Baki vs Jack: Which Hanma Brother is the Strongest

Baki is a Japanese anime series that follows the story of a young man named Baki Hanma. Baki is an incredibly strong fighter who enters into several fighting tournaments in order to become the strongest fighter in the world. The anime series is action-packed and thrilling, the characters are well-developed and likable, and the animation is top-notch.

There is no doubt that the Hanma brothers are two of the strongest fighters in the world of Baki anime. But which one is stronger? In this article, we will compare and contrast Baki vs Jack to see who comes out on top. We will look at their training, techniques, and their physical abilities to see who will win this fight. Let’s get started!

Who are Baki Hanma and Jack Hanma?

Baki Hanma is the main protagonist of the manga/anime Baki the Grappler series. He is the son of Yujirou Hanma and Emi Akezawa, and is often called “the World’s Strongest Boy.” Baki’s goal is to surpass his father as the strongest fighter in the world. To this end, he trains relentlessly, often pushing himself to his limits. His determination and fighting spirit have earned him the respect of many of the world’s most powerful fighters.

Jack Hanma (also known as Jack Hammer) is a martial arts prodigy from Canada. The son of Yujirou Hanma and Diane Neil, a United Nations operative. From a young age, Jack Hanma has aspired to be the best fighter in the world. Growing up in Canada, he was constantly exposed to his father’s stories of being the strongest man alive. This only fueled Jack’s desire to become stronger himself. 

In What Episode Does Baki Hanma Fight Jack?

In the twenty-third episode of the Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament called “Final Strike,” Baki and Jack finally face off in a long-awaited battle. The episode first aired in December 2001 and we haven’t gotten a rematch ever since.

Baki Hanma Overview


Baki is a complex character who is driven by a need to prove himself. While he is usually carefree and laid-back, he is also capable of great anger and violence. This duality is best seen in his relationship with his father, Yujirou Hanma. On the one hand, Baki clearly respects his father and trains hard in order to try and become as strong as him.

On the other hand, Baki also desires to defeat Yujirou and take his place as the strongest man alive. This goal comes from a desire to both surpass his father and avenge his mother, Emi Akezawa. As a result, Baki’s character is one that is both fascinating and contradictory.

Fighting Style and Abilities

To achieve this goal, Baki trains tirelessly, honing his skills in various martial arts techniques. Baki’s fighting style can best be described as Mixed Martial Arts. He utilizes skills from a wide range of disciplines, including grappling, boxing, kickboxing, karate, judo, and more. This makes him a versatile fighter and allows him to adapt to any situation. As a result, Baki has emerged victorious from some of the most dangerous and brutal fights imaginable.

Despite being incredibly strong and skilled for his age, Baki is still very much a teenager. He can be impulsive and hot-headed, and he often rushes into things without thinking them through. However, Baki is also very intelligent, especially when it comes to martial arts. He has an innate understanding of fighting techniques and can quickly adapt to new situations. 

One of the most unique aspects of his training is shadow boxing. Hanma believes that by shadow boxing, he can better visualize his opponents and their movements, giving him a split-second advantage in combat. He also believes that the act of throwing punches and kicks helps to build up his muscle memory, so that he can respond more instinctively in a real fight.


Baki has defeated some of the strongest fighters in the world. However, there are two things that can defeat Baki: himself, and his own pride. On more than one occasion, Baki has come close to winning a match but has ultimately been defeated because he wasn’t able to use his own strength to finish the job. 

Additionally, Baki’s pride often causes him to underestimate his opponents, leading to him being caught off guard by their attacks. However, these weaknesses are also what make Baki such a powerful fighter – his determination to win at all costs drives him to overcome any obstacle in his path.

Jack Hanma Overview

jack hanma

Jack’s primary motivation is to exact revenge upon his father, Yujirou Hanma. Jack’s mother was raped by Yujirou, which resulted in her becoming pregnant with Jack. Jack is a tragic figure, he was created by his father’s cruelty and is driven by hatred. 

After taking a concoction of steroids that made him unstable, Jack turned into a muscle-bound monster who only cares about becoming stronger to take revenge. Jack Hanma is 7’11” and 443 lbs because of these steroids.

Fighting Style and Abilities

Jack Hammer’s fighting style is a combination of Pit Fighting and Goudou. Pit Fighting is a brutal, no-holds-barred style of fighting that was popular in underground circles. It usually involved two fighters duking it out in a small arena, with few rules and no weight classifications. As a result, matches could often be very one-sided, with one fighter overwhelming the other with sheer size and strength. 

Goudou, on the other hand, is a more traditional martial art that emphasizes speed and agility. It uses a variety of techniques, including kicks, punches, and throws, to disable an opponent. By combining these two styles, Jack Hanma has created a unique and effective fighting style that has helped him become one of the best fighters in the world.

His strength is shown many times throughout the course of the story, but perhaps most notably when he kills a polar bear with his bare fists. Jack’s biting force is also incredibly powerful, and has been compared to that of a crocodile. This makes him a very dangerous opponent in any fight.

While Jack’s strength is definitely impressive, it is his skill as a fighter that makes him truly dangerous. He is able to utilize his strength in ways that other fighters cannot, and this gives him a significant advantage in any battle.

Jack Hammer is a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Though he uses brute force to fight, he is actually very tactical and smart. He is able to counter and outmaneuver his opponents with ease.


There are, however, several aspects of Jack’s character that prevent him from being the strongest fighter in the world. First and foremost, Jack is sometimes too confident in his own strength. This can lead him to take unnecessary risks in battle, which can often result in defeat.

Additionally, Jack trains too much for his body to handle, causing him to resort to steroids and other medical methods in order to keep up with his father’s prodigious strength. While Jack Hanma is undeniably a powerful fighter, he would be wise to exercise caution and restraint in order to prevent himself from being unnecessarily harmed.

Baki vs Jack Battle Analysis

baki vs jack

The long-awaited battle between Baki and Jack finally took place in the twenty-third episode of Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament. The fight was fierce, with both competitors giving it their all. In the end, Baki emerged victorious, but not without sustaining significant injuries. For fans of the series, it was a tense and exciting moment that lived up to the hype. Here is how it went down – spoiler alert!

Both competitors used their best techniques against each other, and it quickly becomes clear that this is an evenly matched fight. At some point, Jack bites an artery in Baki’s hand, and he starts to bleed out slowly. Baki ties his hand with a bandage to reduce the blood leak, but this injury leaves him at a disadvantage.

Jack Hammer continues to press his advantage, but Baki Hanma doesn’t give up. Jack decides to take drastic measures and overdoses on steroids to increase his strength. This gives him a temporary boost in power, but it also causes him to become erratic and reckless. He is able to land more powerful punches and throws, and Baki starts to appear atigued.

Despite being younger and smaller than his brother, Baki emerges victorious after a brutal battle. He was able to withstand all of Jack’s attacks and finally defeat him with a Front Neck-Lock. This demonstrated Baki’s incredible strength and determination, cementing his reputation as one of the world’s greatest fighter.

Baki may have been the one who came out on top, but Jack was quick to help his brother raise the winner’s belt. This act of brotherly love and respect exemplifies what it means to be a true fighter. No matter who wins or loses, at the end of the day they are still family. And that is something that can never be taken away.

Will There be a Baki Hanma vs Jack Hammer Rematch?

baki vs jack

In the world of martial arts, there are few matches that have been as highly anticipated as a rematch between Baki Hanma and Jack Hammer. These two brawling titans first clashed in the Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament, with Baki emerging victorious after an intense battle. 

At the moment, it is unclear if a rematch between Baki and Jack Hammer is in the cards. However, given the popularity of both fighters, it would be surprising if this match does not eventually happen. After all, there is nothing that martial arts fans love more than seeing two legends go head-to-head. A rematch between Baki and Jack Hammer would undoubtedly be one of the most eagerly anticipated fights in recent anime memory. 

Both fighters have come so far since their last bout and both have the same goal – to defeat their father, Yujiro. But who will come out on top this time? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: fans would love to see these two titans of the martial arts world go at it again.


Why are Hanmas so strong?

There are many theories about why Hanmas are so strong. One popular theory is that their extraordinary abilities are passed down through generations. This means that each new generation of Hanmas is born with the potential to be even stronger than the last.

How tall is Baki?

Baki is a young man of average height. He stands at five feet six inches tall, with a lean and muscular build. Although he is not particularly tall, Baki is still a strong fighter. 

Is Yujiro Hanma a villain?

Yujiro Hanma is the primary antagonist of the anime series Grappler Baki. He is the father of the titular character, as well as another fighter named Jack. Yujiro is an incredibly powerful martial artist, said to be the strongest in the world.

Which Baki to watch first?

While there are several different seasons and spin-offs of the franchise, many fans agree that the first season of the original anime released in 2001 is the best place to start.

Final Thoughts

Baki and Jack are some of the most physically powerful characters in the Baki the Grappler anime series. Both have demonstrated incredible strength, speed, and durability in their fights. So, who is the stronger fighter?

It’s clear that Baki is the stronger of the two Hanma brothers – at least for now – but if the two brothers ever face off again, it will be a close battle indeed. Baki is certainly the stronger fighter, but Jack’s steroid enhanced agility and speed could give him the edge in a rematch. Plus, as we saw in the first Baki vs Jack fight, Jack is more than capable of holding his own against Baki. Either way, it will be an exciting fight to see, that’s for sure!