How Tall Is Baki Hanma?

The Baki anime series features some of the strongest fighters from around the world. But Baki Hanma’s physique stands out. He has a masculine physique, unlike other characters on the show. Jack, Pickle, and Biscuit Oliva look nothing less than a beast. 

Despite his normal appearance, Baki is strong and skilled. By the end of the series, Yujiro accepts Baki as his equal. This is a tremendous honor considering Yujiro has been the strongest creature in the series throughout.

What makes Baki’s body capable of amassing such unfathomable power by the end of the series? Let’s find out more about Baki, and his body type, including how tall Baki Hanma is.


how tall is baki

Baki Hanma is the son of Yujiro Hanma and one of the most powerful and skilled fighters in the world. His purpose in life is to surpass his father’s strength and martial art skills. 

After following in his father’s footsteps for the first few years of his life, he decided to take his training into his own hands at the age of thirteen. From then on, he traveled around the world, picking martial art skills along the way and preparing to be as strong, if not more, as his father. 

Physical Attributes 

Unlike his father and half-brother Jack Hanma, Baki has a regular body. He is 5’6” tall and has short black hair. His height cannot be an advantage, let alone an unfair one. He was introduced as a 17-year-old boy. From there on, he underwent intensive training. Many devastating fights permanently altered his appearance. 

His muscles grew and he has had several scars everywhere on his body. Talking about the best part of his body, it has to be the demon back that he inherited from his father. On suffering extreme pain in a fight, Baki can unlock devilish power through his demon face back. 

At this stage, the muscles on his back come together to form the face of a menacing demon. With the onset of the demon face, his power, resistance to pain, stamina, and all other necessary fighting skills go up a million levels. 

With his demon face unleashed, no one can hurt him or leave any substantial damage on his body. And the ones who are unlucky enough to be hit by him at this stage would be facing the wrath and power of the devil himself. 

Another noticeable physical trait is the small mole on his upper lips, an inheritance from his mother, Emi Akezawa. 


how tall is baki

Baki’s personality has several shades. Sometimes he is a young, carefree boy who knows how to keep calm even during the most troubling times. And sometimes during fights, he is aggressive and ruthless. The main reason for his frustration could be his suppressed anger for his father, Yujiro. 

Yujiro killed his mother and his wife Emi Akezawa when Baki was still a young boy, so his hatred for his father turns him into a ferocious fighter. 

When it comes to gaining power and skill, Baki comes across as a tad bit impatient. He trains in as many forms of martial arts as possible. For the same reason, he also gets into fights because he believes fighting is the way to hone one’s practical skills and on-field strength.

Baki’s way of thinking is quite different from his father’s. Yujiro is heartless, evil, and arrogant. Baki inherits his personality from his grandfather Yuuichirou. He is kind, thoughtful, and fair.

For instance, Yujiro believes in using his demon back at all times, despite it being an unfair advantage and not a genuine fighting skill. Baki recognizes that and uses it when it is indispensable.

Yujiro does not see anyone as his equal. He likes belittling his opponents and crushing anyone who comes his way. But Baki feels building relationships with his strong opponents adds up to his strength. He is also compassionate towards his opponents on most occasions.

Baki is a man of immense pride, and he places his loved ones on the highest pedestal. He values family and relationships and goes out of his way to protect his loved ones. We can see a glimpse of his protective nature through his relationship with his girlfriend, Kozue Matsumoto. 

Throughout the series, their relationship has undergone many changes. This had a tremendous impact on Baki, which further reveals his emotional side. 



how tall is baki

Baki is the only character who is always improving as a fighter and unlocking new levels of power throughout the series. At 13-year old, he could take down 37 of 100 thugs by himself.

By the time he was 17, he could bench press 350 lbs in each set and was the undisputed champion of the Tokyo Underground Dome. 

When he learned to unlock the demon face, his strength surpassed all records known to humankind. 

By the end of the series, he fought against and defeated some of the best fighters. This includes his half-brother Jack Hanma and Biscuit Oliva. He also got pretty close to beating Pickle & Yujiro, both of whom accepted Baki as a worthy opponent despite their wins.


Speed is another integral fighting skill that Baki seems to have mastered well. At 13, he was shown to be fast enough to be able to catch a knife thrown at him from 15 feet away.

Once in a fight, a thug swung his weapon (a huge chain with a rock attached to it) at Baki, who dodged it even though the weapon approached him at nearly 100mph. 

Stamina & Endurance

When it comes to fights, Baki has unparalleled stamina. He can keep on fighting for more than 12 hours.

One of his most prominent breakthroughs was when he learned to activate and manage his endorphins at will. With this new technique at his disposal, he can boost his speed and stamina anytime he wants. 

Baki does not believe in only strength training. He has spent years mastering the most difficult martial art styles. His techniques, paired with his firm and skilled body, make him one of the best fighters in the whole series. 

Intelligence & Maturity 

Baki uses tactical expertise to gain a fair advantage over his opponents. His vast knowledge of various forms of martial arts helps him tackle even the most vigorous opponents.

He is a quick thinker, which was evident during one of his fights when he used his blood to blind his opponent.

Another remarkable quality is his superior imagination. He has no trouble visualizing different animals and taking their stance during a fight. 

Baki has also undergone tremendous mental growth and maturity throughout the series. In Baki the Grappler, his hormones and urge to beat his father made him fight anyone who came his way. 

But as he grows, he stops fighting with anyone weaker than him. He no longer craves power or validation. He wants to beat his father.

Since Baki was raised in a good family with all the luxuries one can dream of, he is also very polite. The mannerism of a respected family is reflected in his behavior. 

Baki’s Relationship With His Father Yujiro 

Yujiro killed his mother and Baki’s sole purpose is to defeat his father. So it is safe to say they do not have a regular relationship. Every time we see him speak about his father, his tone is laced with hatred and reluctance. And as for himself, he does not care what Yujiro thinks of him. 

There are instances where we can see a strong connection between them. They feel the ties of their bloodline drawing them closer at times. But one can say that there is too much history for them ever to have a normal relationship.

Baki’s feelings towards Yujiro are twisted. He hates him with everything he has and considers his father his biggest enemy. But there have been several instances where we have seen Baki admiring his father’s strength and skills as a fighter. He does not hesitate to recognize his father as the strongest creature on Earth. 

Bottom Line

We hope you now have the answer to how tall Baki Hanma is. At 5’6”, Baki is one of the most-loved characters in the entire series. He might not have the godlike physique of Yujiro or Jack Hanma but what he has is beyond shallow physical attributes. 

His humble personality, superior fighting skills, and dedication make his character memorable.