Do Deku and Todoroki Eventually Become Friends?

My Hero Academia has proven to be a multimedia juggernaut from the nation of Japan.

Ever since the first chapter was released in the pages of Shonen Jump in 2014, the series has gone from strength to strength, developing video game, movie, and television adaptations that are all equally popular. 

However, the series would be nowhere near as successful as it is without the adoration of its very dedicated and loyal fanbase. Many of these fans have been there from day one, and have watched the eclectic cast of characters develop and go from strength to strength.

Of course, as with any popular fandom, one of the most hotly discussed topics is relationships and friendships between characters. The interpersonal relationships between My Hero Academia characters are part of what makes the series so enduringly interesting. 

Deku and Todoroki as friends

Two characters who have experienced considerable hardships together are protagonist Deku Midoriya, and Shoto Todoroki.

While the two are written as rivals who exist to spur each other on towards greatness, their relationship is far more complex and interesting. 

But do the two characters ever become actual friends? When does it happen? Let’s find out together! 

Do Todoroki and Deku Become Friends?

Though the two characters have never actually referred directly to one another as ‘friends’, it is very clear that they have developed a strong bond. The two clearly have great strength, as evidenced by their immense power sets and they recognize this fact within one another. 

When Do Todoroki and Deku First Meet?

The first time that these two fan-favorite characters crossed paths was during the UA Sports Festival arc, which took place between chapters 22 and 44, and episodes 14 and 25. Any good Shonen series worth its salt needs a good tournament arc to inject some excitement, and My Hero Academia is no different.

It was perhaps during this arc that the fandom for the series really began to take off. Multiple well-established characters face off in this arc, and many more are introduced, widening the scope of the My Hero Academia world.

The various clashes between characters, such as the battle between Bakugo and Ochaco reveal a lot about the characters in an exciting form.

Perhaps no character introduced in the arc is more important than Todoroki, the son of top-class hero Endeavor. 

Within the arc, Todoroki comes face to face with Deku, the misunderstood underdog of class 1-A.

Prior to the battle, Deku tries to create a bond with Todoroki, so that the two can be on equal footing before their match, but Todoroki responds by giving him the cold shoulder (literally), and refusing to acknowledge Deku as a friend. 

It becomes immediately clear to Deku that Todoroki lives in the shadow of his famous father, and this causes him to not fight with his all, only using one half of his ice and fire powers. This disturbs Deku deeply.

The rocky relationship between Deku and Todoroki comes to a head in their match at the festival, where Todoroki still insists on using only half of his powers. Though Deku definitely wants to win the match, he does not want to win against Todoroki if he is not giving his all.

Thus, Deku appeals to Todoroki on a personal level, and convinces him to not live in the shadow of his father. 

After much back and forth, Todoroki gives in, and decides to use his full power for good, winning the match in the process. However, Deku has not lost entirely, and has in fact changed the life of his new-found friend for good, and that is more than enough for him.

Do Deku and Todoroki Eventually Become Friends

What is Todoroki and Deku’s Relationship Like Through the Rest of the Series?

The friendship between these two characters continues to go from strength to strength, as they fight alongside one another at many major events, and in many major battles, and get to know one another on a deeper level. 

This combined understanding of one another helps Todoroki to repair his relationship with his father, as well as helping Deku to deal with his feelings surrounding his borrowed powers. 

In Conclusion

There’s a reason that Todoroki and Deku is such a popular pairing for so many fans, and it is largely due to the rocky relationship they have to start with, that soon develops into a strong friendship.

Similar relationships include Deku and Bakugo, and Deku and Ochaco. Fans continue to tune into the series frequently, and read every weekly chapter with an enthusiastic fervor, even as the series enters its endgame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Hero Academia Ever End?

Yes. In fact, the series is currently in the middle of its final manga arc, which sees many of the central characters finally coming head to head.

Who Is Deku’s Best Friend?

This is a very difficult question to answer, as Deku has a very positive personality, and thus easily makes friends with many people. However, some contenders for ‘best friend’ could include Ochaco, Todoroki, or even Bakugo.

Does Todoroki like Deku?

As a friend, Todoroki has a very strong bond with Deku, and a great trust in him. On a more romantic level, there is no indication that there is a relationship blossoming.