Jack Hanma vs. Pickle: Who Won?

Baki the Grappler is best known for its insane fight scenes and an unmatchable level of strength and combat flair that brings most other combat-based anime shows to shame. Stepping into the third installment, the viewers have had one hell of a treat with fierce fight sequences lined back to back. Out of the brawls between Katsumi Orochi and Pickle, Baki vs. Yujiro, and Baki vs. “Mr. Unchained” Biscuit Oliva, what caught our eyes was the epic fight of Jack Hanma vs. Pickle.

Ready to know all about the epic combat of Jack Hanma vs. Pickle? Sit tight because we are about to revisit one of the most fierce and terrifying combat sequences ever.

Pickle: Introduction


Pickle is believed to be from the Cretaceous era. A man from centuries ago, he was found perfectly preserved in saline rocks for ages. Unlike others in the series who get their animalistic power from years of training, Pickle survives on his ferocious primal instincts, monstrous size, and brute strength. While he may not be one with the big brains, he sure gets an undisputed air of pride and honor wherever he walks in.

Pickle is a man of dignity. Despite his monstrous muscular strength, he only takes on people who can put up a fight against him, and for each opponent he defeats, he has often been seen to weep out of respect for them. Despite his unfathomable bravery, the one thing that can shatter his power is a wasp. 

Coming from the Jurassic era, his sole mission is to procreate and avert the extinction of his kind through strength feats. 

Physical Attributes and Notable Traits

pickle's body

With over 8 feet in height and muscular strength at par with the finest warriors of current times, Pickle is often believed to be the missing link of evolution. His appearance neither resembles quintessential men from the Jurassic period nor men in the present.

His dark hair and young face make him look approachable and almost innocent, while his sharp canines resembling fangs and claw-like nails make him equally terrifying.

What seems to be a dislocated jaw allows him to open his mouth to an enormous size, which further fuels his horrifying look.

Jack Hanma: Introduction

jack hanma

Jack Hanma is the son of Yujiro Hanma and half-brother to Baka Hanma. He was conceived out of his mother’s sexual assault by Yujiro. Hence, Jack’s sole aim in life is to be stronger than everyone else and finally take down his father. 

In order to achieve godly physical strength, he puts himself on dangerous steroids, which not only change his body in unimaginable ways but also damage his mental stability, making him crave nothing but power and victory. 

When on the field, his physical strength and instincts are nothing less than that of a wild animal, which is clearly evident in all of his fights. In his fight with Pickle, we also get a glimpse of his undeterred determination even when the fight takes a deadly turn for him.

Physical Attributes and Notable Traits

jack hanma's body

Jack went through several rounds of drugs, surgeries, and unprecedented training to turn into a modern-day beast with devilish strength levels. The experimental drug that nearly killed him made his muscles outgrow usual human standards. Using lengthening surgeries numerous times helped him grow from 6’4” to a massive 7’11”. With short blonde hair and brown eyes (which were blue during his debut), he looks similar to his grandfather Yuuichirou.

Jack Hanma vs. Pickle: The Fight

Here’s how the Hanma vs. Pickle fight unfolded:

The Beginning

jack hanma vs pickle

The epic fight between Jack Hanma and Pickle takes place in the Korakuen area, where Jack provokes Pickle in an attempt to intimidate him, but Pickle views him as nothing more than a new toy to play with.

The first blow is delivered by Jack. He lands it straight across Pickle’s face, who clearly did not see it coming. The blow, however, does not seem to leave much impact on Pickle, who looks unrattled. Jack goes on to verbally demean him, which provokes Pickle to use his powerful jaws to attack. 

The jaws from the prehistoric era that once pierced through dinosaur skins then meet the equally powerful jaws from the modern era as the verbal intimidation between the two continues. 

Their fangs clash, and Pickle easily lifts Jack off his feet with his bare teeth and swings him ferociously in the air, just like a prehistoric beast celebrating defeating their prey.

Pickle then swings away from Jack, who crashes to the ground, bleeding profusely. One of the most feared underground fighters, Jack has half his face torn away in a single shot by Pickle, who is now chewing on it.

Jack looks done, and Pickle’s celebration of victory is shortly followed by his customary tears, which mark respect for his opponent and their bravery. While Baki marches into the arena to protect Jack, Pickle is seen approaching his defeated opponent to eat. In a surprising turn of events, fear washes over his face, and he immediately retracts because Jack somehow reminds him of his one fear: wasps. 

In his younger days, Pickle was once bothered by a wasp. Embarrassed at having such a tiny enemy wreck his peace, he killed and ate it. Instantly, a shock wave traversed through his body, followed by a lava-like burning sensation that traveled down his throat. This made Pickle, the mighty beast, forever terrified of wasps or anything resembling one.

Meanwhile, Baki Hanma and Tokugawa wonder why Pickle is not feasting upon Jack. Tokugawa walks closer to inspect an unconscious Jack, who suddenly delivers a decisive blow, leaving Tokugawa’s face smeared in blood.

Jack might have lost the fight against Pickle and had his strength, power, and honor drained out of him. But what he did not let go of was his pride. He may have been defeated, but even before losing consciousness, his last thought was, “You shall not have me,” indicating that this wasn’t over.

Jack’s Comeback

Jack ends up in a hospital, getting treated for his injuries while Tokugawa and Dr. Kureha discuss how Jack was able to throw a punch even when he was unconscious. 

Meanwhile, Jack flees from the hospital and confronts the prehistoric titan once again. Jack delivers the first kick across Pickle’s face, who is shocked to see Jack challenge him again. Jack sits on the ground, with his back to Pickle, and provokes him. The moment Pickle attacks, Jack stamps his foot on the ground to launch, followed by a powerful right uppercut that sends Pickles flying in the air. 

However, the move that brought several heroes and warriors to their knees had no visible effect on Pickle. Enraged by the challenge, Pickle gets back on his feet to deliver his most brutal attack on Jack. Upon the clash, Jack uses all his might and tosses Pickle out of the arena, to everyone’s surprise. Jack grabs an injured Pickle by his hair and tosses him in the air again. Jack continues to punch him and stomp on his neck. As a symbol of what modern age men can do to satisfy their thirst for power, Jack bites off Pickle’s ear.

Pickle, enraged at the turn of events, uses all his power to fight Jack. This leads him to reveal his extraordinary powers of blinding speed, which he learned from his battles with dinosaurs. Pickle unleashes his beast moves on Jack, who resorts to begging God for victory for the first time in his life. The fight continues as Pickle breaks Jack’s lower jaw and sends him flying across the arena.

While Pickle begins celebrating, Jack gets back on his feet and startles him with consecutive blows. Suddenly, Pickle is seen retracting against Jack’s fighting prowess.

While Jack might not be as monstrous as the creatures Pickle fought before, he is undoubtedly scared of seeing a man with a fighting style like that who comes back from the dead time and again.

Pickle’s Comeback

As scared as he was, Pickle’s pride and Jack’s persuasion did not cause him to flee. Instead, he motivates himself to fight Jack again. Pickle reignites his fighting potential with a lightning punch, sending Jack into a spin. Jack lays there unconscious, accepting his crushing defeat in his heart of hearts.

Later, Pickle is seen carrying Jack’s body and looking over it with great care. Not because he cares for his enemy but because he wants to keep his next meal fresh and tasty.

Back at the hospital, Jack regains consciousness and tries to confront Pickle for the third time. However, Baka comes in time to stop him, leading Jack to finally accept his defeat against Pickle’s herculean strength for the first time in his life. 

Jack Hanma vs. Pickle: Conclusion 

The Jack Hanma vs. Pickle fight might have been one of his worst defeats, but that didn’t stop Jack from returning to his relentless training for power. It has been interesting to watch Jack’s unrattled determination and mental strength to be the strongest fighter of all time during his mission of taking down his father, Yujiro. Meanwhile, Baka challenges Pickle into a deadly, blood-curling fight once again. What one brother couldn’t win is now the goal of the next brother.

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