Is Magneto Able To Manipulate Vibranium

Magneto is one of the most powerful super villains to exist in the Marvel universe. His control over all forms of metals and his hatred of the X-Men and the humans they protect make him truly one of the deadliest forces known to the Marvel universe. 

And yet you might wonder – does Magneto have a limit to his control over metal? Are there some metals that even Magneto cannot interfere with? 

Vibranium is one of the strongest metals in the Marvel universe. It is only found in Wakanda and is used by both superheroes Black Panther and Captain America whose iconic shield is made out of the incredible metal. 

So, the question is – is Magneto able to manipulate Vibranium? This article will answer this question and explain just what the extent of Magneto’s powers are and whether he can use Vibranium for his own nefarious purposes.

Is Magneto Able To Manipulate Vibranium

What Is The Extent Of Magneto’s Powers?

Before we move on to the specific question as to whether or not Magneto can use Vibranium for his own ends, Magneto is a character who seemingly has endless power over metal. However, what exactly are the extent of his powers? Are his powers limited in any way?

Magneto’s ability to control metal is, at first glance, seemingly unlimited. He has been known to be able to bend mentals of all different natures and even been able to manipulate the iron in people’s blood to over power them and bend them to his will. 

As such, Magneto’s powers are, as long as something is made from general metal, pretty much limitless. However, his powers are often linked to his mind so if he can be distracted or his emotions used against him then his powers become weaker, and it is easier to stop this incredibly powerful super villain from achieving his aim of taking over the world. 

Now that we’ve addressed the extent of Magneto’s powers in general terms, let’s look at how he specifically deals with Vibranium and whether he can in fact master it. 

Is Magneto Able To Master Vibranium? 

The short answer to this question is that, in fact, Magneto isn’t able to master Vibranium. 

This might seem surprising given that as has been explained above Magneto can control most metals most of the time. 

However, unlike other metals such as Adiantum which Magneto is known to be able to control, Vibranium is not within his control. The reason for this is because unlike Adiantum or metals that exist in our own world, Vibranium has mystical qualities. 

Vibranium in the Marvel Universe only exists in Wakanda and as such is incredibly hard to get hold of and defended by Wakanda’s ruler, the Black Panther. The reason for this is because Vibranium is derived from an extra-terrestrial metallic ore that is linked to a Wakandan isotope which is entirely unaffected by Magneto’s powers. 

Magneto’s power are limited to the magnetic fields that are produced by metals that are produced on Earth such as the Adiantum that makes up Wolverine’s claws – however the magnetic field that is produced by Vibranium is utterly distinctive and means that Magneto cannot manipulate it to his will or use it against his enemies. 

This is why when he is confronted by Black Panther or by Captain America’s mighty shield that Magneto can do nothing to directly respond to his attackers. It is why he is also unable to ever manipulate the iron in Black Panther’s blood in the same way that he has done with other superheroes because Black Panther’s armor protects him. 

Now that we have established that Magneto cannot manipulate Vibranium to his will, let’s look at the real science that lies behind Magneto’s powers. 

The Science Behind Magneto’s Powers

You might be wondering whether or not Magneto has any powers that are in fact based in real science or whether his ability to control metal is solely a comic book invention. 

Well, Magneto’s powers do have some real scientific basis to them, as incredible as it seems. This is all down to the above mentioned magnetic field that metals generate. 

You see, metals have a natural magnetic field which is generated as a result of the different polar ice caps which draw the metals towards them and create a magnetic range. The idea of someone like Magneto being able to tap into that isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. 

Indeed, Magneto’s ability to levitate metals through diamagnetism, or the manipulation of the magnetic field of objects, is in fact happening right now as you read this. 

However, it isn’t a human that is doing it but a machine that operates in the same way as Magneto’s powers. In the Netherlands, scientists have been able to use diamagnetism to levitate frogs, strawberries and bugs.

This might seem like science fiction, but it is in fact science fact – of course no human has been able to do what Magneto is able to do naturally, or at least no human has been able to do what Magneto can do naturally yet…

Why It Is Important To Know Whether Or Not Magneto Can Manipulate Vibranium 

Magneto is one of the most iconic super villains of the modern age, partly thanks to the performances of Sir Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender in the X Men movies. He is consistently portrayed as one of the most powerful mutants to have existed and a true threat to the future of humanity. 

However, he still has limits to his powers such as his inability to manipulate Vibranium. It is important that readers and viewers know that this is one of Magneto’s weaknesses because if viewers and readers through he was invincible then this would take any drama about reading or watching the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants in action because if he were truly unstoppable then there would be no way for our heroes to defeat him and thus all tension would be lost. 

By giving Magneto limitations over his control of metal it allows the stories featuring him to be even more enjoyable because there is a genuine sense of conflict rather than it being inevitable, he will win. 

This is why it is important to know that Magneto cannot manipulate Vibranium because it allows us to believe that the stories featuring him are realistic and not over the top.