Does Captain America Have Any Kids In The Comics?

Captain America is one of the most iconic superheroes of the modern era. A symbol of American grit and determination, he is seen as not only the undoubted leader of the Avengers – even when he is forced to go on the run as he did in Civil War – but also one of the toughest and bravest superheroes to have ever existed.

Cap has been through a lot in his long life and has encountered many tragedies including the apparent death of his friend Bucky Barnes, only to years later face off against Bucky when he becomes The Winter Soldier.

However, there is a question that you might have that there doesn’t seem to be an obvious answer to – does Captain America have any kids in comics and movies? The answer may surprise you as Captain America isn’t always thought of as a father. So, does he become one?

Does Captain America Have Any Kids In The Comics

Does Captain America Have Any Kids In The Comics?

First of all, let’s start off with the comic books as the answer is slightly more straightforward in the films than in the comic books. 

The straightforward answer is that in the mainstream comics, Steve Rodgers does not have a son – he did briefly adopt Arin Zola’s test tube baby sometimes referred to as Ian Rogers, however he did not have nor has had any biological children. 

The story is a bit different in alternative realities. In other versions of the continuity, Steve has in fact so far had two children though under very unusual circumstances. 

The first alternative child of Steve Rogers that was portrayed in the Marvel Comics Universe was in the 1990s story Brave New World which hypothesized what might have happened if the Avengers and various other superheroes had stayed on the planet

Warworld that they were transported to during the events of Secret War. In the main continuity the Avengers would eventually leave however in this story they decided to stay, with the main story being set 25 years on from the Avengers decision to stay. 

In this story Steve Rogers has a daughter with Rogue of the X Men called Sarah Rogers. Possessing all the powers of her mother and father makes Sarah one of the most powerful figures in that universe and she ends up travelling to Earth on a mission to stop Doctor Doom’s son from destroying all reality.

Sarah is an interesting character who has sadly only featured in one story but who nonetheless takes after her father and mother for being a fearless hero ready to risk everything for others. 

The second alternative reality child of Steve Rogers originally appeared in an animated Avengers cartoon series before being integrated into the comics via an alternative reality.

James Rogers, the sone of Captain America and Black Widow is raised by Iron Man alongside the children of other Avengers following Ultron’s defeat and murder of the majority of the Avengers.

Young James leads a reformed version of the Avengers populated by the children of the defeated members and they eventually defeat the metallic menace. 

Therefore, Captain America does have children just not in the main continuity. However, in alternative realities he has had at least two children and given the variety of comics that are published ever year is certain to have more at some point in the future. 

Does Captain America Have Any Kids In The Movies?

The answer to this is much simpler than the answer to the first question – thanks to the writers of Endgame we know for certain that Captain America has two kids thanks to his married to long time sweetheart Peggy Carter. 

At the end of Endgame, Captain America decided to retire to the past and marry Peggy Carter who he had been separated from for decades thanks to his years spent in the ice before being revived during the events of the first Avengers film. 

Indeed, Peggy’s husband was first referenced in the 2014 sequel to the first Captain America film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which an older Peggy mentions that she got married after the war and had two children. We now know that those two mysterious children were Steve Roger’s. 

This of course leads us to consider – where were Captain America’s super kids this whole time and will they play a part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in years to come? This has yet to be seen, however it will almost certainly play a part in future Marvel movies. 

That Captain America does finally get to have a normal ending is something that all fans of the good Captain can be proud of given that he had such a hard life both before and after he became Captain America that it is nice to know that he finally got a happy ending. 

Why It Is Important That We Know Whether Captain America Has Kids Or Not 

Captain America is an American icon and one of the greatest of Marvel’s Avengers. He is also, in many ways a tragic figure – a man who has been lost in time, cut off from all his friends and family, unaware of what kind of good he can do in this strange time he finds himself and burdened with being unable to live a totally normal life. 

Yet Captain America rises above all of the tragedies and problems in his life to prove to be a true hero who does not think of himself but cares more for others.

This is what makes Captain America special because he knows that he cannot be like other people and yet this does not make him dark and brooding – he is still as much of a shining beacon of light as he was in his own time and well aware that he must do all he can to help others and protect the world from both internal as well as external threats.

Captain America may never have children, but we can all learn from him how to be a better person and how important it is to be a true champion of truth, justice and the American Way.