Everything You Need to Know About Hector Doyle from Baki

The Baki series provides readers with a unique and fascinating look into the minds of both good and evil. If you are a fan of the Baki anime and manga series, then you will definitely want to learn more about Hector Doyle. He is one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

In this blog post, we will discuss everything that you need to know about Hector Doyle. We will cover his backstory, his fighting style, and what motivates him as a character. So if you are interested in learning more about Hector Doyle, then keep reading!

Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

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The first saga, Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga, comprises chapters 1 to 158 of the series and episodes 1 to 24 of the 2018 anime series. This saga introduces us to five of the most dangerous criminals in the world, who have all been convicted of dangerous crimes: Kaiou Dorian, Spec, Sikorsky, Ryuukou Yanagi, and Hector Doyle.

The Baki Saga is one of the most brutal and action-packed manga series out there. The saga tells the story of prisoners on death row who are all incredibly skilled fighters. They’re willing to do anything to win, whether it’s using weapons or fighting dirty. 

As a result, the fights in this series are extremely violent and bloody. However, what really sets the Baki Saga apart from other manga series is its willingness to explore the dark side of human nature. The characters are all deeply flawed, and their actions are often motivated by greed, anger, or revenge. 

Who Is Hector Doyle?

Hector Doyle is a fictional character in the Baki anime series. He is introduced as a death row inmate who has escaped from the Caglios Prison. His crimes are murder and assassination, and he is also a suspect in several other charges. Hector survived his execution on the electric chair and is now on the run from the law. 

Hector Doyle is a fairly mysterious character in the anime Baki. Not much is known about him, but we do know that he is 25 years old and 6’1″. He is very muscular, with red hair, and is 187 lbs. He typically doesn’t show much emotion and seems to be a calm person.

He is a skilled and experienced assassin who often outplays his enemies and targets. While he is ruthless in his work, he, at times, shows his kinder and reasonable side. In fact, Hector is the most decent of all five convicts. However, despite his positive traits, Hector is still a dangerous criminal and a person you don’t mess with.

Fighting Style and Abilities

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Hector Doyle has a sharp mind and is highly skilled in using hidden weapons such as knives and daggers. His fighting style revolves around using brute force to overwhelm his opponents and then finishing them off with a quick and deadly strike. 

Because of his size and strength, Hector is usually able to take down most opponents with ease.

Perhaps most notably, he has a generator in his heart that boosts his strength. He also has a bomb strapped to his chest which detonates upon physical contact. This bomb can cause severe burns to an opponent’s body. 

Hector’s other abilities include enhanced speed and reflexes, as well as increased durability. 

Hector Doyle’s hearing was greatly enhanced, allowing him to hear things that most people would never be able to detect. This gave him a decided advantage in combat, as he was able to anticipate his opponents’ movements and react accordingly. 

In addition, Hector’s sense of touch was also greatly heightened. He can feel the faintest vibrations in the air and use them to track his enemies. This made him incredibly difficult to defeat in combat. 

He also has the ability to resist electricity manipulation, which is shown when he survived the electric chair. Doyle is not afraid to take on any challenge, and his determination is evident in his fighting style. 

He is always looking for ways to improve his skills, and he is not afraid to experiment with new techniques. Hector is shown to be very intelligent and is able to quickly adapt to new situations and come up with strategies on the fly. 

He also has very high stamina and is able to fight for long periods of time without tiring. 

Signature Techniques

He possesses two signature moves: the Spring Punch and the Chest Blast. The Spring Punch is a move that Hector can perform by twitching his ring finger, which activates a spring in his arm. This allows him to shoot his arm towards the opponent with enough force and speed to cave in their face, almost turning it inside out.

The Chest Blast is a move that Hector can perform by detonating a bomb that is strapped to his chest. This is done by controlling the bomb with his nerves. This move is capable of causing massive damage to both Hector and his opponent.

Hector also uses a palette of common fighting moves, most notably the Seiken. The Seiken is a straight punch that is shot from the waist and is often used by practitioners of karate. Hector Doyle is able to use this move to great effect, frequently landing powerful punches on his opponents. 

In addition to his use of the Seiken, Hector Doyle is also proficient in other martial arts techniques. This makes him a well-rounded fighter and a dangerous opponent for anyone who crosses his path.


One of his most notable weaknesses is that he lost his left eye in a fight against Kaiou Retsu. This caused him to have poor vision in his left eye, and he was forced to wear an eye patch. 

In Revenge Tokyo, he was no longer wearing an eye patch, likely due to full loss of vision.

Despite his disability, Hector is still a dangerous opponent who should never be underestimated.

What Happened to Doyle?

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Spoiler alert: In the anime series Baki the Grappler, Doyle is a ruthless killer who participates in underground fighting to satisfy his thirst for violence. 

He is eventually defeated by Ryuukou Yanagi, a Japanese convict and one of the five main antagonists from the Evil Death Row Convicts Saga. 

However, Doyle was not captured or killed. He simply chose to hide out in a cave offshore until he was finally apprehended by Biscuit Oliva, a jailer in the Arizona State Prison (also known as The Black Pentagon). 

Although Biscuit Oliva gave Doyle one final defeat before officially capturing him, it was Yanagi who truly brought an end to Doyle’s reign.


Where is Hector Doyle from?

Not much is known about his past, but he seems to be of Scottish descent. He refers to Ardbeg Scotch as being “a drink from my home country,” which implies that he is from Scotland. 

Beyond that, not much else is known about Hector Doyle’s background. He is a bit of an enigma, but that just adds to his charm. 

Is Hector Doyle evil?

Hector Doyle is an assassin who has been paid to kill many people. He is a cold-blooded killer who does not hesitate to pull the trigger. However, there are times when he shows his compassionate side. These acts of kindness make it difficult to say whether or not Hector Doyle is evil. It is possible that he only kills for a living because he understands that it’s what he is good at.

Is Hector Doyle based on a real-life person?

It is most likely that Hector was simply created as an original character, and his mysterious background adds to his appeal. While most of the fighters in the series are based on real-life martial artists, Hector seems to be more of a composite character. 

Whatever the case may be, Hector Doyle remains one of the most intriguing characters in the Baki universe.

Is Baki Hanma stronger than Hector Doyle?

While it’s difficult to make a definitive statement about who is stronger between Baki Hanma and Hector Doyle until they have a fight, the available evidence suggests that Baki Hanma is likely the stronger fighter. 

For one thing, Baki has repeatedly shown himself to be a more physically powerful fighter than Hector. He has demonstrated the ability to lift incredibly heavy weights, and his punches have been known to break through concrete.

In addition, Baki is a much more experienced fighter than Hector, having faced some of the strongest opponents in the world. Baki has consistently shown a higher level of fighting skill than Hector. 

Final Thoughts

Hector Doyle is one of the main antagonists in the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga of the Baki anime. He is a strong character with a mysterious backstory. 

Doyle is from the United Kingdom and was sentenced to death for his brutal crimes. However, he managed to survive the electric chair and escape the maximum security prison. 

Although he is one of the evilest characters in the series, Doyle is also one of the most popular, due to his badass attitude and badass fighting style. 

Fans of the Baki anime love Doyle and hope to see more of him in future episodes.