How Does Delta Die in Boruto?

Delta is one of the most interesting new characters in Boruto. She burst into the story, attacking Naruto Uzumaki without fear, marking herself as one of the members of Kara that we need to keep an eye on. She is a unique character due to her cyborg parts, as well as her fierce temper and bad intentions. 

Ever since her first introduction to the story as a member of the sinister and mysterious organization Kara, Delta has been an intriguing character that we want to know more about – both in terms of her power as well as her intentions and history.

But it isn’t until the Kawaki Arc that we begin to see her take more of a frontal role within the story. Obviously, any character who gets into combat with Naruto Uzumaki has to be careful – which leads us to the question – does Delta die in Boruto?

If you’re looking to learn about the fate of this new character, then you’ve come to the right place!


We’re going to be looking at the events that transpire with Delta during her battle with Naruto Uzumaki and beyond, as well as a little bit of her history so that we can understand her better!

Major spoiler warning from this point onwards – we’re going to be discussing some important parts of the Boruto Manga and Anime – so read on at your own risk!

Who Is Delta?

Delta is a character that has been seemingly named after a letter of the Greek alphabet – which is an indication of certain aspects of her character.

She is an important member of the organization Kara – a vital part of the Boruto story which is reminiscent of the Akatsuki from Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. 

Delta’s history is smothered in mystery, but what we do know is that she has been a member of kara for quite some time. We also know that she has relationships with many members of the organization, and is well known by others.

Many of them fear her because of her strange abilities, and it is this quality that will be a defining feature as we explore what happens to her in the story.

Despite her fairly harmless-looking appearance, Delta is a very destructive person. With a short fuse, she is very focused on getting what she wants.

She doesn’t work well with other members of Kara, and she is also very over-confident of her own abilities. At the beginning of the Kawaki Arc – we see her impatient to get into combat with Naruto Uzumaki, completely sure that she has the abilities to defeat him. 

Delta’s Battle with Naruto Uzumaki

Despite her partner Kashin Koji telling her to be wary of Naruto Uzumaki, Delta is hell-bent on getting into combat. This leads her into a fast battle with Naruto, who is concerned with protecting Kawaki as well as the Hidden Leaf Village.

It is here we start to see the battle prowess of Delta – who has gone through severe animatronic body modifications that make her devastating in a fight. 

Delta is seen as being very cold-hearted – using the threat of hurting Naruto’s Daughter Himawari to try and get him to make a mistake. With the joint work of multiple ninjas, Himawari is protected and Naruto is able to make adjustments to defeat Delta.

It becomes clear that although Naruto Uzumaki is far more powerful than Delta, and as the battle rages on he gets the upper hand. Worried that she will lose, Delta uses a powerful eye-beam ability, strong enough to cut through Naruto’s Chakra Cloak.

Unfortunately, this does not land and he and Naruto end up fighting in a hand-to-hand contest of Taijutsu.

She tries to again use her eyebeam but this time Naruto hits her with a Super-Ultra-Big-Ball-Rasengan – a devastating technique that lands Delta defeated in the dirt.

Naruto Uzumaki is not a cold-blooded ninja, and more than this he is smart enough to know that leaving an enemy alive is important for information. At first, Delta was not dead, but she made sure to use her last trump card to try and win the battle – a self-destruct function! 

This makes it impossible for Naruto to do anything other than getting his family and friends away from the blast. Delta’s body is completely destroyed, along with a large part of the area around it. 

Has Delta Died?

Well, it would appear from the outset that Delta has indeed died. The self-destruct function of her modified body was enough to destroy it, as well as much of the landscape around her. But this is not the end of her story!

We learn that one of the reasons why Delta was so confident to get into deadly combat with such a devastating foe is because of the nature of her character.

Her drone detached from her body just before the blast and moves back to the Kara Organisation’s Secret Base. This is where the story gets very interesting!

How Delta Died

Delta’s drone is connected to her consciousness. Her physical body was nothing more than a host for something that can be uploaded and removed.

By the time the drone comes back to the Kara hideout, we discover that there are in fact multiple clones of her original body. Delta does not fear death as a normal human might because she has multiple opportunities to come back.

So when we come to answer the question – has delta died – it’s a difficult one. Her original body is destroyed, yes, but her consciousness lives on. This has some very intriguing suggestions for her character as well as the future of Boruto: The Next Generations. 

Ever since the beginning of this new section of the Naruto Universe’s story, it has become clear that technology is going to play a more integral role in the world. Inventions such as scientific ninja tools are a good example of this – a way to give power to ninja who doesn’t necessarily have any inherent power.

Delta isn’t an example of this exactly, but she is a good example of how far technology has come since Naruto: Shippuden.

Her character is sci-fi in nature, and her ability to come back multiple times from the brink of death is something that will no doubt be a troublesome aspect of her character in the future. 

As it stands now, Delta has run into some trouble at the Kara headquarters. Amado’s attempted destruction of the organization caused Delta to get into a battle with both her former partner Kashin Koji, as well as Amado himself.

This eventually ended up with Amado using a destruction command on her, causing her body to collapse and her consciousness to disappear. But where it goes is something that we do not know. 

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that Delta is one of the most intriguing new villains to come out of Boruto: The Next Generations. With a cold demeanor and a short temper, we’re bound to see her in some great battles in the near future.

And more than this, we’re likely to see her character arc extent alongside some of her history. If Delta is not her body but a consciousness able to travel freely through multiple hosts – this begs the question as to what or who exactly was Delta in the first place?

So far it seems that Delta has been switched off, and her bodies destroyed by Amado – but due to the nature of her character it’s very possible we’ll see her back sooner rather than later.

Hopefully, we can get some answers as to her earliest history.

We hope that this article has explained to you the details of Delta and recent events surrounding her in the Anime and Manga. She is a mysterious character who will hopefully feature more in the future.

We don’t know if Delta is alive, but there are many opportunities for her to come back with her hot temper and confident demeanor.