How Old Is Peter Parker (Spider Man) In Comics And Movies

Spider-man has appeared in comic form since Amazing Fantasy issue number 15 as far back as 1962 and in 1967, our favorite wall crawler made the jump to the small screen to much success.

However, it wasn’t until 2002 that Spider-man was finally brought to the big screen with the help of Sam Raimi, who eventually managed to deliver a trilogy of movies. 

Although over the years, more movies would be made that had Spider-man at the forefront, they would be made by different entities and along with this – Spider-man’s fictional biography was altered and his age as a result.

So, how old is Peter Parker in the comics and movies then? It’s not a simple answer, so let’s start with the movies! 

How Old Is Peter Parker (Spider Man) In Comics And Movies

Spider-Man Movies: Sam Raimi Trilogy 

Spider-Man (2002) 

Spider-man in the original movies created by Sam Raimi was played by Toby Mcguire – who in real life was aged 26 when he donned the costume, but the Peter Parker and Spider-man character he was playing was younger – in fact, he was 17! 

We are introduced in the first Spider-man movie to Peter Parker, who appears to be running for a school bus.

At this point, we know that Peter Parker must be in High School, and as the movie goes on – this becomes even more apparent. Scenes such as the Flash Thompson “food” incident or the field trip. 

The movie doesn’t explicitly give us a time frame, but at one point in the movie, Peter graduates from High School, and he asks Mary Jane what her plans would be for after graduation. By this logic, we can hazard a guess that Peter Parker by the heartbreaking end of the first movie is probably 18 years old. 

Spider-Man 2 (2004) 

Once again, there is no openly stated time frame that has passed for Peter in the second movie, but there are life-events and moments in the movie that we can use our guesswork to ascertain an age. By this point of his life, Peter has a part time job delivering pizzas, has his own rented apartment and is actively attending college – still getting grief from his classmates! 

We also see Peter and Aunt May celebrating his birthday – so we could try and assume maybe a year has gone by since the end of the first movie, meaning Peter at this point would likely be 19 or at most 20. He’s still remarked as being a “kid” though, later in the movie by a train passenger, another who says he’s “no older than my son”. 

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Most fans agree this is not their favorite Spider-man movie, not least so due to that cringeful dance scene! But, nonetheless – we can try and work out his age. We notice a banner that says it’s 2005, which we can say is one year after the events of the second movie – meaning Peter Parker is around 20 or 21.

At this point in Peter’s life, he’s still in his apartment, Mary Jane is working full time and Peter is still in touch with Doctor Connors and the College. He also states his ambitions for a staff job (full time) at the Daily Bugle – so we’ve seen a natural progression of Peter’s age from the first movie to the third. 

The Amazing Spider-Man Double 

Amazing Spider-Man (2012) 

The reimagining of Spider-man in the Amazing Spider-man series sees several changes to the character. We see Peter with a bit more of an attitude, he enjoys skateboarding and seems to be happy.

After being bitten, he has the same powers of the Sam Raimi Spider-man, except the ability to shoot webs direct from his body, and as such develops web-shooters. 

Like with the originals though, Peter Parker is said to be 17 in this movie and we see many similarities with the Toby Mcguire Peter Parker. We see Peter at High School with a love interest (in this version, it’s Gwen Stacey), still having problems with Flash Thompson, and trying to balance education with his personal life.

Andrew Garfield who portrayed Peter Parker was actually 27 when he filmed the character though. 

Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) 

2 years later we had a sequel that shows Peter fighting bad-guys as Spider-man on his way to the High School graduation ceremony, so we can assume his age to be 18. Effectively, the time frame from the Sam Raimi trilogy is being followed – just with different events. 

The MCU Spider-Man 

The Avengers: Civil War (2016) 

We get our first taste of Spider-man in the MCU from Civil War, which sees Tom Holland’s first portrayal of the wall crawler. We believe his age to be 14 at this point but only because of the next movie which states explicitly his age. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2016) 

As we said in the previous point, it’s explicitly stated that Peter is 15 years old at this point of his life, so we imagine he’d be around 14 with the events of Civil War. It’s understood that the MCU wanted to have Peter younger so that Tony Stark (Iron Man) can offer himself as a sort of father figure to Peter, who lacks both uncle Ben and his father. 

The Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 

This movie confuses people with the post-chronological order, but we assume these events to take place around a year after Homecoming, so Peter’s age would be about 16. This is the same age he is for Far From Home and End Game too. 

Spiderman: No Way Home (2021) 

We believe Peter is around 17 in this movie judging by his number of birthdays and the events post Infinity War. 

Spider-Man Comics 

There have been so many reimaginings and Universes that contain Peter Parker and Spider-man. In the original version, Peter was stated to be 15 years old and later issues saw the web-head attend Midtown University which would make him at least 18. 

It’s accepted that Marvel employs a 3:1 year ratio, meaning every 3 real years only one year passes in the comics. If this is the case, the Amazing Spider-man series will take a while for Peter to grow up, as it’s listed that Peter was bitten by the famous spider at age 15.

So, looking at these different comic publications – 15 is the generally accepted age that Peter Parker gained his powers. 

Summing Up 

The Peter Parker character has been remade numerous times and it is difficult with explicit ages being mentioned, how old Spider-man is!

As a rule, the best answer to give is, in the Sony series, Peter is focused on from his High School days onwards, meaning he is 17-18 from the start of his powers. In the MCU universe, they follow the comics a little closer by having Peter be about 15 when he is shown with powers.