In Fire Force Who Will Shinra End Up With?

Shinra is the protagonist of Fire Force, and has chemistry with plenty of female characters throughout the franchise.

Fans have been shipping Shinra with a variety of other characters, even though the creator of Fire Force isn’t that focused on giving Shinra a love interest at the moment.

However, that hasn’t stopped us wondering who Shinra will end up with. You might be surprised who is on the list. Keep reading to find out more and see if you agree.

In Fire Force Who Will Shinra End Up With

About Fire Force

Fire Force is a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo since 2015. In 2019, an anime adaptation by David Production began airing.

With the second season airing in 2020. However the manga is currently in its final chapter, thus there are only a few years left of the manga to expect. 

Fire Force begins with The Great Cataclysm, an event that happened 250 years ago. This where the world was set on fire with most nations being completely wiped out. Survivors took refuge in the Tokyo Empire, where the faith of the Holy Sol Temple was created.

In the year 198, the fire force, which is a group of special fire fighters, were having to deal with increasing amounts of humans spontaneously combusting.

Humans are being turned into living infernos. They are then called infernals, but there are more powerful varieties known as Demons. Generations afterwards have the ability of pyrokinesis. This is the physic ability for the person to create and control fire with their mind. 

Fire Force follows the story of Shinra Kusakabe, who is a third generation pyrokinetic. He has the nickname of ‘Devil’s Footprints’ as he can set his feet on fire. He was made to believe that it was his fault for the fire that killed his mother and brother 12 years ago.

Shinra joins Fire Force Company 8, who dedicate themselves to ending the infernal attacks for good. They also investigate Companies 1 to 7 to see if there is any corruption. 

Shinra learns that the fire that killed his mother was a cover, so his brother could be taken by the doomsday cult known as the White Clad. This cult is known to be behind the infernal attacks.

Company 8, along with Shinra are against the White Clad as they discover that they are trying to gather 8 individuals like Shinra and his brother to repeat the Great Cataclysm again.

They want to repeat this terrible event for an ancient being who has manipulated humanity for that purpose. 

Shinra And Tamaki

Tamaki was transferred to Company 8, who is also a third generation like Shinra. She has the nickname of ‘Nekomata’ because she generates pink flames in the shape of cat features. Fans love this pairing for many reasons. Shinra shows the most interest in Tamaki.

He is always seen blushing when he is around her. Their bond has been getting stronger throughout the series. As creator Atusushi Okubo isn’t interested in romance, we can assume that Shinra might not end up with anyone in the end.

However, if he does, Tamaki seems like the best choice at the moment. 

At the moment, neither have shared their feelings for one another. However for fans it’s quite obvious that there is a spark between these two characters. Tamaki developed feelings for Shinra, after he saved her from Rekka.

She has the type of personality that switches from being tough and cold towards their love interest. Then they will be sweet and gentle with them. Hence Tamaki likes Shinra but isn’t fully aware of her feelings yet toward him.

This looks like quite an obvious pairing and fans would love to see these characters end up together.

Shinra And Maki

Maki is a second generation where her powers let  her create living fireballs. She is seen to have more of a muscular physique and can react aggressively to comments made.

However she normally has a very gentle attitude. There is no denying that Shinra has been attracted to Maki.

However from the second that Shinra joined the brigade, Maki made herself a comrade and an older sister figure that he could come to for help. As a result, Shinra might find her attractive, but there is no way that these two characters will end up together.

Maki is more likely to end up with Hinawa. As Hinawa might be the big scary boss, but Maki respects and admires him. She wants to be a firefighter like him.

Shinra And Iris

Alongside Shinra and Tamaki being a popular fan favorite pairing. Shinra and Iris are also. Irish is one of the two surviving nuns of the St Raffles Convent fire. She joined Company 8 as a medic and doesn’t have any powers.

Like with Tamaki, Shinra is seen blushing a lot when he speaks to Iris. It is quite clear that he finds her attractive and they have developed a very close and strong bond. Shinra feels like he needs to protect her, when things go wrong. 

Fans do love this pairing, however we aren’t really sure that this pairing is a great match. The main reason is that Iris is a nun and obviously nuns can’t have relationships, as their relationship is with God.

She is also very adamant about her faith and doesn’t seem likely to be swayed away from what she believes in.

Also, Iris hasn’t had any significant moments with Shinra recently, instead Shinra has been having them without characters that we have mentioned. Therefore it is unlikely that these two characters will end up together as we aren’t seeing much Iris and Shinra interaction.

Also Iris being a nun does hinder any chance of a relationship between the pair. Yet this does not stop fans from shipping these characters together.

Shinra And Hibana

They started off as enemies. Although after Shinra defeats Hibana, he comes to see her as a friend as they both search for the truth. Hibana was another of the surviving suns of the St Raffle Convent fire.

Hibana is also a third generation, whose powers allow her to make flower flames that burn people on contact. 

Like most of the girls on this list, Shinra finds Hinana attractive. This can be seen as he blushes when he is around her. One notable moment is when he blushed when he accidentally saw up her dress and hoped to see a picture of her in the fireman calendar.

He may find her attractive but what he doesn’t realize is that Hibana does have feelings for him. They do seem like a great pairing, however Shinra seems to have more chemistry with other characters than he does with Hibana.

Final Thoughts

Shinra has many love interests and at the moment no one can be sure who Shinra will end up with. The creator of Fire Force isn’t really focusing on romance, so there is a chance that Shinra might not end up with anyone.

However, fans have taken it upon themselves to work out who Shinra could end up with if Atsushi Okubo allowed Shinra to have a relationship. Throughout the series, Shinra has found many girls attractive, but nothing has really blossomed yet.

The fan favorite is Tamaki and she does seem like the character that Shinra would most likely settle for.

However, Shinra and Hibana are a good combination. The Iris theory is a nice idea but there are some huge factors that at the moment prevent this relationship happening. 

At the moment we can’t be sure if Shinra will end up with anyone. However, fans would love it if Shinra could have some real romance. Time will tell if or who Shinra will end up, however our money is on Tamaki at the moment.