Atlanta Comic Con: Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

If you’re a geek, and you enjoy comic books, films, video games, anime, and the like…then you will have probably heard of the Atlanta Comic Con, as it’s a pretty big event.

Atlanta Comic Con Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

It is a comic convention that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Both adults and children are welcome, making it a family-friendly event, and it takes place over the course of three days. 

At the convention, there is plenty to do. With exhibitions, stalls, events, and even some celebrity guests from the world of comics, it is a full-packed convention perfect for all things nerdy.

And every year, thousands and thousands of people attend! 

So whether you’re into Marvel or Dc, or Star Wars, or anime, or you want to go somewhere to show off your newest cosplay…this is a place for you. 

If it’s your first time attending the Atlanta Comic Con then you’re in for a great first-time experience. However, there are a few basic things you need to know beforehand so that you’re prepared and have everything you need.

In this guide, we will cover absolutely everything, from tickets, to what to bring with you, to costumes, to parking, and much more. 

Let’s get right into it! 

Buying your ticket for Atlanta Comic Con:

In order to attend the Atlanta Comic Con, you need to purchase a valid ticket, so that you are allowed access. Tickets always go on sale in advance, and you can purchase them through the official website so that you have them ready.

However, if you forget to do so, you can also purchase tickets at the door, on the day of the event. There will just be a lot of queuing and waiting in line, which is less ideal. 

Also, bear in mind that tickets are non-refundable, so once you have purchased them there’s no going back! (And you wouldn’t want to anyway, bring on the convention!) 

As for the tickets themselves, there are a few different types you can choose from: 

  • Friday Admission (1 adult ticket for Friday)
  • Saturday Admission (1 adult ticket for Saturday)
  • Sunday Admission (1 adult ticket for Sunday)
  • 3-day Admission (1 adult ticket pass for all three days) 

Saturday’s ticket is slightly more expensive than the other two days, as it’s the busiest out of all three. And the three-day pass will save you some money and give you access to the full duration of the event, so you can make the most of it. 

As for children under 12, they have free entry, as long as they are accompanied by a guardian or adult with a ticket. 

What to bring to Atlanta Comic Con:

Whether you’re attending the convention for a day or going the full three days, it’s important to make the most of it and to be prepared.

Spending a whole day within the convention can be a bit overwhelming at times, as there will be lots of people and a lot of things to do and see. 

You should always make sure to take with you the things that you know you are going to need throughout the day so that you aren’t caught having to leave early or desperately look for an alternative. 

First-goers usually struggle with knowing what to bring to the con, so here are some of the basics that we always recommend: 

  • A comfortable and spacious bag:

You need a bag that you are able to carry around with you all day comfortably, that has enough space to store all of your essentials. But also, if you’re planning on buying stuff while at the convention, you will need that bag to also carry them around! 

  • Proper attire:

One of the most important things we always remind people of is that you need comfortable shoes because you’ll be on your feet all day doing a lot of walking around. As for the clothes, you can either wear a costume or wear everyday clothes. We’ll talk about this later on!

  • Your ticket!

If you don’t have a ticket, you’re not getting into the event. You can buy them at the door, but the best option is to buy your ticket beforehand online. 

You can then either print out the ticket through your email confirmation or have it on your phone so that it can be scanned upon entrance. 

  • Snacks and drinks:

There will be plenty of food and drinks available for purchase within the convention center. However, you will be in there for a long time, and you need to have an energy boost on hand with you.

Have a little snack in your bag, and 100% have a bottle of water. It’s important to stay hydrated! 

  • A well-charged phone:

You need your phone for pretty much everything. So that you can show your ticket, so that you can keep in contact with friends (especially if you get separated at any point during the event), so that you can take photos, and much more!

Make sure your phone is well-charged, and we recommend also having a portable power bank just in case. You might be able to find a charging point at the convention center, but it might be in use. 

  • An autograph book or notebook:

If you’re planning on getting an autograph from one of the celebrity guests, then you’re going to need an autograph book or notebook, to keep them all in one place and safe.

A notebook can also come in handy for writing down social media handles from cosplayers and stall owners that you want to look up later on or keep in contact with!

  • Money:

Once you have your ticket purchased, you technically don’t have to spend any more money. However, the event will be full of food, drinks, merchandise, specially ticketed events, and more…which do require money.

Let’s be honest, it’s practically impossible to attend a comic con and not buy a single thing, so you’re going to need to take some cash with you, or your card. 

What to wear to Atlanta Comic Con:

Okay, so back to the attire. What should you wear to Atlanta Comic Con? There are two main options, and we have advice for both:

  • Cosplay:

A lot of people at the Atlanta Comic Con will be wearing cosplay, as it is a fun way to show appreciation for the geek culture and become your favorite character. Some cosplays will be super impressive too! 

Just remember that you’re going to be in it all day (unless you have a spare change of clothes with you), so it needs to be as practical and as comfortable as possible. 

  • Normal clothing: 

You can also just wear normal clothing, as that is completely fine. We recommend you wear layers that can be easily taken off. So if you’re cold you keep them on, but when it gets hot you can easily take them off.

And trust us, it gets really warm inside the convention center, especially with all the people! 

Easy Atlanta Comic Con costume ideas:

Easy Atlanta Comic Con costume ideas

If you’re not a big cosplayer, but you still want to wear a costume to the Atlanta comic con, then there are plenty of easy options for you to choose from. 

One of the main things we recommend is just doing a costest costume, which is essentially dressing up as a character you like with items and clothing you already own.

Kind of like getting the vibe and general idea of the character, and not stressing about full accuracy. 

But if you want a proper costume, then we suggest comic book characters, video game characters, or popular movie and TV characters. 

Can you go to Atlanta Comic Con without a costume?

Wearing a costume is a lot of fun, and a Comic Con event is a perfect chance to do so, as you will blend in with all the other geeks, and people will massively appreciate the effort!

However, it is not a requirement in any way and you’re perfectly okay to just wear normal clothing if you feel more comfortable that way. 

If you do that, you can simply enjoy all the other costumes that other people are wearing!

What to do when nobody gets your cosplay:

There are some characters that are a little more obscure and unknown, or that have a look that is slightly harder to identify. So it could be the case that you turn up in your cosplay, and nobody seems to get who you are supposed to be. 

Now, this is going to be quite rare, because you’re going to be surrounded by geeks that love the same things as you, so chances are someone will know who you are. 

But if the day goes on by, and nobody is guessing your cosplay right, then we’ve got some tips for you: 

  • First of all, don’t take it personally. It’s not that you’ve done a bad job at the cosplay, it’s just that the character is extra unique! Think of it as a good thing, when you explain to people exactly who you are, you are essentially spreading the word about the character so that they will be able to identify them from then on!
  • Practice a recognizable pose or quote, something that will make people instantly go “oh of course! That’s who you are!” 
  • Have some clues and hints at the ready. Maybe carry a prop or symbol that gives away the universe or story you are from, and that will narrow down the guessing for people significantly

Guide to Atlanta Comic Con lines and crowds:

Atlanta Comic Con is very well known, and as such, very big and popular. This means that there will be thousands and thousands of people attending all throughout the three-day event, which leads to crowds and lines. 

We’ll start by saying that the busiest out of the three days is Saturday, and this is the day on which you can expect the biggest crowds and the longest lines.

So if you’re attending this day, make sure to get there early and to prioritize and schedule events, so that you’re not stuck in the mass or queuing for too long. 

The worst line is the one for buying a ticket at the door, which is why it is 100% recommended that you buy your ticket beforehand, online, through the official website.

This will save you a lot of time and will mean that you can walk straight in as soon as you arrive. 

There will also be lines at the celebrity guest area, for people waiting to get an autograph, and at the entrances for different events and activities. 

As for the crowds, the worst of these will be located in the main entrances and biggest showrooms. There will also be quite a lot of people walking around the stalls, and nearby the food and drink areas.

It kinda depends on the time of day, so if you want to go around the stalls with fewer people, choose the time when most people are going for lunch!

However, there will also be some smaller rooms for resting and taking a break, and there will be a few areas of the event that are less popular. 

Getting your comics signed:

One of the highlights of the Atlanta Comic Con is the different celebrity guests that will be in attendance. They will each have their own booth, and people can line up and pay a fee to get an autograph and maybe a photo.

Both autographs and photo ops are purchased on-site, and they’re on a first come first serve basis, which is why they’re usually the bulk of lines and crowds.

Some celebrities will offer free autographs, and most will charge, and the prices are set by them so will change from guest to guest. The same goes for the photos. 

Atlanta Comic Con always releases the list of celebrity guests beforehand, so you can keep an eye on the official website to see who is going to be there, and on which day!

How much money do you need?

One of the main questions that new attendees always ask is how much money they need to bring to the convention. 

Attendees will usually spend an average of around $200, but it really does depend on your own budget and limit. 

Truth is, you could spend insane amounts of money during the comic con because there’s a lot to buy. And unfortunately, geek life is pretty expensive.

All of the merchandise, and the limited edition items, and the autograph or photo fees, and buying art prints, and comics…honestly, it’s practically impossible to go into a comic con and not spend any money at all. Everything is just too tempting! 

This is why we always recommend you set yourself a budget. Have some cash on you, and give yourself a strict limit. (With a little bit of leeway, just in case you find something super amazing). 

Some stalls and events within the convention will also accept card payments, but most will only accept cash. However, there will be money withdrawal points where you can get more cash if you run out. Just…you know, be careful. You wouldn’t be the first to go bankrupt over a comic con event! 

Don’t forget to bargain:

In some stalls, you will also be able to bargain for the price, and you might be able to snag a lower price or a special offer. Plus, some people will offer free extras with your purchase! 

Just make sure you know the average prices of things, so that you’re not trying to lower the price to something unfair, but also so that you’re not over-paying. 

Other tips for Atlanta Comic Con goers:

Everyone has their own tips and tricks for attending Atlanta Comic Con, but here are a few of our top:

  • Respect the cosplayers! Always ask permission before taking a picture, and always ask permission for posing with them or touching their cosplay. At the end of the day, they’re people who have put a lot of effort into their costumes, and they’re not there simply for your viewing pleasure. 
  • Check the map! The convention center is huge, and with the number of things in there it’s super easy to get lost. Checking the map will make sure you know where you are going and will save you time and stress. 

Hotels nearby:

The nearest hotels are the Embassy Suites Hilton Hotel, the Omni Atlanta Hotel, and the Hyatt Place Atlanta.

Car rental nearby:

There are many car rental companies nearby to choose from, so you would have to check which is more convenient and affordable to you. 

Parking at the event:

There is a parking lot at the Georgia World Congress Center where Atlanta Comic Con is held. However, a fee applies. It also tends to get pretty full, but there are other nearby parking options, also available for a fee. 

Public transport to the event:

Depending on where you are traveling from there are plenty of bus and train connections to get you to the Atlanta Comic Con. Just make sure to check timetables beforehand!