Do Natsuo And Fuyumi Todoroki Have Quirks of Their Own?

With an intricate web of characters as popular as My Hero Academia’s, there is an equally wide net of fans dedicated solely to proclaiming their love for certain characters!

There are dedicated fan bases for characters like Deku, Bakugo, and even Todoroki, all of which are immensely popular characters in the series.

However, there might be no character quite as popular as Todoroki, thanks to the incredibly complex relationship he has with his extended family.

We all know that Todoroki has a very fraught relationship with his father Endeavor and that his relationship with his mother has seen better days. 

But do we know much about his many siblings? How about his brother and sister Natsuo and Fuyumi? Do those two have quirks? If so, who did they inherit them from? How powerful are they? Could they stand up in a fight against Todoroki?

These are all very popular questions that you’ve likely heard floating throughout the fandom at some point. So why don’t we set out to answer them once and for all, and learn a little more about Todoroki and his family in the process?

Natsuo And Fuyumi Todoroki

Do Natsuo and Fuyumi Have Quirks?

Yes. Natsuo and Fuyumi Todoroki both have quirks. They both have ice-based quirk abilities that allow them to create and manipulate ice. This was inherited from their mother, Rei, who also has ice powers. They also inherited Rei’s characteristic white hair which is symbolic of the ice quirk. 

Natsuo and Fuyumi differ from Shoto in that he managed to inherit the quirks of both his mother and father, and thus his hair is also reflective of this, with a red side, and a white side. However, it is possible that Fuyumi inherited a little more from her father than Natsuo, as she actually has small red patches throughout her hair.

The differences in hair color between Natsuo and Fuyumi are also reflective of their attitudes towards Endeavor. Natsuo is very resentful of his father, and thus there is very little of Endeavor reflected in him.

Fuyumi, on the other hand, is less resentful of Endeavor, though still cautious about him, thus why she has small red patches throughout her ordinarily white hair. 

How Powerful are Natsuo and Fuyumi’s Quirks?

Since both Natsuo and Fuyumi are much older than Shoto, there haven’t been many situations in which we have seen them use their powers, as they are not currently in hero training. Natsuo is a student, and Fuyumi is a teacher. 

It is likely that they did not aim to become heroes due to their power levels. Compared to many of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia, Natuso and Fuyumi are relatively weak. They cannot manipulate large swathes of ice quite like their younger brother Shoto can.

Could Natuso and Fuyumi Win Against Shoto in a Fight?

It is very unlikely. As mentioned before, Natsuo and Fuyumi’s powers are considerably weaker than Shoto’s, and thus they would not be able to put up much of a challenge to their immensely powerful younger brother. 

Natuso and Fuyumi have also received very little hero training, and so would not have the combat knowledge to be able to stand up to Shoto, who has received formal training, and has been receiving training from as young as five. 

Natuso could possibly put up a longer fight than Fuyumi, thanks to his medical warfare knowledge which he has acquired over the course of his college training. However, he wouldn’t be able to put up a fight for very long, as Todoroki is just naturally a much more powerful quirk user and fighter.

Yes. One of the biggest revelations to occur during the Paranormal Liberation War arc is that Dabi and Shoto Todoroki are actually brothers. It is revealed that Dabi is in fact Endeavor’s first son, who had long since been cast out of the family, perhaps after disappointing Endeavor.

Dabi and Endeavor’s relationship was once relatively healthy, as Endeavor could see that Dabi was clearly much more powerful than even him and that he could easily surpass All Might as a hero.

However, there was one major failing that Dabi had. Dabi’s fire powers could actually burn him. Unlike Endeavor, who doesn’t get burned by his flames, Dabi can, because he inherited his mother’s resistance to ice damage, rather than his father’s resistance to fire damage.

This means that any time Dabi uses his powers, it causes him great damage. This quickly dashed Endeavor’s hopes that Dabi might surpass All Might, and he was quickly cast aside, with Endeavor completely neglecting him.

This led Dabi onto a path of villainy that he has yet to deviate from.

Natsuo And Fuyumi Todoroki Quirk

To Conclude

Natsuo and Fuyumi might only be very minor characters, but they have their own highly dedicated fan bases regardless. If there is any detail you wanted to know about these characters, the fans would most certainly know. 

We can answer with certainty that Natsuo and Fuyumi definitely do have quirks and that they are ice quirks inherited from their mother.

However, Natsuo and Fuyumi are decidedly weak, especially in comparison to Shoto Todoroki, which probably led their father Endeavor to resent them outright from birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has Multiple Quirks In Mha?

There are a few other characters outside of Todoroki that also have multiple quirks. Technically, Deku has multiple quirks, as each of the previous users of “One For All” imbued the ability with their own quirk powers.

This is because “One For All” is one of the only quirks that can be passed down directly. 

Other characters with multiple quirks include All For One, who has absorbed quirks from many quirk users. Tomura Shigaraki, who, through All For One, can absorb other abilities.

And the other previous users of “One For All” were also technically multiple-quirk users. And this is only a small number of characters that have multiple quirks!

Who Has One For All Quirk?

The One For All quirk from My Hero Academia is currently held by Izuku Midoriya. It was passed down to him by All Might, who had it passed down to him by another user, and so on and so forth. Izuku is currently the ninth user of One For All.

Can Eraserhead Erase One For All?

Yes. The main ability of One For All is to store other quirk abilities, thus, if Eraserhead were to focus entirely on One For All he would cancel out the other powers contained within One For All.