How Did Vegeta Become a Super Saiyan God in Dragon Ball Super?

Are you watching Dragon Ball Super and want to know how Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan God? Perhaps you have been reading the Manga and can’t remember how Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan God?

Or maybe you are curious and want to know more? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

When Vegeta first became a Super Saiyan God, fans of Dragon Ball Super were shocked! We had previously seen the character lagging behind Goku, unable to generate the power and transcend to God-like status.

We were left wondering how this happened and what we had missed. These questions raced around our mind and we found ourselves lying awake at night, unsure where to turn and get these answers. 

Super Saiyan Vegeta

We scoured through the manga, watched the series religiously, and scanned forums, but couldn’t get the answers that we craved. But no longer! Today we are here with the answers that you need. 

Just keep reading to find out how Vegeta became a Super Saiyan God, the first time it happened, and everything else that you need to know about Super Saiyan Gods in Dragon Ball Super!

The First Time Vegeta Became A Super Saiyan God 

Let’s get straight into it! Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan God when he trains under Whis on Beerus’s planet. This takes place in the six months before Goku comes to train with him.

Once Goku arrives, he grows in strength and fights Beerus. Vegeta feels like he is being left behind, and searches for a way to close the gap between him and Goku, his rival. He later learns that Whis is Beerus’ teacher as well as his attendant. After learning this, Vegeta begs Whis to teach him as a pupil. 

Initially, Whis refuses, but he later agrees when Vegeta used instant Ramen to entice the Angel and promised him a supply of this if he agreed to teach him. Sometime later, Goku also convinces Whis to train him. Together they head to Beerus’ planet for training. 

Episode 18 of Dragon Ball super sees Goku suggest that Vegeta is far stronger in the six months that have passed, and hints that he might be stronger than him. Goku goes on to say that he didn’t recognize Vegeta initially, as his energy is different from when he was on Earth. 

The change in energy is due to Vegeta obtaining a God ki which is different from regular ki and becoming a Super Saiyan God. This makes him almost as strong as Goku. 

Goku, as we know, is often given the spotlight, and seems to be protected from virtually anything. Whether he is transformed, or able to defeat a villain, nothing seems to stand in his way. And given the rising popularity of Vegeta with fans.

We are starting to see plots center around him and his story is becoming more interesting. 

Do you remember how exciting it was to see not only Goku but also Vegeta achieve the blue form and become a Super Saiyan Blue?

It’s a shame that we can’t forget to experience that feeling again! But who knows what surprises the series has in store for us?

It is Shenron, the eternal Dragon that tells Goku and Vegeta how to become a Super Saiyan God. while Goku was able to transform straight away, Vegeta was trailing behind.

It was not until his fight with Frieza that Vegeta achieved and surpassed God’s status. 

We see Vegeta use the form on Goku in the Manga and against Broly. Many fans wondered, how has he managed to do this? And our questions are not answered in the main series, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how he does it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the signs and hints that will tell us how Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan God!

How To Become A Super Saiyan God 

As you know, there are a few different ways the Divine Saiyan form can be conjured. Let’s remind ourselves of those now. 

  1. Assemble five righteous Saiyans. Then instruct them to place their energy in a target Saiyan. We learn about this in the Namekian Book of Legends, narrated by Shenron. 
  2. Goku Black showed us that as a Deity, you can use Dragon Balls to wish for a Saiyan’s body. Later, they are transformed into Super Saiyan Rose, the counterpart to Super Saiyan Blue. 
  3. Mortals can become a God ki if they train under a being who has God ki or an angel. This allows them to become a Super Saiyan God. 

Let’s look a little closer at these ways to achieve Super Saiyan God now. The first two are established in the main series, so we can consider them valid ways to achieve this status.

The third way, however, is never officially stated. Instead, there is a reference that implies you could do it rather than stating that you can. 

We see this hint in chapter 27 of Dragon Ball Super Manga, during an altercation between Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Beerus. While sparring, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta wins, he defeats Beerus quickly, pinning him to the ground.

At this point, Beerus acknowledges the progress Vegeta has made and suggests that he could be a God of Destruction in another universe. 

This suggests that a God is made rather than born. The idea of becoming a God rather than being born as one means that Mortals could also become a God. mortals might not have God ki, but Destroyers do, as Beerus has proven. 

Before becoming a God of Destruction (G.O.D), Beerus’ teacher would have trained him to acquire more God Ki, helping him become stronger and become the ideal Destroyer.

From this, we can assume that a mortal Saiyan could become a Super Saiyan God. They would need to obtain God Ki by training under an Angel, just like Vegeta who accessed the God form while training. 

We can also look at the mortal Toppo here. He was able to generate God ki when becoming the next Universe 11 God of Destroyer. Belmond helped him achieve this, teaching him how to acquire God’s ki and manipulate it when under attack. 

Belmond was once a mortal and a Pride Trooper, before claiming the title Destroyer God from his predecessor. He is proof that mortals can master God ki, had he chosen a different path, he might have been a Super Saiyan rather than a G.O.D. 

There are other references to alternative ways to harness the power too. In episode 27 of Dragon Ball Super, Goku states that Vegeta obtained the power of a Super Saiyan God without the help of others. Instead of relying on the Saiyans for assistance, he did it himself.

This statement from Goku confirms theories that Saian’s don’t need a ritual to achieve God form. Instead, plenty of training can see them achieve this.

Now, it’s worth touching on the Super Saiyan God ritual here. 

The ritual can be a quicker way to temporarily obtain God ki power. During the ritual, four Saiyans and Videl place their energy into Goku, artificially condensing it inside his body.

This energy becomes a temporary source of power that will run out after a while. However, Goku learned to tap into God ki through training, meaning he can access it permanently rather than only through the ritual.

How Did Vegeta Tap Into God ki And Become A Super Saiyan God?

Saiyan God Vegeta

So how did Vegeta become a Super Saiyan God? We have established that he did this by tapping into God’s ki, done with the help of his teacher Whis. We learn a little about this in the Resurrection ‘F’ film, episode 18 of Dragon Ball Super, where Whis discusses Goku and Vegeta’s weaknesses.

He reveals that both Vegeta and Goku must teach every part of their body to respond on its own, without needing to think.

Whis informs us that overthinking will slow down fighting speed and that it takes time for the brain and senses to reach every part of the body, meaning Goku and Vegeta need to work on this so they can fight quickly.

It is these quick responses from the body that is the key to obtaining God’s ki. You keep the mind calm and remove any thoughts that you don’t need so that the ki, or life energy, becomes refined and smooth. 

This smoothness helps it become divine-like. The mastery needed to do this is known as Ultra Instinct when parts of the body can think on their own. It takes a great deal of mental and physical training to do this and achieve more ki. 

To achieve more ki, you need to calm the mind even further! All thoughts during training or combat are removed, which increases ki and converts it into God ki.

The technique of controlling and calming the mind, in this case, is different to image training or focusing on ki to amplify it. Here, you want to rid your mind of unnecessary thoughts when fighting to draw on more ki and elevate yourself to God’s status. 

If you can increase your God ki and keep it within your body instead of leaking out, then your power would increase. This increase in power can then be harnessed and manipulated to your advantage. 

We see an example of this in episode 20 where Goku and Vegeta have energy leaving their bodies.

Whis tells them they need to keep the energy within them. To do this, we see Vegeta and Goku clear their minds and thoughts to an extent. By doing this they can focus on their energy and prevent it from escaping. 

Here we see them clash and we get a closer look at the state of the mind and body. When their fists hit each other, a blue aura leaks from them.

Here is the first sighting of Super Saiyan Blue. While this is impressive, it could not have been achieved without Vegeta first becoming a Super Saiyan God. 

We can assume Whis would have given similar instructions to help Vegeta hone his skill and keep the energy within him. These instructions probably came in the six months before Goku arrived on Beerus’ planet. During this practice of intense training, Vegeta would have begun acquiring God Ki to become a Super Saiyan God. 

This theory is confirmed when Whis returns with Goku to Beerus’ world and Vegeta could sense an angel coming near the planet.

Before this arrival, Vegeta was unable to sense Whis’ precedence when he was on Earth trying the delicacies Bulma suggested. 

Episode 22 holds another reference to Vegeta’s ability as a Super Saiyan God. Goku and Vegeta are both transported by Whis to another dimension, similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Here they follow Whis’ lesson and continue their training until they can surpass Super Saiyan God and reach the next level. 

It is clear here that Vegeta has achieved Super Saiyan God status, but will he be able to do it without the ritual and surpass Goku? We can only hope that we find out soon! 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan God while training on Beerus’s planet with the help of Whis. This training helped him hone his skills and become a worthy rival of Goku.

His training under Whis helped Vegeta become a God without the need for a ritual that sees the power flow into his body. The training that he went through has allowed Vegeta to become even more powerful! 

Despite the main series not addressing this, we can use the manga and hints from other characters to piece together how Vegeta managed to become a Super Saiyan God.

We got to see the blue aura leave his body and increase his power. Who knows what more we will see and learn about this power as Dragon Ball Super continues?