Attack On Titan: Does Levi Survive the Explosion?


The following article contains spoilers for Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 1. 

Attack on Titan has been an immensely popular anime ever since its release in 2013, with fans worldwide, invested in this dark fantasy bloodbath. Fans learned early on that no one is safe, but one character always seemed untouchable: Levi Ackerman.

Widely believed to be humanity’s strongest soldier, this badass Squad Captain has been a favorite among fans since his first appearance in Chapter 14 of the much-loved manga.

Attack On Titan - Does Levi Survive The Explosion

Levi is unbelievably adept at using vertical maneuvering gear. He has easily taken out multiple Titans in mere minutes. A formidable opponent with unreal strength and agility, he is a Titan’s worst nightmare. 

So it’s no surprise that the end of Season 4 Part 2 Episode 15 had fans in shock. 

Did … did Levi Ackerman just die

Talk About A Cliffhanger!

So what actually happened?

Levi had the Beast Titan Zeke Yeager completely immobilized after his failed escape attempt, back in Episode 14. 

Zeke lies in the back of a cart with a Thunder Spear impaled in his stomach and the detonator around his neck. He can do nothing but lie still and reminisce about his childhood while Levi begins to torture him – ouch. 

But just when it seemed Levi had Zeke completely trapped, the Beast Titan pulled one last deadly trick. He purposefully detonated the Thunder Spear, sending both Levi and Zeke flying in opposite directions. 

Zeke lands as nothing more than smoking chunks. He lies dying in the grass. As for Levi, we see nothing.

The last image of our beloved Captain is him flying from the exploding cart like a ragdoll. There’s no confirmation if he’s dead or alive. 

Zeke’s fate is just as unclear. The last we see of him is lying in the grass, having a vision of a strange girl. A Pure Titan approaches and instead of eating him (as Pure Titans usually do), it rips open its abdomen and places Zeke inside. 

And that’s how Part 1 of Season 4 ends. The fates of Zeke and Levi are unknown, although Hange and Floch are on their way to investigate. 

Did Levi Just Die?

If you only watch the anime, you will have to wait until the premiere of Season 4 Part 2 begins in January 2022 to learn the fate of Levi and Zeke. Until then, we can only speculate. 

An explosion like that from a Thunder Spear is insanely powerful. It reduced Zeke to nothing more than his torso and head. And, Levi was standing not too far from the blast.

It’s possible that he turned and started to flee. However, in the past season, we saw how Thunder Spears work. Once they detonate, they explode instantly.

It’s highly unlikely that Levi was able to flee unscathed. However, if he has somehow managed to survive, it’s unlikely he’s has escaped without massive injury. 

But it’s Levi, right?

They can’t kill off Levi Ackerman, the most popular character from the whole anime and manga!

Attack on Titan has proven over its four-season run that no character is safe from death. Favorites like Petra, Erwin, and Sasha (yes, even beloved Potato Girl Sasha) have all perished in this merciless show.

Just like Mikasa said, the world is a cruel place. In the past, manga writer Hajime Isayama has not held back from giving the most popular characters the chop. 

Luckily Levi has an advantage above all other characters: He’s an Ackerman. 

As we found out in Season 3, Ackermans are a surprisingly strong clan. They have a special ability that allows them to resist the Founding Titan’s influence.

They also have the ‘awakened power.’ This allows Ackermans to exhibit physical strength beyond that of a normal human being. This is why Levi and Mikasa, another Ackerman, are so much stronger and quicker than their fellow soldiers.

In Episode 14, Eren revealed that this is because the Ackermans were originally protectors of the Eldian Royal Family. However, seeing as Eren got this information from Zeke, we can’t be sure if it’s entirely reliable. 

But still, Levi has an abnormal amount of strength and resilience due to his Ackerman heritage. This gives him an advantage toward survival.

It may be possible that his heritage awakened a power that can help him survive the Thunder Spear explosion. But even if he survives, is it possible that even an Ackerman can make it out of this without a scratch?

If Levi is alive, what about his injuries? It could be that Levi is out of the fighting game for the rest of Season 4. This would be a disappointment to all his fans worldwide. But hey, he’d have a better chance of survival then, right?

What About the Beast Titan?

Levi Ackerman

The last we saw of Zeke a Pure Titan was placing him in its abdomen. Usually, Pure Titans devour people in hope of finding a Titan Shifter. This would allow them to absorb the Titan Shifter’s abilities and return to their previous human form.

So naturally, when we see Zeke heading into a Pure Titan’s stomach, our first instinct is to assume that this is an act of consumption (in some kind of weird way) and that Zeke is a goner. 

However, there are two hints that this may not be the case. 

The first is that the Pure Titan who has placed Zeke in its abdomen is under Zeke’s control. Was this originally the scout who drank Zeke’s spinal fluid from the tainted wine? Perhaps this Titan is trying to help Zeke rather than consume him?

The second hint is Zeke’s strange vision of the girl just before the Pure Titan appeared. Who is she? 

The Answers 

Of course, you can find the answers to these questions in the Attack on Titan manga. The final chapter came out in April 2021, so the adventure has closed for Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and all the other characters in Attack on Titan.

While we wait for the final part of Season 4, the answers to our questions are available.

If you don’t want spoilers for the final part of Season 4, then it is best to stop reading now.

If you can’t wait and you need to find out now if Levi survives and takes down the Beast Titan for once and for all, then keep on reading.




Still here? Here are your answers:

Thankfully, Levi lives to fight another day, although the Thunder Spear explosion severely wounded him.

Hange rescues him. The two escape with Floch swimming down the river with an unconscious Levi in tow. The two flee so Levi can rest and recover in time for the final battle. 

The founder Ymir revives Zeke in the Pure Titan’s abdomen. The two finally come face to face during the final battle. In an effort to put an end to Eren’s plan, Zeke sacrifices himself to Levi and Levi finally fulfills his promise to Erwin to end the Beast Titan. 

And that’s it: Levi survives Attack on Titan, only losing a few digits and gaining several scars on his beautiful face. Zeke, however, is not so lucky. But hey, he kind of deserved it. 

So what did you think? Is this the ending you wanted for Levi and the Beast Titan?