How Did Elsa Granhiert Die? Is She Really Dead? (Re: Zero)

Are you unsure if Elsa Granhiert is dead or not? Perhaps you aren’t sure how she died and need a reminder? Or maybe you are curious about the situation and want to know more? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

Currently, Elsa Granhiert has been crushed by Garfiel Tinzel. But is that just her physical body? Can she be resurrected by the Curse within her? Or did she manage to survive another way? There are plenty of questions surrounding her death. 

While Many assume she is dead, this is not the first time that her life has been questioned.

We all know that she has survived death before, leading many fans to wonder if she is dead this time. If she has survived before, perhaps she will survive again? Would that even be possible? 

Elsa Granhiert

These questions can race across our minds, interrupting our sleep and leaving us to wonder if there is a way for her to survive.

Have we possibly missed something and she is actually alive and well? We search and search for these answers, but never get the ones that we seek. 

Well, no more. Today we are here with the answers that you need! Keep reading to find out if Elsa is dead or not, how she died, and everything else that you need to know. We have all the answers below. 

Elsa’s First Death 

Before her fight with Garfiel, Elsa has died once before. Back in the 12th volume of Re: Zero, audiences were treated to her first death. Let’s take a look at that and what happened before diving into today’s article. 

Her first death takes place in Chapter 3: A Four-Hundred Year Old Cry. In this chapter we see Subaru running away from Elsa, taking Beatrice with him.

We see Meili attempt to stall them so Elsa can catch up, where she tries to kill Beatrice. Unfortunately, she is unsuccessful due to the dark magic Beatrice is using. 

This magic, or Minya, as she calls it, is an arrow of stagnant time. We see the same magic used by Subaru when he and Beatrice fight the Great Rabbits in the Sanctuary later in the story. 

Back to the current fight! Beatrice shoots a mana arrow at Elsa. At first, she can deflect the arrows with her blades. But this doesn’t last, and after some time, her blade shatters as a result of the arrows.

She is impaled, and the Light Novel confirms her death with the line, “such was Elsa’s death,” (Page 142, Volume 12). 

There is no doubt here, Elsa is dead. The Light Novel clearly tells us this and half of her body is shattered. The other characters in the scene also believe her to be dead, but there is no remorse to be seen on Meili’s face. 

The impalement and shattering of her body should have killed Elsa. But she is revived thanks to the curse placed on her body.

She is reanimated and awakes to impale Beatrice in the chest with her blades. This act kills the spirit and returns Elsa to normal. 

Her character is described in the following passages as healed completely. There are no wounds on her body, despite half of it being shattered moments ago! She is healed, but the effects of the arrows have left her clothing shattered.

Elsa is described as being half-naked and exposed. But the powerful curse has revived her body and left her without a single mark. That’s some crazy amount of power, isn’t it?

Elsa And Garfiel’s Fight 

As we have just read, Elsa survived her first death and was able to fight another day. This takes her to her standoff with Garfiel Tinsel.

This was an extremely tense fight between the two, especially towards the end where Garfiel tore into her face and killed Rock Pig, a huge beast that had been summoned by Meili. 

After this, he threw the beast at Elsa. The sheer weight of the beast hitting her was sure to finish her off. And as if she knew there was no escape for her, Elsa stood there waiting for it. In no time at all, her body was crushed and she died.

You can read about this in Volume 15, page 123. 

There was no getting away from it, Elsa was dead. Or was she? Yes, we saw her crushed by the beast, but as we have seen before, there is a curse placed on Elsa. So wouldn’t this curse simply reanimate her again? That’s certainly the thought that has crossed several fans’ minds! 

In the anime show, Elsa’s story is concluded in this final fight where she is crushed. But the Light Novels are not through with her yet, and there is a little more to her story. Let’s take a look at that now. 

What Happens To Elsa In The Light Novels?

Before we go any further, we must warn you that what we are discussing here happens solely in the Light Novels. If you have not read them or are watching only the anime, then there are likely to be spoilers ahead.

You might want to skip this section or come back at a later date. If not, then keep reading to find out what happens to Elsa in the Light Novels after being crushed by the Rock Pig! 

In the Light Novels, Elsa is once again resurrected after being crushed by Rock Pig. Yes, that’s right, the very same curse sees her reanimated to life once more. But where are we getting this from you might ask?

Well, the throwing Rock Pig at her did not completely crush Elsa’s entire body, meaning she stood a good chance at being resurrected. 

We encounter this Elsa in the chapter Pick Me, where Subaru is searching for Beatrice. During his search, he stumbles upon Elsa, who has been reanimated and is now zombie-like. Elsa shows no signs of life, but instead is a dead husk controlled by a curse. The curse in question is one of bloodlust and obsession, not pleasant! 

The cursed Elsa drags her crushed lower body towards Subaru as she tries to kill him. He does manage to escape, but that doesn’t mean he is safe.

Elsa proceeds to chase him through the mansion to try and kill him before being interrupted by Guiltylowe (Giltirau). 

Elsa Granhiert Death

During this opportunity to escape, Subaru enters the Archive of Forbidden Books. Elsa also follows once she has dealt with the Demon Beast.

After she enters the hidden chamber, it immediately starts to burn. Flames cover the entire chamber and it burns to ashes. 

You can read about this in Volume 15, where Elsa is described as, “having lost its power to heal, the body of the undead, now nothing more than a rotting corpse was swallowed up and turned to ash,” (page 187, Volume 15). 

There is no getting away from it here, Elsa has been burnt to ashes and is dead. Now, this has not been shown in the anime version, but as it tends to follow the Light Novels, we might see this at some point, or we might not.

Her story is concluded in the anime, and she is shown to be dead both there and in the Light Novels now. 

Elsa’s body has burnt and there is nothing left but ash. Now, you might be wondering, could the same curse not revive her again?

Well, the thought crossed our mind too. But if we cast our minds back, in the web novel Elsa tells Beatrice that if she burned to ash, there would be no revival and she would remain dead. 

So it looks like Elsa is really dead this time! She might have escaped once or twice before, but the fire in the hidden chamber has seen to it and she can no longer be revived.

If we are to take her word for it, and the ash on the floor, then we can safely assume that Elsa is dead and that there is no chance of a revival. 

We can assume that over time, Garfiel has chipped away at her immortality which helped to deliver that final blow to her when she was crushed by Rock Pig.

While that blow would certainly kill anyone, the curse placed on Elsa saw that one final time she was reanimated. 

But this time, without her soul. Instead, she appears as a mindless corpse, powered by her bloodlust and obsession.

Her soul likely departed after she was crushed by Rock Pig, and the side effects of her curse returned her physical body to life without any soul to inhabit it. 

As a rotting corpse with no life, Elsa entered the chamber where she eventually perished. As the curse needs a physical body to reanimate her, Elsa will likely stay dead. We don’t need to anticipate life coming from her ashes any time soon!

Elsa is also not mentioned again in the next arcs, so the chances of her returning in the Light Novels or the anime is very slim, for now, we can assume that she is dead. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, after some resurrections and many battles, Elsa Granhiert is finally dead. Her battle with Garfiel saw her physical body crushed and her soul leave this Earth.

Although in the Light Novels her corpse is temporarily revived, it does not end well, and even her physical body is reduced to ash, killing any attempts of a resurrection for her. 

This final battle and the fire in the hidden chamber killed Elsa in the Light Novels, while in the anime, Garfiel throwing Rock Pig at her crushed her and killed Elsa. now it seems, there is no return for her.