Black Clover: What Is Asta’s Devil? Powers & Identity Explained

If you have started watching Black Clover, then chances are you have some questions about the show and the mysteries surrounding it. 

Set in a world where magic is everything, the series follows a young man without any special powers, who finds himself in the possession of a dark grimoire. And while the fandom has questioned the origins of the book, others have wanted to know more about the demon living within its pages. 

To help you answer these questions, we are going to use our extensive research to take a look at the origins of Asta’s devil, while also explaining its powers and the connection it shares with our main character. 

So if you want to learn more about the devil and its history, then you have come to the right place… 



If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read the entire article, then we have provided a condensed version of your research in the section below: 

Asta’s grimoire is the home of a demon called Liebe, who is a low-ranking devil from the first level of the underworld. 

Liebe is also the source of the anti-magic imbued in the grimoire, which Asta can control through his connection with the demon. 

If you want to know more about Liebe and his backstory, then you will find a more detailed character description in the following section… 

What is Black Clover? 

Black Clover is a manga and anime series set in a universe where everyone is born with the ability to control mana – a spiritual force that can be used to create magic. The series follows an orphan called Asta, who was born without magical talents and raised alongside Yuno, a magical student with immense powers. 

During their time at the orphanage, the two boys develop a friendly rivalry, with Yuno being motivated by his desire to become the next wizard king. However, Asta soon finds himself in the possession of a mysterious five-leaf clover grimoire, which contains elf swords and is imbued with powerful dark magic. 

While trying to harness the grimoire’s power, Asta also discovers that the book is the home of a powerful demon, which he has to control to harness the grimoire’s magic. But who exactly is the demon and where did it come from? 

The answers you seek can be found in the next sections, where we will be taking a look at the character of Asta and the origins of the five-leaf clover grimoire… 

Who is Asta? 

Asta is the main character in the black clover anime and manga, who was raised in an orphanage after his mother abandoned him on the steps. Unlike the other characters in the franchise, Asta was born without any magical powers, which allowed him to focus instead on increasing his physical strength. 

During a confrontation with a mage called Revchi Salik, Asta would be chosen by a powerful grimoire, which featured a black five-leaf clover on the front. Because of its mysterious nature, many people would assume that the book was safe, although some were cautious of its unusual spells and powerset. 

However, it would later be discovered that the grimoire was a conduit of anti-magic and the home of a powerful devil. While Asta was able to harness the grimoire’s spells, he could only do so through his connection with the demon, with the two characters fusing together to create a single being. 

If you want to know more about the origins of the five-leaf clover grimoire, we have provided a detailed analysis in the section below… 

What is The Five-Leaf Clover Grimoire? 

In both the manga and anime series, it is revealed that the five-leaf clover grimoire was once a four-leaf clover grimoire whose owner was consumed by evil and despair. In the case of Asta’s grimoire, the book was once owned by a powerful elf mage called Licht, who turned to darkness after witnessing the massacre of his clan. 

After transforming into a mindless demon, Licht would be defeated by the first magic emperor and his grimoire would be lost forever. However, the book was later discovered and possessed by a low-ranking demon, who imbued it with rare anti-magic. 

According to the lore of the franchise, five-leaf clover grimoires can be used by devils to complete their manifestation, something that would later be confirmed when Asta’s demon first revealed itself to our main hero. Despite being able to tame the devil, it was also able to control Asta, with the two forming a symbiotic relationship. 

If you want to learn more about Asta’ devil, you will find everything you need down below, where we will be taking a look at the demon’s name, powers and history… 


What is The Devil’s Name? 

In chapter 267, it is revealed that the devil’s name is Liebe and that he is a low-ranking demon from the first level of the underworld. Liebe currently resides in the five-leaf clover grimoire and is the source of its dark magic. 

Despite his demonic origins, Liebe commonly takes the form of a teenage boy with white hair, black wings and horns. In fact, Liebe’s appearance bears a strong resemblance to Asta, something that we will explore in a later section. 

Liebe’s identity was revealed when Asta asked Nacht to draw the demon out of him so that he could face it in combat. Following his devastation at the hands of the dark triad, Asta felt powerless without magic and sought Nacht’s help to control Liebe, as it was later revealed that Nacht also used a devil to control his powers. 

What are Liebe’s Powers? 

Despite demonstrating rare and mysterious abilities, many fans still believe that we haven’t seen the full extent of Liebe’s powers, with some theorizing that he will grow stronger as the series continues. 

But for now, Liebe is known to possess anti-magic and the ability to form a devil union with Asta, which combines the two characters into a single entity. To understand more about these powersets, just take a look at the section below, where we have provided a detailed description of each ability: 


In the series, Liebe has the power of anti-magic, which has been imbued with the elf swords in the five-leaf clover grimoire. 

With this ability, Liebe is able to mute other forms of magic, which he accomplishes through his use of the three blades. Each sword is said to represent a different action, which allows him to nullify, reflect or sever magic. 

Asta is also able to access Liebe’s anti-magic, which allows him to circulate the energy around his body and enter the black mode. 

Devil Union 

While this new form has yet to be revealed (you can find more information on this in a later section) it is clear that the shared entity will be imbued with immense magical power. 

In fact, it has even been implied by the dark triad that this could be one of the most powerful forms in the universe, which will allow Asta and Liebe to mute any magic in their vicinity. 

Of course, there could be other abilities that we have yet to discover, which only makes watching the show all the more exciting… 

How Powerful is Liebe? 

While Liebe has demonstrated immense magical talent, this does not mean that he is the most powerful demon on the show. In fact, the series constantly reminds us that Liebe is only a low-ranking devil, which means there are other demons who are stronger and more powerful than him. 

However, what sets Liebe apart from other demons is his anti-magic, which allows him to mute other forms of magic. Because of its mysterious nature, very little is known about anti-magic, even though it is clearly powerful. For example, anti-magic was able to weaken Dante, the host of the most powerful demon on the show. 

Keeping this in mind, it could be said that Liebe has the ability to hold his own against powerful demons, especially now that he has formed a devil union with Asta. While the full extent of Liebe’s powers has yet to be explored, it will be interesting to see what his devil union can do against other demons. 

But what exactly is this devil union and what does it have to do with Liebe and Asta’s contract? Let’s take a look…. 

What is The Devil Binding Ritual? 

During their time together, Liebe tells Asta about his mistreatment in the underworld and how he wants to possess Asta’s body to seek revenge on those that wronged him.

However, Asta did not sense any murderous intent in Liebe’s confession and concluded that the demon was not an evil person.

Asta even went so far as to thank Liebe for letting him use his powers, which confused the shallow demon. In response, Liebe demanded Asta to face him in combat, with the winner gaining control over the loser’s body. However, Liebe was defeated by a handicapped Asta, which allowed him to complete the devil binding ritual. 

This resulted in the formation of their contract, which allowed Asta full access to Liebe’s powers.

Despite being sour about his defeat, Liebe would ask Asta if they could remain friends, with their budding relationship allowing them to achieve their devil union form, a form that has still yet to be revealed. 

Now that you understand the devil’s contract, let’s take a look at the strange connection between Liebe and Asta… 

What is Asta’s Devil

Why Does Liebe Look Like Asta? 

One of the most mysterious things about Liebe is his human form, which is shown to have a strong resemblance to Asta. This is because the two characters are foster brothers, with Liebe being raised by the former’s mother. 

While this does not explain their family resemblance, some have argued that it could be Tabata Sensei’s way of telling them they’re related, with both characters sharing similarities beyond their outward appearance. 

Like his brother, Liebe was born into a magical world without any powers, which placed him at a low rank in the underworld. After being ridiculed by his fellow demons, Liebe was exiled to the human world, where he was shunned for his demonic appearance. Following this, Liebe searched the land without harming anyone and eventually reached a point where he waited for death. 

However, his body was discovered by a kind woman who took him into her care, where she would give him the name Liebe. This woman was called Licita, who was also shunned for her ability to drain magic and life from her surroundings. Because she wasn’t afraid of Liebe, the two helped each other find happiness, with Licita choosing to raise Liebe as her own child. 

Unfortunately, their fate was sealed when the demon Lucifero found his way into Liebe’s body, where he would attempt to control the boy and destroy the world.

Using her draining powers, Licita tried to force Lucifero from Liebe’s body and was stabbed to death in the process. Before passing away, she was able to imbue a magical grimoire with Liebe’s soul, which she had discovered by chance. 

How Many Times Have We Seen Liebe? 

To date, we have only seen Liebe a handful of times, with the demon’s identity being revealed by Tamata sensei. But if you still need a recap, we have outlined some important moments in the section below: 

  • During the battle against the diamond kingdom’s eight shining generals, the witch queen awakened Liebe using her magic, which made Asta aware of the demon’s presence. 
  • While Liebe wanted to possess Asta’s body, he decided against it and drew out their devil form to fight. 
  • Following Asta and Yuno’s defeat of Zagred in the Reincarnation Arc, we briefly see Liebe as he shares some harsh words with the villain. 
  • Liebe goes so far as to call Zagred a senpai and mocks him for being defeated by two children. 
  • In the Dark Triad arc, Asta uses all of his power to combat Dante, who has been possessed by the demon Lucifero. 
  • During this battle, Asta exchanged his right hand for more power, which Liebe honored. However, when Yami was captured, Asta tried to offer more of his body to the demon, who refused because of Asta’s weakened state. 

While that was the last time we saw Liebe, we know he will probably pop up again in the future, which is only one reason why black clover is so exciting… 


To conclude, Asta’s demon is called Liebe and he was raised by Asta’s mother during his time in the human world. Before her death, Licata sealed Liebe’s soul in the five-leaf clover grimoire, which was later discovered by Asta himself. 

Unlike other demons, Liebe has the power of anti-magic, which Asta can access through their devil binding contract. Their mother was killed by the demon Lucifero, who was weakened by the duo’s combined forces.