How Does Wonder Woman’s Aging Work

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic figures in the DC Universe. The first truly popular female superhero, her daring deeds have been recounted for generations since she first appeared in the 1940s.

From a race of incredible Amazon warriors, Wonder Woman has stood for truth and justice just as much as any other superhero but with a style that has made her stand out for millions of fans.

However, one might ask – how does the Amazon adventurer stay so young and active? You might be wondering how does Wonder Woman’s aging work?

Well, this piece will provide you with the answer that you need to this burning secret that lies at the heart of one of DC’s most famous figures.

How Does Wonder Woman's Aging Work

How Does Wonder Woman’s Aging Work?

Given that within the DC Universe’s continuity Wonder Woman has apparently been active for decades, with the recent DC Rebirth change to continuity suggesting she has been an active superhero since the 1940s.

How is it that Wonder Woman has never visibly aged in the comic book and remains a fit and active superhero today?

The truth is that Wonder Woman is not alone in her amazing ageless powers – it is part and parcel of her being an Amazon. You see, since the Amazons were created by the Olympian Gods.

The exact God differs depending on the continuity the story is set in but the Gods that have been mentioned are either Aphrodite, Artemis, Athene, Demeter, and Hestia working together or one of them individually all Amazons gain immortality when they reach maturity. 

This means that despite being alive for however long Wonder Woman does not age too much – this was a key point in the recent DC Black Label story Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. Diana can survive great periods of time without apparently aging meaning that she can protect the Earth for a long time to come. 

This of course also means that Wonder Woman is often presented as a solitary figure as many of the men that she loves throughout her life simply age and die whilst she remains exactly the same. Diana has on some occasions decided to hand in her immortality.

However, As was revealed in Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Wonder Woman of the Earth Two world had relinquished her immortality to be with her husband Steve Trevor – during the events of the Crisis she ascended to paradise with Steve. Therefore, it is possible for Diana to age if she wishes to however it all depends on her. 

Now that we’ve explained how Wonder Woman’s aging works, let’s move on to discussing the other incredible powers that Wonder Woman possesses that make her such an extraordinary superhero.

Wonder Woman’s Extraordinary Powers

Now that we’ve explained why Wonder Woman doesn’t age in the same way that other characters do, let’s look at some of her other incredible powers. 

Aside from not aging, Wonder Woman thanks to her Amazon heritage is one of the most powerful people in the DC Universe, able to stand toe to toe in a fight not just with fellow superhero Superman but also with villains like Darkseid and Mongol.

The exact limits of her strength aren’t clear – whilst she may not be quite as powerful as Superman, she is certainly one of the most powerful female characters in DC history if not the most powerful. 

Strength isn’t Diana’s only superpower, however. Wonder Woman can also withstand a great deal of pain and most human weapons such as guns do little to no damage to her, meaning she is able to withstand any Earth human’s attempts to defeat her easily.

Wonder Woman can fly even without her magical invisible jet thanks to having been given the power of flight by Hermes himself. 

Alongside this Wonder Woman can also run nearly as fast as The Flash (though not quite as fast), can easily heal herself if she does sustain any kind of life-threatening injury – she can also easily communicate with animals and also sense when danger might be approaching thanks to superhuman levels of hearing and sound. 

Diana clearly has no troubles with holding her own in a fight and thanks to her training by the Amazons she certainly knows how to use her immense strength and abilities to her advantage in a way that defeats her enemy not just through blunt force trauma but also through using her skill as a warrior to her advantage. 

This is why Diana is one of the most important members of the Justice League because she not only has great physical strength but can also direct it in an effective way meaning that she can easily defeat any enemy she encounters no matter their strength or their own abilities.

Whilst Diana is ageless this isn’t the reason, she’s Wonder Woman but rather a handy side effect. 

Why It Is Important To Know That Wonder Woman Doesn’t Age

There’s an important reason why it’s vital that readers know that Wonder Woman doesn’t age and that’s because they can see that it gives her perspective. Unlike some of her colleagues, Diana has been here before and knows how to handle some of the worst villains out there and come out on top.

She is a fearless warrior who combines her own incredible strength with a clear determination to seek for truth and justice no matter what obstacles come in her way. 

Rather than simply relying on her godly powers all of the time or just spending her time as a superhero, Diana does her best both in her civilian identity and as Wonder Woman to act as an Ambassadorial figure who wants to show humanity that war isn’t always needed.

That there can be another way and we can imagine a better world free from violence. Once in which we can come together and do our best to ensure that the world is a better place than it is today. 

That is Diana of Themyscira’s real super power and it is why Wonder Woman is truly wonderful.