How Old Is Satoru Gojo?

Satoru Gojo is not only a highly popular anime character from the 2018 dark fantasy anime and manga Jujutsu Kaisen, but he is also an incredibly popular anime character in his own right.

As one of the protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen, Sartoru is an incredibly powerful jujutsu sorcerer- the strongest in the world- who was left disenfranchised by the state of the Jujutsu Sorcerer society. He wanted to change the sorcery world and make it a better place.

With this goal in mind, he decided to become a teacher at Tokyo Metropolitan Cuse Technical College- otherwise known as Tokyo Jujustu High-, a sorcery educational institution, in order to achieve this and start teaching the younger generation so that he can eventually improve the state of the Jujutsu Sorcerer society. Satoru is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura in the Japanese anime and Kaiji Tang in the English dub.

We are going to be taking a look at a few key details regarding Satoru, including his age, his personality, and his abilities so that we have a clear picture of the anime icon that is Satoru Gojo! Let’s begin.

How Old Is Satoru Gojo

Satoru’s Age

Satoru’s date of birth is December 7th, 1989- as stated in chapter 96 of the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga- and the current date in Jujutsu Kaisen is around November 2018. This makes him 28 years old, going on 29 years old. 

Satoru’s Appearance

Satoru has a very distinctive look, which is part of what has made his character so iconic. He is incredibly tall and statuesque, measuring at around 190cm, which would be about 6 foot 3 inches.

This height has made him particularly popular, with many of his students and his peers considering his tall nature to be incredibly attractive. He has a unique shock of bright white hair that he wears spiked up, though he will sometimes let it down when he is dressed more casually.

Although he wears various outfits throughout the series, his most iconic and well-known look is his all-black work outfit. It consists of a black, high-necked jacket, matching black pants, and black dress boots.

He has incredibly pale, bright blue eyes, but he wears a black blindfold over his eyes most of the time, though in the past he has worn bandages or a pair of black sunglasses.

Satoru covers his eyes to limit some of his powers, but he manages to keep them covered in style whilst also matching with the rest of his outfit! We stan a fashionable yet practical anime king.

Satoru’s Personality

Whilst he does have a complex personality, what is certain about Satoru is that he is passionate about teaching his students and the art of jujutsu, with his main goal in life being to reform the entire world of jujutsu from the ground up via education.

With his friends, close colleagues, and his students, Satoru maintains a playful and nonchalant attitude to show his affections. With those that he considers as enemies- or even just those that he isn’t too fond of, such as Principal Gakuganji – he does not have the patience to feign niceties, acting in a cruel and unsympathetic manner to emphasize his disrespect. 

When it comes to his magic and his abilities, Satoru is incredibly confident due to his role as one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence, considering himself to be one of the most powerful in the world. Whilst this is pretty much true, it has led to an exorbitant level of arrogance and pride.

Satoru is also noticeably apathetic to those that he considers weak, acting with a level of superiority and haughtiness towards them. His arrogance comes across in his sometimes frenzied fighting style.

During his fights, he is spurred by his desire to maintain his position as the strongest sorcerer as well as to flaunt his superior skills and strength, leading to him adapting a hugely aggressive fighting style.

Although this attitude would suggest an unlikable and cocky character, Satoru manages to maintain his humanity by showing genuine care, empathy, and sorrow throughout the course of the series. He becomes somewhat more grounded due to his demonstrations of these emotions, such as his sadness over certain character deaths. 

Satoru’s Abilities

As is to be expected, Satoru has a wide range of powerful abilities, both magical and practical, that he uses to assert his dominance as one of the most gifted jujutsu sorcerers of his time. Let’s take a look at a few of his abilities.

Hand To Hand Combat

Satoru is a master of hand-to-hand combat, being incredibly skilled in martial arts and close combat. His physical prowess allows him to get up close and personal with his enemies, instead of just needing to rely on his magic. 

Super Strength

Tying into Satoru’s mastery of hand-to-hand combat is his immense physical strength. Through the manga and the anime series, Satoru has been seen to do things such as rip limbs off using just his physical strength. 

Reflexes And Speed

As well as super strength, Satoru also boats a superhuman level of speed as well as incredible reflexes. At his absolute fastest, he can reach speeds that are unable to be seen by the human eye.

Intelligence And Tactics

Satoru also boasts intelligence and logic skills that allow him to create clever tactics and take advantage of his enemies. He can do this even when he has minimal information on his enemies, thanks to his abilities to adapt to the fighting style of his enemies and easily create a counter technique. 

Immense Cursed Energy 

Onto the magic aspects of Satoru’s powers! Satoru’s reputation as the strongest sorcerer stems from his astounding levels of cursed energy power. Cursed energy is a power source that is aligned with the negative emotions felt by the wielders, such as anger and sorrow or grief.

Satoru has a great level of control over the amount of cursed energy that he wields. His power is so great that he can even combine that negative energy with positive energy or use reversed curse techniques.

The Unlimited Void

This particular power creates a metaphysical space that restrains the actions and thoughts of Satoru’s victims by bombarding them with information and stimuli.

This is known as the Domain Expansion, and Satoru has such control over it that he can limit- or extend- the effects that it has on the victims.

Six Eyes

An inherited ability, the Six Eyes power is a rare ocular jujutsu that gives Satoru remarkable perception, allowing him to use all of his powers to their fullest potential. 


This power is an innate technique that comes from the Gojo family and was naturally inherited by Satoru. The power works via the precise manipulation of space at an atomic level, which in turn leads to various results being possible when using it.

Let’s have a look at the different forms of these powers. 

  • Infinity: Infinity is a neutral form of the Limitless power, and it is an ability that can stop things or slow things down. It means that when Satoru wields this power, he can decide what will and won’t touch him in a manner that is calculated by the level of danger the item poses, the speed of the object, and the mass of the object. 
  • Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Blue: Satoru creates a center of gravity that can be moved at will and can attract anything into it.
  • Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue: This power is the neutral and reinforced version of Limitless- and a variation of the above Cursed Technique Lapse- in which Satoru amplifies the Limitless power and produces a vacuum wherein the world itself must correct itself and fill in the negative space, leading to things being pulled together in one particular area.
  • Cursed Technique Reversal: Red: An inversion of the Blue power, the Red power causes a repulsive force that is powered by positive cursed energy and is one of the aforementioned reverse curse techniques. Red is a much more destructive ability in comparison to Blue power.
  • Hollow Purple: A combination of the attraction power of Blue and the repulsive power of Red, Satoru can bring the two together with a snap of his fingers. Hollow Purple is incredibly powerful and can erase any and all matter in its path.

Final Thoughts

So there you have the height of Satoru Gojo as well as some information about him in general, such as his different powers and his appearance.

What we can ascertain from this information is that even though Satoru might display cocksure arrogance in all that he does, it is certainly a well-deserved attitude as his powers and abilities truly speak for themselves!