How Did Yukine Die As A Child In Noragami?

If you are a fan of Noragami or someone who wants to catch up, then you have come to the right place. It is always sad when we see our favorite characters die. Sometimes we can be left a little confused by how it happened.

How Did Yukine Die As A Child In Noragami

This is something you might be experiencing with Yukine in Noragami. It is one of the most common mysteries of the Noragami series. We know that Yukine had a traumatic past, from Yato’s reaction to all of Yukine’s memories. So, how did Yukine die?

What Is Noragami?

Noragami is a manga series that was written and illustrated by Adachitoka. It became an anime series and was directed by Kotaro Tamura.

Noragami follows the story of Yato. Yato is a deity who doesn’t have a single shrine. This prompts him to want to build his shine. In order to do this, he tells people that he will help them as long as they are able to give him 5-yen. Due to this, Yato becomes a sort of delivery god.

Noragami also follows the story of Hiyori. Hiyori is the daughter of a very respectable family. Unfortunately, Hiyori is almost killed in a traffic accident, but luckily Yato is there to rescue her. The accident and her near-death experiences cause Hiyori to become a hanyou.

A hanyou is a person who can easily lose their soul. Hiyori and Yato’s stories come together as Hiyori tracks down Yato, and they then begin to work together.

We are also introduced to Yukine, who becomes Yato’s Shinki. He is a teenage boy who is dead. The main plot of Noragami follows these three main characters battling those who bring harm to humans. We are slowly seeing the hidden history of Yato being revealed.

Who Is Yukine In Noragami?

Yukine is a character who has been around since the beginning of Noragami. Yukine’s real name is Haruki Tajima.

When Yukine is in his human form he is a teenage boy with messy gold hair. Yukine seems short for his age as he is shorter than both Yato and Hiyori. His age was revealed to be 14 years old, though he looks younger.

When we are first introduced to Yukine, he acts cold, cruel, and you can clearly tell he is annoyed that he is dead. He is also not too pleased about becoming Yato’s weapon. Yukine is punished by Yato and once he is able to let go of his sins, he is happier.

Yukine’s appearance and personality give us a bit of insight into how he died. We know that he was small for his age, which led most to believe that he was malnourished. We also know that Yukine had a traumatic past, which gives us hints as to how he died.

How Did Yukine Die?

So, how did he die? The truth about his death lies in his childhood. Yukine dies at the hands of his father.

Yukine’s father is someone who drinks heavily. When Yukine’s father drinks he becomes extremely violent and abusive towards his family. Yukine’s mother couldn’t deal with this abuse anymore so she and Yukine’s sister left both Yukine and his father.

Yukine and his sister had a very close bond. Yukine was so close to his sister that he still wrote her letters even after she had left him. In those letters, Yukine promises that he would escape his father’s abuse and would look towards having a healthier and happier future.

These letters, unfortunately, lead Yukine to his death rather than his future. Yukine was sending these letters to his sister without his father knowing. One day his father finds out about the letters Yukine has been sending and loses control.

This is how Yukine died. His father had a very aggressive violent outburst and brutally beat up his young son. Although Yukine has suffered a terrible beating from his father, this was not what caused him to die. It was his father’s actions following beating up Yukine that caused him to die.

Instead of taking Yukine to a hospital to treat his wounds, his father took Yukine to an abandoned area that was near some mountains. In this area, he took Yukine and locked him in a refrigerator.

So instead of dying from the wounds his father had caused in a fit of rage, Yukine died in the dark by suffocating in the refrigerator.

Yukine had a very traumatic childhood, he was abused by his father, and it took a toll on him. Unfortunately, his death summarizes how tremendously traumatic his childhood was.

So to sum it up, Yukine died due to being beaten and abandoned by his father. Yukine suffocated as a result of this abandonment.

What Happened To Yukine After He Dies?

After Yukine dies, his spirit stays in the form of a Sudama. This is the base form of a pure soul. His spirit doesn’t gain a human form because Yukine’s fate is undetermined. This is due to the fact that Yukine died at such a young age.

His spirit wanders far away from the mountain where his body is abandoned until he eventually meets Yato. Then he becomes Yato’s Shinki. Yato tends to act like a father towards Yukine. This might be because he knows about Yukine’s traumatic past.

Yukine’s tragic childhood follows him in this new adventure. This can be seen through how Yukine is scared of the dark. This might be due to being abandoned in a dark refrigerator before he died.

Final Thoughts

So, Yukine died at the hands of his father. His father brutally abused and beat him. Then his father murdered him, by abandoning him in a refrigerator where Yukine suffocated.

Yukine’s last thought before he died was questioning why his father would do something like this to him. His tragic childhood brings tears to the eyes of both Yato and Hiyori when they find out.

Hopefully, this has answered all of your questions relating to how Yukine died. Feel free to share this with those who might find it useful.