Baki vs. Yujiro Final Fight: Who Won?

Baki the Grappler is one of the most popular and well-known martial arts manga and anime series ever created. Baki is still intriguing enough to garner a varied audience, even though many gym rats, also weebs, use it to establish a bar for their body. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the final fight between Baki and his father, Yujiro, aka Ogre. We’ll also talk about the powers of Baki and Yujiro Hanma that they both develop before the Baki vs. Yujiro Final Fight.

Baki Hanma

baki hanma

Baki Hanma, the story’s primary character, is the son of The Ogre, Yujiro Hanma. Baki has one goal in life: to catch up to his father, Yujiro. In the manga, he faces increasingly powerful opponents in order to be on the path that will allow him to get anywhere near his father. 

He begins the novel as a 13-year-old boy and grows up to be 18 by the end of the original plot. During conflicts, his genes – which he received from The Ogre – lead him to unusual acts of violence. Baki Hanma, who is 1.67 meters tall, continues to do regular strength training sessions and tai chi chuan despite his advanced age.

How Strong Is Baki?

Baki’s strength develops during the course of the series. In his first appearance in the series, when he was 17 years old, he was the champ of the Tokyo Underground Dome. Baki is seen bench pressing over 320 pounds while training. He was initially revealed to be on par with Mount Toba, a genius fighter capable of easily defeating Junichi Hanada. Baki’s strength increased until he could face and defeat Kureha Shinogi, a surgical genius who was 17 at the time.

Baki’s strength is tough to categorize because he constantly improves throughout the series. At the start of the anime, Baki, aged 13, was able to fight 37 out of 100 thugs on his own. When he met Kaoru Hanayama – the Hanayama Group’s second-generation boss – he effortlessly defeated many men who attempted to hold him as well as kicked Hanayama’s 250-pound table out the window. Baki’s strength improved during his battle with Gaia when he discovered how to use endorphins to boost his speed and strength. 

He demonstrated that he was quick enough to catch a knife tossed at him from a distance of 15 feet. By this description, we can figure out how strong he was during the entire course of the series. Despite his conquests, he has one goal and one goal only: to defeat his father. 

Yūjirō Hanma: The Father of Baki

yujiro hanma

Yujiro Hanma is the father of Baki and Jack Hammer, and he is also known as “The Ogre” because of the ugly visage that emerges on his back muscles when they are stretched to their maximum length. He’s probably the most powerful creature alive. His prowess may be traced back to his boyhood since he mastered all martial arts by the age of 16. When he was still a teenager, he was also responsible for the destruction of multiple Green Beret, SEAL, and Delta Force groups. 

He honed his combat techniques on a variety of battlefields, including in Vietnam, where he killed both Americans and Vietnamese soldiers to hone his skills. Most of Baki’s opponents, as well as his son, are after him. He’s a ruthless, cruel creature who exists only to destroy and defeat his foes. To date, Mohammad Alai, a legendary boxer represented in the manga, is the only person who has won his respect. Yujiro has mastered a variety of combat disciplines, including ju-jitsu and Kenpo, but he always fights with his hands up.

How Strong Is Yujiro?

yujiro vs baki

Yujiro is the series’ most powerful character, dubbed “the Strongest Creature on Earth” because of his strength, which is comparable to a nation’s contemporary military. Yujiro, like his father, was able to beat American military forces on his own during the Vietnam War when he was only 16 years old. He can move at warp-like speeds, practically teleporting. In terms of pure speed, he can outmaneuver any character in the series. 

It’s also worth noting that Yujiro has an exceptional talent for learning and mastering a fighting style instantly. Yujiro’s most incredible feats of strength include pushing back 100 riot police, tapping craters in a concrete wall, completely stopping the seismic plate of an earthquake by punching the ground, cutting glass with his fingers, easily whacking out a giant elephant that no armored vehicles could damage, and smashing a piece of coal to dust.

Baki vs Yujiro: Final Fight

Baki vs. Yujiro: Final Fight

The first time Baki and Yujri fought was during the first arc of the series, which was the childhood saga arc. Baki encounters his mother, Emi, just before the epic fight with Yujiro. After a disastrous encounter with Yujiro, Emi becomes enraged and begins to act aggressively against Baki. She is heartbroken that Yujiro is incapable of loving her, and she starts to accuse Baki of everything, claiming that Baki is weak. 

Even Emi’s assistant, Hitoshi Kuriyagawa, accuses her of misbehaving towards her son at one point. Baki hugs his mother and attempts to soothe her. He inquires whether she will accept him if he triumphs over his father. After that, Emi bites Baki’s hand and flees. This leaves him depressed, so he seeks Hanayama’s help. They spend more time together at Baki’s house and form a strong friendship. 

They talk about their mothers, and Hanayama concludes by wishing Baki luck in his future battles. Baki begins an extreme warm-up the next day in preparation for his fight with Yujiro. He starts his warm-up at noon, as the battle is scheduled for midnight. Kitazawa appears and presents him with the greatest goons for training. 

Kaoru Hanayama and Yuri Chaikovsky arrive later. They’re both assisting Baki with his warm-up. All Baki’s friends arrive at the site shortly before the brawl begins. Yujiro eventually comes by helicopter as well. Gaia enters with him, who has been wounded, and bends down in respect in front of the Ogre. 

It seems Gaia had decided to attack and fight The Ogre long before Yujiro arrived. Baki and Yujiro’s struggle begins with a big earthquake. Yujiro ultimately puts an end to it by collapsing on his knees, surprising everyone. Baki puts everything he has into the fight, but it quickly becomes evident that he is no match for his opponent. 

Even his powerful roll kick technique is ineffective against Yujiro. Regardless, The Ogre is proud of his son’s combat skills. Baki’s body is forced to the ground at one point, and Yujiro attacks him while he is unconscious with a number of punches to the face. Emi joins the fight after Baki is nearly killed by his own father. 

For the first time, she defends her son by punching Yujiro in the face, blocking him from hurting their son further. Emi’s bravery saves Baki’s life, but her beloved assassinates her by hugging her and breaking her spine. Needless to say that Baki lost this battle. However, Baki and Yujiro later go head to head again in the Strongest Father and Child Quarrel Saga. 

Baki asks Yujiro why he killed Emi. They are in the midst of their final battle. Baki wakes the monster’s face on his brain. Despite striking Yujiro numerous times and startling him with the devastating Cockroach Dash technique, the fight appears to be heavily in his father’s favor. 

Yujiro takes numerous breaks to allow Baki time off to recover and offers him fighting advice. Yujiro is in good shape by the end of their bout. But Baki is badly hurt, causing him to pass out. Even when he’s down, he manages to land hits, thanks to his fighting spirit. Yujiro considers him his son and the only one who can offer him a meaningful relationship. 

After that, he makes miso soup from “Shadow Cooking,” which Baki claims is salty, although Yujiro claims it isn’t. Baki announces that Yujiro is the winner since he (Yujiro) was capable of withstanding his (Baki) attacks and might have easily defeated him, as indicated by the fact that Baki was struggling to hold himself together. In contrast, Yujiro got away with only cuts and bruises, and the match finally ended with Yujiro sharing the title of World’s Strongest with his son. Although Yujiro won the physical brawl, declaring himself to be a peak above Baki didn’t sit well with his son.

Baki vs Yujiro Final Fight: Conclusion

By the end of the series, Baki eventually manages to reach the same level as his father. But he admits that he’s not stronger than him. The conclusion is something we have to derive for ourselves. Some believe that Baki is the winner, while others claim that it’s Yujiro. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most common anime debates that continues today. Who do you think won the Baki vs Yujiro final fight? 

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