Batman’s Height How Tall Is Batman In Comics And Movies

Batman is one of the most impressive characters in the DC universe. He is a character who has faced down some of the deadliest monsters that exist in deep space as well as the villains who infest Gotham City. One of Batman’s qualities is that he is human. 

So given that he is human, there are a number of questions that arise. Not just about his strength and wealth but also about his height. Batman may be a mighty superhero but in terms of height how is he able to face down the likes of Darkseid and Mongul, gigantic villains for other worlds?

Well, this article will give you the information you need to know telling you exactly what Batman’s height is and how tall Batman is in both the comics and the movies.

Batman's Height How Tall Is Batman In Comics and Movies

How Tall Is Batman In The Comic Books?

First, let’s address Batman’s height in the comic books because there is somewhat more of a general consensus around Batman’s height in them than in the films, due to different actors having played The Dark Knight Detective over the decades. 

According to DC’s official encyclopaedia, Batman is approximately 6’2 making him a fairly tall superhero and taller than both the Flash and Wonder Woman who are both 6’0 tall.

In comparison, Superman is 6’3 and Darkseid the evil ruler of Apocalypse is listed as being a colossal 8’9 – which makes sense given that he is an alien despot. 

Batman writer and co-creator Bob Kane one famously said that he didn’t think it was important how tall Batman was because what was more important was Batman’s spirit and his indestructible need to find justice and ensure that it is dealt out to those who do evil.

This is certainly a great mantra to have given that, like Batman, we all want to see justice done against those who break the law. 

In the animated TV series, Batman’s height is generally slightly taller than that in the comics with his height in the DC Universe Animated TV series of the 1990s and early 2000s listing Batman’s height as being 6’3. 

However, Batman’s height might be consistent in the comic books because it is easy to keep a consistent height in comic books due to them being drawn. In the movies it is a somewhat different matter due to different actors having played the Dark Knight for decades. So, how tall is Batman in the movies?

How Tall Is Batman In The Movies?

Let’s start with the first true big screen Batman actor (discounting the 1940s Batman movie serials) Adam West who starred in the 1960s Batman TV series and in the 1966 Batman movie. 

Adam West is in fact the only actor to have accurately portrayed the Dark Knight’s comic book height on screen thanks to West being 6’2. This might be somewhat surprising, particularly given that West’s physical appearance is a fair departure from the traditional image of Batman.

West’s Dark Knight was far less muscle bound that the traditional image of Batman and certainly more camp and comic and yet he is the only actor to have had the same height in the movies as Batman has in the comics. 

The next few actors to play the Dark Knight certainly weren’t 6’2 but were also, at least at the time, meant to be playing the same character which is somewhat difficult given their differing heights.

Retroactively, the two films produced by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton have been separated from the subsequent Joel Schumacher films – mainly because the Burton films are far superior – but at the time Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney’s Batman were meant to be the same person.

However, Keaton is 5’9 as is his Batman stated in the films. However, both Kilmer and Clooney are taller than Keaton with Kilmer standing at 5’11 and Clooney 5’10. Schumacher decided to round up Batman’s height in his films to 6’0 to give some consistency though in both instances this doesn’t reflect the actual height of the actors. 

Things became more stable with the Nolan trilogy due to the fact that Bruce Wayne was played by one actor and one actor alone, Christian Bale. In the Nolan Trilogy, Batman’s height is stated to be 6’0 which is close to Bale’s height of 5’11. 

Things became more interesting in terms of height when Ben Affleck became Batman given that Affleck is 6’4. Affleck played the part as a larger and more comic accurate version of the Dark Knight putting on a great deal of weight and muscle to play the part and to emphasise his 6’4 height.

Affleck’s height is close to Batman’s comic book height but is in fact taller than the comic book Dark Knight by about two inches! Finally, Robert Pattinson’s Batman has been stated to be 6’1 which is exactly Pattinson’s height. 

Why It Is Important To Know Batman’s Height 

Batman is one of the most incredible comic book creations of all the time. Batman’s adventurers are made all the more incredible by the fact that he is a human being like you or me. 

He is someone who overcomes all obstacles to be able to defeat creatures that are beyond our comprehension and to be able to fight some of the most vicious costumed crooks to have ever  become a part of villainy. 

So to know Batman’s height is to be impressed because even though he is taller than the average adult male he still has to face foes that are far tougher, far taller and far stronger than him. And yet Batman is able to come out on top because he has determination and self-belief. 

Batman is the very best of all of us because he shows that through hard work and training we can all do whatever we want to; we can ensure that we triumph against adversity and make the world a far better place than it currently is, just as the Dark Knight Detective does for the good people of Gotham city.