Is Dragon God Zalama A Namekian In Dragon Ball Super?

People’s collective consciousnesses may or may not be securely ensconced in Zalama, depending on their own experiences. The character of Zalama only had a brief appearance in Dragon Ball Super, and it would be tough to recollect him from that episode.

Is Dragon God Zalama A Namekian In Dragon Ball Super

As a consequence, for the time being, the identity of the person remains mostly shrouded in mystery. Toriyama may be reserving his inclusion in the series for a later story arc.

A cameo appearance for the character might be feasible as a result of recent events in Dragon Ball Super since there seems to be a connection between him and the formation of the Namekians.

Before we go further with the discussion, let us present you with an update on Zalama and the information that has been supplied so far in the process.

Who Is Zalama?

Zalama, according to Lord Zuno, is a Dragon God who is responsible for the creation of the Super Dragon Balls (a man who is supposed to know everything about the Universe). These balls may be found in universes 6 and 7, respectively.

Throughout the Manga, the term “Ryjin” alludes to Zalama, who is known as the “Dragon God” or the “God of the Dragons” in the English language.

Perhaps his name is a play on the term “salamander,” which is linked with fire in mythology, particularly in Japanese mythology, and hence with dragons, as suggested by his appearance.

He is credited with coming up with the idea for the Dragon Balls. The Super Dragon Balls were the very first Dragon Balls, and the Super Shenron was the very first Shenron as well.

Legend has it that Champa, the Destroyer God of Universe 6, made a reference to the Namekian Dragon Balls story in one of his incarnations. Years ago, using shards from the Super Dragon Balls, the ancient Namekians fashioned their own Dragon Balls, which they used to battle their enemies.

The statue of Shenron was subsequently repaired by Kami for the purpose of creating the Dragon Balls for the Earth.

So yet, there has been no mention of Zalama’s physical appearance or any distinguishing qualities. We have no idea who he is or what he is up to. Although the most recent chapter (chapter 69) may provide some information on Zalama’s looks, it is not certain.

Is Zalma Really A Namekian?

Several new insights about Namekians and their origins were revealed in the latest chapter. Assumption: The Namekians have thrived on Planet Namek from the beginning of time, according to our current knowledge. This, on the other hand, has altered.

The Namekians have made their way from a parallel world to Universe 7 in search of better opportunities. It’s possible that one of the twelve universes is involved.

It is established throughout the series that there is a connection between Namekians and Dragon Balls. Wherever there are Dragon Balls in the universe, there will be Namekians, or at the very least one of their kind, living there.

Dende made some minor changes to Kami’s Dragon Balls, which were then used on Earth. On the planet Cereal, Monaito was the one who invented the Dragon Balls.

The God of Dragons, Zalama, is considered to be the progenitor of all Namekians, and he is said to exist in a realm that is beyond the Universes.

Because Zalama’s realm is not included in any of the 12 universes, Zeno’s choice to destroy any or all of the Universes will have no impact on Zalama’s kingdom.

It’s possible that he’s materialised additional individuals of his kind from this dimension. As far as we can tell, Namekians are asexually reproducing creatures.

Grand Elder Guru produced 109 eggs, which resulted in the birth of 109 Namekians, including Nail and Dende, as a consequence of which Nail and Dende were born. For Zalama, this is also a possibility in this situation. Because he is the Dragon God, it is possible that he is not mortal.

With the Granolah narrative extending into the Namekians’ origins, there is a significant probability that Zalama may make an appearance later in the story. If this is accurate, fans will be thrilled to learn more about Zalama and the “realm” of the Namekians.

Piccolo’s role in the plot may become more essential as the storyline goes further into Namekian history and folklore, which is likely to happen.

The Namekians are divided into two primary clans, according to the authors: the Dragon Clan and the Warrior Clan. The Dragon Clan is by far the most powerful of the two groups of people.

In contrast to the Warrior Clan, which is tasked with protecting the species, the Dragon Clan is tasked with producing the Dragon Balls, which are used to battle evil.

As described by Monaito and Moori, the balls were built as part of a rite to honour or assist members of the Warrior Clan that took place in the late 1800s. It’s conceivable that Zalama was the one who came up with this method of categorization.

Prior to their divorce, Kami and King Piccolo lived as a single Namekian pair known as the Nameless Namekians, which was a nickname given to them.

A Namekian named Piccolo Jr. (also known as Piccolo) was created when Piccolo Jr. and Kami mated, and the young Namekian elected to keep the name Piccolo as a respect to his grandpa.

Piccolo’s Warrior Clan attitude and abilities restrict him from being able to manufacture Dragon Balls due to his Warrior Clan attitude and powers. A consequence of this incident was that the character was rendered unable to generate Dragon Balls in the future.

The Dragon Balls on Earth were converted into stones as a result of Kami’s link with him, and this was the cause of the transformation.

Namekian descendants from Zalama’s first generation, or at the very least those Namekians that were formed by Zalama, may have been the father of the first Nameless Namekian (a Dragon Clan member).

Katas may have been the biological father of the first Nameless Namekian, according to legend (a Dragon Clan member).

Possibly as a result of this, Kami created Shenron, a dragon that has an uncanny similarity to Shenron’s physical characteristics.

Their face features, jaws, and snake-like bodies (with the exception of Super Shenron’s wings) are very similar, as are their bodies, which are snake-like.

Perhaps Shenron is one of the other dragons that appear similar to Shenron and grant wishes, and if so, Shenron would be the most likely candidate.

Final Thoughts

The Super Dragon Balls were produced by Zalama in the 41st year of the Divine Calendar, which happened to be the year of the Dragon. A planet-sized ball with a diameter of about 37,196 kilometres was constructed by him to be the size of the balls (kilometres).

His patent for the technology that permits the star emblem on Super Dragon Balls to appear similar from every angle was granted a year later.

He was the one who coined the saying “Come out, Dragon of the God, and give my desire, delicious peas!” “Come out, Dragon of the God, and grant my request, luscious peas!” Another aspect of his programming is the fact that the Super Dragon Balls have spread to universes 6 and 7, which is a unique trait.

As a result of the creation of the Super Dragon Balls and the heavenly dragon Super Shenron, Zalama has no bounds when it comes to true strength.

Unlike the Dragon Balls, which have no restriction on the amount of wishes they may give, the dragon, on the other hand, is only allowed to grant one wish every summoning.

Namekians are the only ones who can create Dragon Balls, and the manga demonstrates that they are not even native to Planets 6 and 7, which also happen to be the only planets where Namekians can be found. On top of all that, they possess special skills that are not shared by anybody else.

As a consequence, it is possible that Zalama is a Namekian. Also, it’s conceivable that Zalama was the very first Namekian, and that, in order to beat Moro, he pulled a Kami and split himself into every living Namekian, just like the Namekian Savior was claimed to have done in order to destroy Moro.

Piccolo states that he is a Namekian who “long ago forgot his identity” in the episode “Merging with Kami,” which airs on the Cartoon Network. This means that Piccolo is a reincarnation of Zalama’s spirit.