How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm? A Look Back

Naruto is a manga series that was written and illustrated by a Japanese man named Masashi Kishimoto. Since it became an anime, it has only grown in popularity and become one of the greatest animes the world has seen.

How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm? A Look Back

It is about a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki who is on a quest to seek recognition from those around him and ultimately dreams of becoming the Hokage, otherwise known as the leader of his village. 

The continuation of this anime happened when Boruto: Naruto Next Generation made an appearance on the scene. This new section of the story is about the son of Naruto Uzumaki,

Boruto who follows in his father’s footsteps, and with the help of his friends, he strives to become a great ninja. Boruto’s goal is to make his mark on the Ninja world and escape his father’s shadow, becoming someone great in his own way. 

If you have seen the original anime, you will know the reason behind Sasuke’s missing arm, but for those that have just seen the New Generation, the details might be a little lacking. 

So, in this article we are going to answer the question, how did Sasuke lose his arm?

Let us begin.

The Short Answer

The answer to this question is quite simple if you have read the Naruto manga or watched the anime. Sasuke lost his arm when he and Naruto had their final battle.

When these two fight their Chidori and Rasengan clash and at this moment both Sasuke and Naruto lose an arm. Naruto loses his right arm and Sasuke loses his left arm above the elbow. 

So the answer to the question is, Sasuke lost his arm when he and Naruto fought and their Chidori and Rasengan clashed. 

When the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime began its more manga-focused arcs, it is easy to see why we would need a refresher for this question.

Because when we see Sasuke, he only fights with his right arm, and we are not given much context as to why. Unless you have seen the correct episodes from the other seasons of the anime or read the manga, you might forget why this character only has one arm. 

The new generation Naruto fan base likes to joke that Sasuke is constantly running out of chakra, but the moment you realize that he was originally left-handed, this fact starts to make more sense in the universe. 

Can Sasuke Get His Arm Back?

The sad answer to this question is no. Sasuke will not be getting his arm back, even in Boruto. He is the Shadow Kage, and even with such an important role, he has shown that his lost limb does not hinder or hold him back.

Even with one arm, he has still won a lot of fights in the new generation, with just his left arm he has managed to defeat powerful enemies. But Sasuke’s missing arm does remind him of the sin from his past. 

Because of all these factors and Sasuke’s attitude toward the missing arm, there is no real reason to believe that he will change his mind any time soon. This is especially true because he can channel his Chidori through his sword. 

Naruto’s Missing Arm

The answer to this question is tied in with Sasuke’s missing arm. He lost his arm in a battle with Sasuke since he was right-handed,

that was the arm Naruto lost when his Rasengan came in direct contact with Sasuke’s left-handed Chidori attack. Because they were both equal in strength, they both lost an arm as a result of this collision.

Will Sasuke Use A Prosthetic Arm?

As we have already seen, Sasuke has no need for a prosthetic or replacement arm. As such, the answer to this question is no.

The missing arm reminds him of his past, and this idea is something that he is strongly committed to. At the moment he has absolutely no intention of getting a prosthetic arm and by his attitude, he probably will not ever do this.

How Did Sasuke Lose His Arm? A Look Back

Final Thoughts

Sasuke lost his arm when he and Naruto had their final battle, and when their Chidori and Rasengan attacks collided, they blew off each other’s arms because they were equally matched. 

That is all for this article, we hope that this article has answered your questions and shed a little light on the topic surrounding Sasuke and his missing arm.

There is a lot to unpack surrounding this character and the loss of his limb. Front the story of how it happened to his attitude toward replacing the limb. 

The best way to get a feel for the character point of view and also to learn more about them is to go ahead and watch the full series of Naruto or read the manga to get an even better idea of what is happening in this time-honored classic.