Everything You Need to Know About Jack Hanma

Jack Hanma is one of the main characters in Baki Hanma, a manga and anime series about an incredibly strong teenage boy who enters into a series of death matches in order to become the strongest fighter in the world. 

He’s brutal, he’s relentless, and he always comes out on top. If you’re a fan of the Baki anime series, then you need to discover all there is to know about Jack Hanma. In this article, we will take a closer look at Jack’s backstory, his fighting style, and what makes him one of the strongest fighters in the world. So without further ado, let’s get started!


jack hanma's parents

Jack Hanma (also known as Jack Hammer) is a Canadian fighter and the son of Yuujirou Hanma and Diane Neil. He is the brother of Baki Hanma, the protagonist of the anime and manga series.

Jack Hanma is a martial arts prodigy who has spent his life working to surpass his father in strength and ability. His motivation comes from a dark place — he wants to avenge his mother, who was raped by his father. Despite suffering some major injuries, including having his face bitten off, he never gives up and always returns to training. 

Diane Neil was a secret agent who was tasked with getting rid of Yuujirou Hanma during the battlefield in Vietnam. However, when Yuujirou discovered that Diane was trying to outsmart him, he took revenge on her by raping her. As a result of the rape, Jack Hanma was born. 

This event left Jack with a deep desire for revenge, and he has been honing his skills ever since in order to one day take down the man who assaulted his mother. While some may see him as nothing more than a vengeful psychopath, there is no denying that Jack Hanma is a force to be reckoned with. Those who cross him do so at their own peril.

Jack Hanma wasn’t always a fighter. In fact, he was a skinny, lanky boy who couldn’t stand his ground. This changed when he met Dr. John, who promised to help him achieve his goals. Jack started taking massive doses of super steroids, which made him beyond unstable. But with the results he was getting, Jack didn’t care about the side effects. He was becoming bigger and stronger than he ever thought possible. 

Jack Hanma’s First Appearance in Baki Hanma Series

In the anime, he first appears in episode 1 of season 2, “The Opening.” In the manga, he first appears in chapter 185, “The Festival Has Begun!!” In both cases, we see Jack Hammer taking part in the Maximum Tournament.

This first appearance gives us a glimpse into Jack’s character and sets up the story arc for the rest of the series.

Appearance and Stats

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Jack Hammer has short blonde hair, large eyebrows, and titanium-made teeth. He’s usually seen wearing blue, plain clothes, such as a t-shirt and jeans. Jack is known for his intense stare and his powerful fighting style. When he first appeared, Jack Hanma was 6’4 and 255 lbs. At the moment, Jack Hammer is 22 years old, making him the older brother of Baki Hanma. 

However, Jack’s height increased significantly as he continued to grow in power and muscle mass. By the time he’s fully grown, Jack is an impressive 7’11” tall. Jack’s body also became incredibly dense — he weighs in at a whopping 443 lbs, all of which is pure muscle. This makes Jack Hammer extremely durable and able to take punches that would kill a normal man.

Jack’s speed is legendary, and he has been known to reach high supersonic speeds when fighting. This makes him incredibly difficult to hit and even more difficult to defeat. Jack Hanma’s fighting style is based on overwhelming his opponents with speed and power, and he has been known to take down even the strongest fighters with ease. However, his greatest strength may be his stamina. He has the ability to keep fighting for long periods of time, even when he is injured or exhausted.

Jack Hammer’s brute strength and lack of intelligence have often been his downfall in the past, but he has slowly been learning to rely on his brain as well as his brawn. In the Baki anime series, Jack is portrayed as an immensely powerful fighter, but he is still susceptible to being outmaneuvered by more intelligent opponents.

Fighting Style

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Two of his most notable styles are pit fighting and Goudou. Pit fighting is a brutal and savage form of unarmed combat that is characterized by its extremely brutal and violent nature, with fighters often using any means necessary to win. This includes eye-gouging, biting, and even breaking bones. While it is incredibly brutal, pit fighting is also incredibly effective, as it teaches fighters to be relentless and unyielding in their attacks.

Goudou is a more traditional martial art that focuses on using elegant and powerful techniques to strike an opponent’s vital points. While it is not as brutal as pit fighting, it is still an extremely effective combat style. Jack utilizes both of these styles in his fights throughout the series, becoming one of the most formidable opponents in all of Baki the Grappler series.

One of his most impressive abilities is his chi manipulation. Jack can use his chi to enhance his strength and speed as well as to heal himself from injuries. He can also reflect incoming attacks back at his opponents, using their own strength against them. In addition, Jack has an extreme tolerance for pain, allowing him to push through even the most debilitating injuries. 

Jack’s strength is undeniable. He’s able to kill a polar bear with his bare fists. His strength is what makes him such a formidable opponent. Jack relies on his brute force and raw power to take down his opponents, and he’s not afraid to get bloody in the process. He’s so tough that he’s able to continue fighting even after losing consciousness. In fact, he’s been known to attack his opponents even after dying!

Jack Hammer is known for his incredible strength and fighting skills, but he’s also known for his strong teeth. In fact, Jack’s biting force is equal to that of a crocodile. He can easily counter any strike aimed at his face with a bite that is both powerful and fast. 


Jack has a few weaknesses that can be exploited by his opponents. First of all, he is sometimes too confident in his own strength, leading him to take unnecessary risks. Secondly, he trains too much for his body to handle, causing him to tire easily in long fights. Jack depends on super steroids to enhance his performance, which can backfire if he is not careful. Lacking in many fighting areas, Jack Hanma frequently engages opponents head-on.

Final Thoughts

Jack is a determined and stubborn person, and he overtrains constantly in order to become the strongest fighter in the world. He’s not afraid of a challenge, and he’s always willing to take on anyone who dares to cross him. Jack is a force to be reckoned with, and there’s no fighter that can match his strength and determination.

Jack Hanma is an interesting and complex character. He is a martial artist who has achieved great success but also faces great personal challenges. In order to truly understand him, we need to consider all of the different aspects of his life and personality. Only then can we begin to appreciate the many complexities that make up this fascinating individual. That’s all for our introduction to Jack Hanma, thanks for reading! 


What is the relationship between Baki Hanma and Jack?

Jack is a fierce rival of his brother, Baki Hanma. However, despite their rivalry, Jack cares deeply for his brother. He sees Baki as the only person who can truly understand him and share his goal of surpassing their father. As a result, their rivalry is also fueled by a deep bond of love and respect.

Does Jack Hanma have a demon back?

Jack’s father Yuujirou Hanma and brother Baki Hanma both have demon backs, but Jack does not. Demon back is a “technique” in which the user very forcefully flexes the back muscles to form the face of a demon and become several times stronger.

Who is Jack Hanma based on?

Many Baki Hanma fans may not know that Jack Hanma is loosely based on a real-life fighter: British professional wrestler Dynamite Kid. Like Jack, Dynamite Kid was known for his incredibly fierce and sometimes violent fighting style.

What episode does Baki Hanma fight Jack?

In the twenty-third episode of Baki the Grappler: Maximum Tournament, Baki Hanma finally comes face-to-face with Jack. After enduring countless beatings, Baki finally finds an opening and delivers a powerful punch that knocks Jack out cold. It’s a brutal battle, but Baki comes out victorious.