intelligence.

Dabi is a key supporting villain in the series. You might be wondering what he’s been up to. After all, he is a mass murderer who has admitted to killing more than 30 people.

He became a member of the Villain’s League and led the Vanguard Action Squad, an elite gang of villains, in an attack on UA High School students, kidnapping Katsuki Bakugou.

He believes that only true heroes should exist, rather than people who become heroes for the purpose of fame and money. Dabi, on the other hand, looks to be particularly interested in Endeavor, the hero who will succeed All Might as the number one hero.

Dabi’s debut appearance in the series raised a lot of questions about who he was. According to a popular fan hypothesis on Reddit in 2018, Dabi is the long-deceased son of Enji Todoroki, the number one hero himself.

Who Is Touya Todoroki?

Endeavor married Rei Todoroki in order to create a child with both his and Rei’s fire and ice quirks. Once Touya was born, Endeavor recognized his power, recognizing that his flame might be higher than his own.

Touya was not depressed despite receiving just one of the two quirks he had requested. Touya did not face the same amount of abuse as Shoto.

Endeavor’s selfishness, on the other hand, went so far as to load a child’s shoulder with his own aspirations of being the world’s greatest hero, poisoning Touya. Touya practiced with his father, his mind consumed by the ambition to be the greatest hero on the planet.

Despite the fact that things seemed to be going well at first, Touya quickly developed burns due to overheating. Touya’s body was starting to feel the consequences of exerting too much power.

Touya had received a powerful fire quirk from his father, but he had also acquired tolerance to cold temperatures from his mother, rather than fire and heat resistance, making his body incapable of defending itself against his own talents.

Endeavor immediately gave up on Touya and stopped training with him, calling him a failure. Enji had taken away all of Touya’s dreams by the age of eight and prevented him from training again for his own protection.

What Happened To Touya?

Everything seemed to have been taken away from a boy who only wanted to be the greatest hero in the world for his father.

Five years after Shoto Todoroki was born, Endeavor’s neglect of Touya increased. Shoto was harmed by Endeavor’s harshness, while Touya was harmed by Endeavor’s ignorance.

Touya, on the other hand, stayed close to his siblings and was often seen with them playing. Touya would implore his father to join him in training, but he was just told to stop entirely, thus Touya began practicing alone at Sekoto Peak.

Around the age of thirteen, Touya’s mental instability began to show. Despite his restrictions and the dangers that came with it, he had been trying hard to persuade his father that he was not a failure. After all, he was only a child, and he ached for his father.

His rage would often show itself in harsh words, to the point that he would insult his mother as she tried to calm him down by telling him he shouldn’t be so hard on himself and aim to be anything other than a hero.

When Touya hit adolescence, somewhere in the midst of this emotional rollercoaster, his crimson flame became blue. The blue flames were more powerful, and it didn’t take him long to realize that his emotions were the driving force behind his ability development.

He devised a new way to win back his father’s approval.

The Birth Of Dabi

Endeavor was invited to Sekoto Peak by Touya in order for him to witness his distinctiveness and display his development. Endeavor was fully aware of the hazards that his oddity posed, and he immediately disapproved of Touya’s training.

Touya, on the other hand, was adamant about getting his father’s blessing at any cost.

Endeavor was supposed to arrive at Sekoto Peak, but he never did. Touya had worked out how to activate and develop his power, but he’d never figured out how to handle it effectively. His heart was angered by Endeavor’s abandonment.

His emotions burst in wild conflagrations. Endeavor was told that his child’s bones had been burned to ashes, leaving just his jaws remained, and he believed this until Touya was revealed to have been alive.

Touya changed his name to Dabi and dyed his hair black to blend in. He has burn marks all over his body, which are most likely the consequence of his quirk overheating.

After that, Dabi became a member of the Villain’s League, a group dedicated to the killing of heroes. He seeks to not only murder heroes, but also to discredit them in order to remove them from the hearts of the public.

He has traveled a long and painful route to seek vengeance on both Enji and Shoto Todoroki. He sends a video to the entire globe that discloses his actual identity. Dabi has said unequivocally that he seeks to smear heroes’ reputations and undermine popular confidence in them.

As he reveals his true identity to Endeavor, he is frightened beyond comprehension and loses his wits. Dabi stays immobile as he prepares to battle, but Shoto begs his father to move and defend himself.

Best Jeanist, on the other hand, saves them, much to Dabi’s amazement, since he had imagined the hero was dead. After some spectacular fight situations, Dabi manages to escape with the help of Mr. Compress.

Endeavor is seen at the hospital with Shoto and the rest of the Todoroki family after the conflict. Reflecting on his mistakes, Endeavor ultimately recognizes himself as the filthy dad he was.

Rei, on the other hand, is sure that their child’s pain was both his and hers, and that he must fight Dabi. Shoto extends his hand to Enji and promises that they will overcome Dabi together.