How Old Is Dabi From My Hero Academia?

Some villains have such charming characters or interesting abilities that we just can’t help but like them. And some fans are just as intrigued with the villains as they are with the main character of the story. 

With Dabi’s strange appearance and vivid blue flames, he’s certainly one of the villains from My Hero Academia that fans want to know more about. 

Dabi, the Blueflame, doesn’t appear on screen too often, and fans are burning to find out if the Dabi Todoroki theory is true. In this article, we reveal more about this member of the League of Villains and answer the burning question: how old is Dabi?

How Old Is Dabi?

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Determining Dabi’s exact age is quite a challenge since no one knows for certain the year in which My Hero Academia takes place. It is especially difficult to determine his age because as a villain, Dabi doesn’t appear too often in the series. When he does make an appearance, very little information regarding his background is revealed. 

If we consider Dabi without the Dabi Todoroki theory in mind, it is just about impossible to determine his exact age. Based on his looks and the general age of the League of Villains (a powerful criminal organization that Dabi joins), Dabi should be between 17 and 30 years old.

While anime fans are still waiting for the big reveal, manga fans (spoiler alert!) already know that the theory is correct and now have a much better idea of what the actual age of Dabi is.

What Is the Dabi Todoroki Theory?

In this theory, it is believed that Dabi, or Blueflame, is in fact the oldest son of the number one hero, Endeavor (Enji Todoroki), who supposedly died, and is Shoto Todoroki’s (one of the lead characters and a hero in training) older brother Toya Todoroki. 

Fans came up with this theory because they noticed that Dabi has the same eye color as Shoto’s left eye and both of Endeavor’s eyes. He also has a similar hairstyle to a younger Endeavor and has his fire quirk, or pyrokinetic abilities. 

Manga readers already know that this theory is true because Dabi reveals the truth in Chapter 290. In this chapter, Dabi reveals his true name, Toya Todoroki, and broadcasts this information across the nation to stain the number one hero’s name. 

He also confesses to a large number of cold-blooded murders after being abandoned by Enji Todoroki. He abandoned Toya after realizing his son wasn’t strong enough to overpower the number one hero All Might, as Enji’s main goal in life is to become better than All Might. 

How Old Was Toya Todoroki When He Died?

dabi is toya todoroki when young

Since we now know for a fact that Dabi is Toya Todoroki, it will be interesting to find out how old he was when he supposedly died – or rather, survived. 

In Chapter 291, Endeavor reveals how Toya Todoroki died. After being discarded and considered too weak by his father for being short and lacking power, Toya went to Sekoto Peak to train in an attempt to make his father proud and prove that he was not a mistake. 

After mastering his quirk (his power or special ability), Toyo wanted to show Enji what he was capable of and asked him to come to Sekoto Peak. When Enji didn’t show up, Toya supposedly lost control and burned to death. Endeavor revealed that Toya died in a 2,000-degree-Celsius fire and that there wasn’t a body left to be found. Only a fragment of Toya’s jawbone remained while the rest of him disintegrated into ash. 

Fans now know that Toya somehow survived and that he sustained lots of damage that was hastily restored with patches of skin all over his body. The scarring and patchwork resulted from him not being able to control the heat that his quirk generates.

The exact details regarding his survival are unclear, but what is clear is that the incident took place when Toya was about 13 years old. 

How Old Is Dabi Currently?

Toya, or Dabi, is the eldest brother of the four Todoroki children. He is eight years older than his youngest brother, Shoto Todoroki. This was determined when the story of his death was revealed. When Toya was 13 years old, he “died” when Shoto was only five years old. 

Shoto Todoroki was 15 during his first appearance in My Hero Academia, along with Izuko Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and other classmates of the same age. We know this because Class 1-A consists of the first-year students in high school.. 

Since Toyo Todoroki is eight years older than Shoto, he must currently be around 23-24 years old. 

How Old Was Dabi When He Joined the League of Villains?

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Dabi, or the Blueflame, first appears in season 2 of My Hero Academia. At this point, he is still just a potential recruit for the League of Villains and wants to join them after becoming a fan of Hero Killer Stain. 

Since Class 1-A was still 15 years old when Dabi first appeared and joined the League of Villains, he must have been about 23 years old when he decided to become a member of this group.

How Old Are the Other Todoroki Siblings?

Toyo Todoroki is the eldest son in the Todoroki family and is older than all his siblings. Since he was only 13 years old when he supposedly died, his other siblings had to be pretty young. 

Toyo Todoroki is one year older than his sister Fuyumi Todoroki, five years older than his brother Natsuo Todoroki, and eight years older than his brother Shoto Todoroki. 

This means that his siblings had lost their brother when Fuyumi was 12 years old, when Natsuo was eight years old, and when Shoto was five years old. 

Since Dabi is currently around 24 years old, his sister Fuyumi must be 22, his brother Natsuo must be 19, and Shoto must be 16. 

How Old Was Dabi When His Quirk Developed?

In this series, children typically develop their quirks around three to five years of age. In a recap manga chapter, fans can see young Toya at about five years old asking to train with his father. At this point, Toya has the same red hair color as Endeavor. Toya wants to train fiercely with Endeavor to prove his worth, but by this time, his father had already discarded him and refused to train him, believing that he had a weak constitution. 

Since Toya was already training at this point, his quirk must have manifested at around three or four years old, but is far from established. Toya Todoroki goes up to Sekoto Peak to train himself all on his own after his father refuses to train him any further. 

He makes a lot of mistakes and frequently burns himself as he tries to improve his power and quirk all on his own. As his quirk develops, his hair steadily starts to turn white, and the patches of white hair gradually increase as the manga continues. 

Throughout the years of self-training, Toya seems to have the same fire quirk as Endeavor and struggles to control it. By the time he turns 13, he finally discovers that his quirk is connected to his emotions. When he realizes this, his quirk completely changes and turns into blue flames instead of the normal red flames we see Endeavor and Shoto control.

It is believed that the color of his flames has to do with the temperature of these flames. Shoto and Endeavor’s flames are usually orange, indicating that they range from 1,200 to 2,200 degrees. 

When Endeavor turns up the temperature beyond his normal reach, the flames turn blue. The blue flames Dabi wields simply mean that his base flame temperature is much higher than the flames that Endeavor and Shoto normally have.

In short, Toya’s quirk first develops when he is about four years old, but it fully transforms at 13 years old. 

Final Thoughts

The question “how old is Dabi?” is one that many fans wonder about. From the research and general facts revealed in this article, it becomes clear that Dabi should be about 24 years old in season 5 of My Hero Academia. He joined the League of Villains when he was 23 years old and faked his death and transformed into a villain when he was around 13 years old. 

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