A Guide to Hanma Yujiro’s Back (the Demon Back)

There are many signature techniques martial artists use when they get serious in a fight. Some of these techniques are more well-known than others. But few are as well known as Hanma Yujiro’s back.

Yujiro’s back, also known as the “demon back,” is an iconic feature of the Baki manga and anime series.The character is known for his incredibly muscular back, which is said to be as hard as steel.

With a body strained to the limit, Yujiro can deliver devastating attacks using techniques that use his back muscles.

Of more interest, his abnormal back muscles take on the face of a demon when he gets serious in a fight. This is likely because he has to use strength and power when using his back muscles.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Hanma Yujiro’s back and some of the techniques he uses with it. We will also examine how this back compares to other martial artists’ backs in the Baki franchise.

Who Is Hanma Yujiro?

hanma yujiro back

A truly feared and respected figure, Hanma Yujiro is said to be the strongest creature on earth. Born to an unknown father and raised in the wilderness by his mother, Yujiro learned to fend for himself at a young age.

He quickly developed into a fierce predator, preying on anything that crossed his path. As he grew older, his strength increased to superhuman levels, and he also began to take on humans. Yujiro continued honing his skills, becoming even more potent each year. 

At one point, he even fought and killed a great white shark with his bare hands. His reputation eventually reached the ears of the world’s most muscular man, Baki Hanma.

The two clashed in an epic battle that lasted for days, but Yujiro emerged victorious. Since then, he has defeated some of the greatest fighters in history, solidifying his status as the strongest being alive.

Yujiro is a force to be reckoned with for those who cross him – and his back is a big part of that.

Yujiro is known as the Demon of Destruction for his immeasurable strength and power. He’s capable of single-handedly destroying entire countries and continents with ease. In the world of martial arts, no one can rival his prowess.

His first kill was a famous martial artist who had challenged him to a fight. Yujiro easily defeated his opponent, and the incident quickly made him a legend in the martial arts world.

He’s the undefeated champion and has never been seriously challenged. Yujiro is feared by many, but some seek to defeat him. These challengers train endlessly in hopes of becoming strong enough to take him down.

Some have even died in their attempt to beat him. While Yujiro appears to be nothing more than a cold-blooded killer, there is more to him than meets the eye. He’s a tragic figure, driven by a deep pain that he can never escape.

Yujiro Hanma’s Physicality

Hanma yujiro's body

Yujiro Hanma is a massive man due to his bodyweight training at Hanma Gym, standing at an impressive 2.3 meters tall and weighing over 200 kilograms. His body is incredibly well-muscled, with a broad chest and powerful arms and legs.

He has an exceptionally long reach, and his hands are said to be as big as dinner plates. His back is covered in thick scars, a testament to his many battles. His hair is wild and unkempt, and his eyes are piercing and seem to radiate power.

He typically dresses in a simple martial arts outfit, but it does little to hide his impressive physique. In short, Yujiro is a physically imposing figure and one who is not to be underestimated. He has a veritable arsenal of weapons, including knives, swords, and nunchaku.

However, he prefers to fight with his bare hands, but when he does use weapons, it is only to disarm or subdue his opponents. He has never been known to kill anyone with his bare hands, preferring to hinder them.

Hanma Yujiro’s back is a map of strength and power, a physical embodiment of everything that makes him the most feared man on the planet.

What Is Hanma Yujiro’s Demon Back?

demon back

As mentioned earlier, Hanma Yujiro’s back is also known as the “Demon Back.” This is because his back muscles are incredibly well-developed and take on a demonic appearance.

After all, Yujiro is the strongest creature on Earth, and his back is said to be twice as muscular as an average human’s. Furthermore, Yujiro’s back is covered in scars, a testament to his countless battles.

Yujiro got his demon back because he’s from the bloodline of Hanma. When he was young, his mom told him that to become the strongest, he had to have a back like a demon.

And so Yujiro set out to achieve this goal, developing his back muscles to an inhuman degree. The result is a physical appearance that is both imposing and fearsome.

Yujiro’s back allows him to perform a variety of techniques, many of which are impossible for ordinary humans. For example, he can use his back muscles to jump incredible heights and distances.

He can also use his back to create powerful shockwaves that can destroy anything in their path. Additionally, Yujiro’s back allows him to withstand incredibly high pain levels.

Yujiro first displays his demon when he is fighting with Doppo Orochi, who was considered to be the most muscular man at that time. The clash was tense, and Yujuiro took a lot of punches from Doppo Orochi. The fight should have ended in a draw until Yujiro activated his demon back muscles, bringing the battle to an end in favor of Yujiro.

He defeated Doppo Orochi with a great punch aimed at the heart of Doppo Orochi, which caused his heart to explode, and he died instantly. From that day on, Hanma Yujiro began to be known as the “demon back.” Yujiro’s back has been a source of fear and fascination.

Yujiro Hanma’s demon back was so well-developed that it ripped through his shirt, shocking everyone who witnessed the display between Yujiro Hanma and Doppo Orochi.

It is integral to who he is and what makes him the strongest creature alive.

Does Jack Hanma Have a Demon Back?

Jack Hanma is the protagonist of the anime series Grappler Baki. He is a young man with extraordinary strength and martial arts skills. As a child, he was taken in by Yujiro Hanma, the world’s strongest fighter.

Yujiro taught Jack everything he knew about fighting, and under his tutelage, Jack became one of the most formidable fighters in the world. Jack enters a martial arts tournament to prove his strength and become the world’s greatest fighter.

Along the way, he faces off against some of the most skilled martial artists in the world, including his adoptive father, Yujiro. The anime series follows Jack on his journey to become the best fighter in the world.

Now back to the question of whether Jack Hanma has a demon back. The answer is no. Jack Hanma does not have Demon Back. Yuuichirou Hanma, Baki Hanma, and Yujiro Hanma all possess the demon face out of the lineage of Hanma.

Jack has a very powerful backhand inherited from his father. This backhand is so strong that it can kill a person with one blow. So while Jack may not have a demon back, he is still a dangerous opponent.

What Are the Demon Back Abilities?

hanma yujiro

Hanma Yujiro’s back muscles are so powerful that they have been dubbed the “demon back.” This moniker is fitting, as Yujiro’s back muscles allow him to do impossible things for other humans.

For example, he can use his back muscles to jump incredible heights and distances. He can also use his back to create shockwaves that can level entire buildings.

Additionally, the demon back gives Yujiro the ability to withstand incredibly high pain levels. This is because the muscles in his back are so strong that they protect his spine and internal organs from damage. Yujiro has been known to take punches from other fighters that would kill an average person.


Hanma Yujiro’s back, also known as the “demon back,” is an iconic feature of the Baki manga and anime series. The character is known for his incredibly muscular back, which is said to be as hard as steel.

In the series, Hanma can use his back to deflect attacks and launch powerful counterstrikes. He can also use his back to absorb impact, making him virtually invincible from behind. While the character’s back may seem like a simple plot device, it serves several essential functions in the story. 

For one, it represents Hanma’s incredible strength and power. It also symbolizes his unyielding determination and courage. Perhaps most importantly, it reminds readers that even the toughest of opponents can be defeated if you know where to strike them.

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