Baki vs Pickle: The Ultimate Showdown

For fans of martial arts anime, Baki is a must-watch. The story follows martial artist Baki Hanma as he sets out to become the strongest fighter in the world. As a result, the anime features a wide variety of fighting styles, from karate and jujitsu to Muay Thai and taekwondo. The fights are brutal and often bloody, but they’re also extremely well-choreographed and exciting to watch. 

It’s the ultimate showdown of strength and power – Baki vs Pickle! These two anime giants are about to clash in an epic battle that will determine who is the strongest of them all. Who do you think will win?

Who are Baki and Pickle?

Baki is a Japanese anime series that follows the story of a young martial artist named Baki Hanma. As the son of a world-renowned fighter, Baki has always been driven to be the best. Along the way, he meets and defeats some of the most notorious criminals and fighters in the world. The series is full of intense action, and it is sure to please fans of martial arts anime.

One of the opponents Baki must face off against is Pickle, a man who was perfectly preserved in a saline rock formation. Pickle is incredibly strong and primal, making him a difficult opponent for Baki. 

Is Baki Related to Pickle?

There is a theory among fans that Baki is related to Pickle. While this has not been confirmed, there are a number of similarities between the two that lend credence to the idea. The most striking similarity is that Pickle’s back resembles the demon back of Yujiro Hanma, Baki’s father. Both Pickle and Yujiro also have unusually large and powerful bodies, as well as an affinity for violence.

Both are incredibly strong, with Baki being able to defeat foes that are much larger than him and Pickle being able to take on multiple opponents at once. In addition, both characters have a ruthless streak, often resorting to extreme measures in order to win. Both Baki and Pickle were born from extremely rare genetic combinations that resulted in their immense strength.

While it has yet to be confirmed, this commonality has led many fans to believe that the two characters may be related. Only time will tell if this theory is true, but for now, it remains one of the most popular fan theories surrounding these two iconic characters.

Can Yujiro Hanma Beat Pickle?

yujiro vs pickle

If Yujiro Hanma and Pickle were to fight, who would win? It’s a question that fans of the Baki Hanma series have been debating for years. While there have been multiple teases that Pickle and Yujiro will be set to fight, they never actually come to blows. However, given Yujiro’s well-established reputation as the strongest fighter in the world, it’s safe to say that he probably could beat Pickle.

Baki Hanma Overview


Baki Hanma is the main protagonist of the Baki the Grappler franchise. He is a young man who is relentless in his pursuit of strength. He trains day and night to become the strongest fighter in the world, and his hard work has made him into a force to be reckoned with. 

Fighting Style and Abilities

Baki Hanma’s fighting style has been described as a mix of martial arts, and it is sometimes referred to as “Total Fighting.” Hanma’s style includes elements of Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo, among other disciplines. While Hanma is a master of all of these arts, he is not bound by any one specific style or technique. Instead, he relies on his intuition and experience to find the best way to defeat his opponents. 

His skills are largely based on his extraordinary ability to release endorphins that increase his pain tolerance and durability. This allows him to take huge amounts of punishment and continue fighting even when he is seriously injured. Baki also has extrasensory perception, which gives him an edge in combat by allowing him to anticipate his opponent’s moves.

Baki Hanma is an immensely skilled and powerful martial artist, with incredible stamina and strength. He is known for his ability to go on extended training regimes that last half of a day or more, and classifies them as warm-ups. He is incredibly intelligent in terms of martial prowess – Baki is a resourceful and tactful fighter. 

He is also able to analyze information quickly, which allows him to make split-second decisions in battle. Finally, Baki has immense willpower. Combined, these skills make Baki Hanma a formidable opponent and one of the deadliest martial artists in the world.


However, there are also some weaknesses to his fighting style. One of these is that he will sacrifice victory if he cannot achieve it with his own raw power. This can sometimes lead to him losing matches that he could have otherwise won.

Despite this, Baki Hanma is still an incredibly powerful fighter, and has proven himself time and again against some of the toughest opponents around.

Pickle Overview


As any fan of Baki: Son of Ogre knows, Pickle was a major antagonist in the series. He was a primitive humanoid who lived during the Jurassic era, and due to being frozen in ice, he managed to survive for 190 million years or so.

Fighting Style and Abilities

Pickle is a powerful martial artist, with inhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. He also has extrasensory perception, which allows him to sense danger. Pickle has the ability to go into a berserk mode where he becomes extremely violent and mindless. In addition, he has high hypersonic speed, making him a very dangerous opponent. 

However, Pickle is not simply a brawler – he is also a strategic thinker. He often uses his powers to their fullest potential in order to create an explosive charge that can give him an advantage in battle. In addition, Pickle has shown himself to be a master of regeneration, able to quickly recover from even the most serious injuries. 

Baki Hanma’s Pickle is an enigmatic character. His intelligence seems to vary depending on the situation, ranging from animalistic to slightly above average. This makes him a difficult opponent to read and an even tougher one to beat. Pickle learned most of what he knows from the Jurassic Era, so he often relies on his primal instincts in battle. This gives him an edge over those who rely solely on modern techniques. However, it also means that he can be unpredictable and dangerous.


The character Pickle in Baki Hanma is a young man who, while incredibly strong, is mostly primitive in his fighting skills and this is his biggest weakness. Experienced martial artists, even if physically inferior to him, have managed to give Pickle quite a hard time, precisely because of this flaw.  

However, because of his immense strength, Pickle has still been able to come out on top against some of these more experienced fighters. In the end, whether or not Pickle will be able to continue winning fights will likely come down to whether or not he is able to improve his skill level and become more sophisticated in his fighting style.

Baki vs Pickle: Who Would Win?

baki vs pickle

It’s the age-old question: who would win in a fight between Baki Hanma vs Pickle? Both are incredibly talented fighters, but they have very different styles.

Baki is a well-rounded fighter who is equally proficient in striking and grappling, while Pickle relies mostly on brute force. On the surface, it may seem like Baki has the advantage, but Pickle’s ground game is not to be underestimated. If the fight goes to the ground, Pickle will have a significant advantage.

Pickle is definitely stronger than Baki, and his size gives him an edge over Baki’s skill. However, Baki is a master of Martial Arts, and his techniques are incredibly precise and deadly. In a fair fight, it’s probably safe to say that Baki would come out on top. However, if Pickle were to catch Baki off guard or use dirty tactics, he could easily win the fight.

When you look at it more closely, this fight is really a battle between primitive strength and superior skill. Pickle represents the primitive fighter who relies on pure strength and power to win, while Baki represents a fighter that has perfected his craft and can defeat any opponent with his skills. In the end, it will be interesting to see which style of fighting prevails.

Will Pickle’s primal nature be enough to take down Baki? Or will Baki’s technical prowess be too much for Pickle to handle? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Baki vs Pickle: Final Thoughts

The conclusion of the fight between Baki vs Pickle in the anime series Baki is still yet to be revealed. However, it is sure to be an interesting fight between two very different fighters. While Pickle mostly relies on brute strength and speed, Baki is a skilled martial arts fighter. 

It will be intriguing to see how these two fighters square up against each other in the ring. Who will come out victorious in this highly anticipated match-up? Tell us what you think!