How Tall Is Deku

My Hero Academia is perhaps one of the biggest titles currently running in Shonen Jump magazine in Japan. And it isn’t just in Japan where it’s proving to be a massive phenomenon.

Western anime and manga fans have accepted the series with open arms, as evidenced by the series’ massive fandom that seems to go from strength to strength every year.

As with any fandom, fans of My Hero Academia are particularly dedicated to their favorite characters, and can likely recount countless facts about specific characters on a whim. Want to know the birthday of a specific My Hero Academia character?

Just ask a die-hard fan, they’ll definitely have a canonical answer for you.

However, one detail that often gets neglected when it comes to character trivia in anime and manga is heights. Many times we don’t have an official height listed for a character and trying to determine whether the information is canonical or completely fan-made can be very difficult.

So, we’ve decided to do the hard part for you. You’re here because you want to know how tall Deku is, right? Well, let’s find out the cold hard facts!

How Tall Is Deku

How Tall Is Deku In My Hero Academia?

According to the official Viz Media English release of volume 1 of My Hero Academia, Deku is 166 centimeters in height. This puts him at around 5.4 feet, and 65.4 inches! This was outlined in an official character bio which can be found in all versions of the first volume of the series.

Deku is just slightly smaller than his rival Katsuki Bakguo, who stands at around 172 centimeters, which is around 67.7 inches in height.

This means that Deku is around a very average height which helps to further exaggerate his rather ‘average’ personality and style. However, Deku is taller than a few characters, such as Ochako who measures out at around 156 cm, which is 61.4 inches.

This is probably why Deku and Ochako is such a popular pairing, considering their height difference.

What Is Deku’s Birthday?

Alongside his height, Deku’s character bio in volume 1 of My Hero Academia also highlights a number of extra interesting bits of information. With regards to Deku’s birthday, it is officially dated as the 15th of July.

This officially makes Deku a Cancer, in terms of astrology. This perhaps explains some of Deku’s character traits. Cancers are often described as being very kind, protective, and self-sacrificing, which explains many of Deku’s actions, and certainly his desires to be a hero.

At the beginning of the series, Deku is around 15 years of age. Around the current point in the series, closer to the end, it is likely that he is around 16 years of age.

What Is Katsuki Bakugo’s Birthday?

Katsuki Bakugo, Deku’s perennial heel, and rival has his birthday on the 20th of April. He is also 15 at the beginning of the series, which makes him approximately three months older than Deku.

Bakugo’s star sign would be Aries. Characteristics of Aries generally align very well with who Bakugo is as a character. Aries are often very assertive and self-confident, and well as intensely goal-driven.

On the more negative side, Aries also tend to be very rash, hot-headed, and selfish, which can definitely be used to describe Bakugo to a tee!

What Is Ochako’s Birthday?

Ochako’s birthday is the 27th of December, and she is also 15 at the start of the series, which makes her significantly younger than both Bakugo and Deku. This also means that Ochako is a Capricorn. Capricorns are often described as being sensitive, ambitious, and realistic.

This explains Ochako’s occasionally hesitant personality, but also explains her level-headed thinking and her incredible ability to reason with people. Without her realistic personality, Deku never would have made it to U.A.!

What Is Deku’s Favorite Thing?

Within the official English translation of My Hero Academia volume 1, Deku’s favorite thing is listed as Katsudon.

Katsudon is an immensely popular Japanese dish that involves a bed of soft rice topped with a katsu filet which has been fried with onions and eggs and slathered with a tasty gravy. Honestly, we’re not surprised that it is Deku’s favorite. Katsudon is incredibly tasty!

What Is Bakugo’s Favorite Thing?

Within volume 1 of My Hero Academia, in his own character bio, Bakugo’s favorite things include spicy food and mountain climbing. This shouldn’t really be surprising to any long-time My Hero fans, as the spicy food is reflective of Bakugo’s explosion powers and his hot-headed personality.

While mountain climbing is reflective of Bakugo’s goal-oriented behaviors and his tendency to aim for the ‘top’, in order to declare himself the best.

What Is Ochako’s Favorite Thing?

Thanks to the official English translation, we also know what Ochako’s favorite things are. Her two favorite things are starry skies and Japanese food.

It definitely makes sense that Ochako likes starry skies, as she often displays a rather dreamy personality, and often has grand dreams. It is also reflective of her anti-gravity powers, which are also reflective of her slightly spacy personality.

In Conclusion

There we have it. Now you can wow all of your fellow My Hero Academia fans with your deeply intense knowledge of protagonist Deku, and his fellow students.

There’s still so much to learn about so many of our favorite My Hero Academia characters, which explains why the show still endures as one of the most popular in the anime genre!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Tallest In Class 1A?

The tallest student in Class 1A in My Hero Academia is Mezo Shoji. This is because of his tentacle abilities, which not only make him much taller, but also give him a very wide frame, which makes him appear very strong and domineering.

How Old Is Shigaraki?

Tomura Shigaraki, currently one of the leading villains in My Hero Academia is around 21 years of age currently in the series. He has a very pale and skinny frame that makes him appear rather creepy and sinister.

Is Shigaraki Deku’s Brother?

No. Shigaraki is not related, by blood to Deku. The only reason that Shigaraki referred to Deku as “Little Brother” is because All For One was speaking through him, to the part of One For All that resides inside of Deku!