Does Luffy Learn To Use Haki? When Does It Happen?

One Piece is one of the most beloved manga and anime series of all time. It has been a top-selling comic since it debuted in 1997.

One Piece has a considerable stable of fan-favorite characters. It is full of immense and exciting powers, and plot threads that continue to this day. One power is the legendary ability of Haki. Many of the strongest characters use Haki in the series. 

Does Luffy Learn To Use Haki When Does It Happen

However, the problem with One Piece is its length. It currently stands at more than 1,000 anime episodes and manga chapters!

When do powers like Haki emerge in the story? And when does Luffy begins to use them? You may want to quit the series because you’ve yet to see these abilities.

This article explores exactly when Luffy gains the powers, and what those powers are.

What Is Haki?

Haki is one of the most important abilities One Piece’s most powerful characters can have in their arsenal.

It is an umbrella term for abilities that use a person’s innate spiritual energy. Any being can learn to use Haki. It involves honing and using one’s spirit as a weapon. 

Observation Haki

There are three distinct categories of Haki. The first is Observation Haki. The user can access a sixth sense for a strong sense of their surroundings. They also gain precognition. This means they can see enemy moves before they make them!

We initially see it during the Skypiea arc, around Episode 160 of the anime, and Chapter 246 of the manga. The fan base considers this to be the first manifestation of Haki.

The natives of Skypiea, refer to Observation Haki as Mantra.

Armament Haki

The second is Armament Haki. Characters use this Haki to enhance their spirit energy. They can also create an invisible barrier around their bodies. This barrier deflects immensely powerful punches and kicks, and even shatters blades.

The viewer or reader sees this as a blackening of the body. If a character activates this ability in their arms, their arms would turn black.

Armament Haki first appears toward the end of the Water Seven arc. Luffy meets his grandfather Garp, who hits him with an armament-enhanced punch.

Many fans speculate that Zoro, the Straw Hat’s resident swordsman, first displays Armament Haki during the Alabasta arc.

In his fight with Mr. 1, Zoro unconsciously develops the ability. He cuts through Mr. 1, who can create blades across his arms.

Zoro uses Armament Haki to cut through normally uncuttable objects. However, this ability is not yet called Armament Haki. We’re not sure whether Zoro was using the ability then. 

Supreme Ruler Haki

The final and most powerful form of Haki is the immensely rare Supreme Ruler Haki. The user can exert their inert spirit energy as willpower to overwhelm others.

Supreme Ruler Haki causes weak-willed opponents within a certain radius to collapse. This is the result of encountering such impressive spirit energy.

We first see this ability in the first chapter of the series. Fan-favorite Red-Haired Shanks uses it to ward off a sea king, an immensely powerful beast. This sea king was threatening Luffy’s life. 

When Does Luffy First Learn Haki?

When Does Luffy First Learn Haki

Luffy first learns Haki during his training with Silvers Rayleigh shortly after the battle at Marineford.

This occurs around Episode 515 of the anime, and Chapter 597 of the manga. Rayleigh takes Luffy to the island of Rusukaina. This island is known for its harsh weather conditions. One day it can be blazing hot, and the next, the island can be frozen over.

This island has many immense and powerful beasts. So, Luffy decides to stay on this island for two years to hone his latent Haki abilities. His goal is to face the dangers of the second half of the Grand Line, the New World.

We see Luffy knowingly using his Haki powers around Episode 518 of the anime and Chapter 599 of the manga. He uses Supreme Ruler Haki against an imposter. This imposter posed as Luffy during his two-year absence.

Luffy also uses Observation Haki to dodge bullets from the imposter before they are fired.

Luffy first uses this Haki to easily dispatch a Pacifista machine. Two years before, the machine had challenged Luffy’s entire crew.

Haki can be learned by anyone. It is especially useful for characters with strong personalities and willpower. Luffy demonstrates these abilities long before he ever hones them.

The first time Luffy unknowingly uses Haki is in Episode 389 of the anime, and Chapter 495 of the manga. Luffy uses Supreme Ruler Haki to stave off an attack from a Bison.

This occurs at the beginning of the Sabaody Archipelago arc. From here, Luffy also uses Observation Haki before honing it.

He first uses Observation Haki against the Gorgon sisters on Amazon Lily. This takes place in Episode 413 of the anime, and Chapter 519 of the manga. This happens shortly after he is separated from his crewmates.

Luffy uses Haki to save Marguerite, one of the Gorgon sisters. She is due to be executed after it was discovered that she had earlier saved Luffy’s life.

Luffy shouts, ‘I told you to stop!’ This unknowingly sends out a burst of Haki. A number of bystanders become unconscious. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Haki Mean In English?

In English, Haki can mean ‘spirit,’ ‘ambition,’ or ‘will power.’ Since they have a similar meaning, Haki is a good term to use.

Many translations, such as the dubbed and subbed versions of the anime, or the Viz Media translation of the manga, simply refer to it as Haki.

Other English translations occasionally change the word for simplicity’s sake. In the video game One Piece: Unlimited Cruise, Haki is referred to as ‘Ambition.’

Does Zoro Learn Haki?

Yes. Zoro has control over some Haki abilities. He uses Armament Haki, to strengthen his three blades for use in defense and offense.

Zoro uses it to increase his power to cut through strong materials or opponents. His swords harden and can take on attacks from stronger enemies when he uses Haki for defensive capabilities. 

Zoro first uses Armament Haki on his swords to cut down Monet. In Episode 613 of the anime, Monet uses strong feathers to defend herself.

His blades first turn black with Armament Haki in Episode 719 of the anime. He uses them against the towering Pica, now a giant stone golem, thanks to his stone-cutting abilities. 

Where Did Sanji Learn Haki?

Sanji takes slightly longer to develop his Haki abilities. He first learns to hone his innate abilities during his visit to the Kamabakka Kingdom. This occurs during Luffy’s two years of training.

In addition, he learns to use Observation Haki to predict the movements of enemies. He can keep up with even the fastest opponents. 

Sanji first uses Observation Haki during the Fishman Island arc. He senses Caribou is in Ryugu Palace, even though he cannot see him. This occurs after the two-year time skip.

However, Sanji uses Armament Haki only occasionally. The first manifestation is during an attack by his estranged father, Vinsmoke Judge.

He creates a Haki barrier on his legs to enhance his combat prowess. This also increases his defenses. In the Wano arc, Sanji uses Armament Haki to shatter an enemy’s sword using just his legs.

Who Is the Strongest Haki User?

It is difficult to determine who’s the strongest Haki user. Currently, some of the strongest Haki users are Kaido, Luffy, and Shanks.

Shanks, in particular, demonstrated one of the first uses of Supreme Ruler Haki. It stands to reason that he is one of the best users of the ability.

Luffy’s Haki abilities will likely improve as he continues toward becoming the pirate king.

Is Haki Stronger Than Devil Fruit?

Not necessarily. In some cases, Haki powers are more powerful than devil fruit powers. Some devil fruit powers are incredibly weak. They would not likely hold up against an enemy who is strong in Haki.

However, many devil fruit users use Haki to supplement their existing powers.

For example, Luffy has stretching powers. These allow him to increase the size of his fists or his feet. He can infuse his attacks with an Armament Haki layer to improve their strength.

Users need Haki to land an attack against some devil fruit users. The main villain of the Punk Hazard arc is Caesar Clown. He has a gas ability that makes him impossible to hit unless his opponents infuse their bodies with Haki.

This is how Luffy gained the upper hand during this arc. 

Is Luffy Stronger Than Naruto?

In a head-to-head battle, Naruto would likely come out on top. He has more mystical powers that allow him to crush multiple opponents at once.

Luffy, however, mostly uses his mystical powers such as Haki to enhance his physical abilities. These physical powers come from the gum-gum fruit. 

However, if the two characters met, they would likely become fast friends. They would only spar as a way to gauge each other’s strength. Then, they’d chow down on a massive lunch. They’d bond over their similar life goals.

Can Luffy Destroy a Planet?

No. Luffy is immensely powerful within the world of One Piece. However, it is unlikely that he has powers like other characters such as Goku. Hypothetically Goku could destroy a planet.

However, it is unlikely that either Luffy or Goku would ever want to destroy a planet!