Jujutsu Kaisen: Was Nanami Kento’s Death Necessary?

If you have started watching Jujutsu Kaisen, then chances are you have some questions about the character of Nanami Kento and his tragic death. 

A former student of Tokyo High, Nanami Kento was a popular supporting character adored by the fandom, as he was a powerful sorcerer known for his amazing combat skills and complex backstory. So it was a shock to everyone when he was seemingly killed during a battle with the spirit Mahito. 

But was his death necessary? In the following article, we are going to use our extensive research to answer this question, while also examining Kento’s death and its impact on the franchise. 

So if you want to learn more about Nanami Kento and his downfall, then you have come to the right place… 

Nanami Kento


If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read the entire article, then we have provided a condensed version of our answer in the section below: 

Is Nanami Kento dead? Yes – unfortunately Nanami was killed at the hands of Mahito, a cursed spirit imbued with immense power. 

However, his death seems to be the catalyst for Yuji’s character development, which will shape his attitude and future decisions. 

If you want to learn more about Nanami Kento, then you will find a more detailed character description in the following section… 

What is Jujutsu Kaisen? 

Jujutsu Kensai is a manga and anime series set in a universe where all living beings emanate cursed energy. This energy is produced by negative emotions can be used to create dangerous creatures called curses. 

Jujutsu sorcerers are people who can control the flow of cursed energy, which allows them to use it as they please. High-ranking sorcerers are able to use this energy to create cursed techniques, which bestow the user with special powers. 

The series follows a high school student called Yuji Itadori, who is pulled into the sorcerer’s world following the death of his grandfather. During his adventures, Yuji encounters cursed talismans and uses his newfound abilities to combat monsters and spirits. 

Following his defeat at the hands of Sukuna, Yuji must fake his death and train in secret, where he meets sorcerer and former salaryman Nanami Kento. Together the two men form a close bond, with the latter teaching Yuji how to control his cursed energy. 

But who was Nanami Kento and where did he come from? The answers you seek can be found in the section below… 

Who is Nanami Kento? 

Nanami Kento was a former student of Tokyo High, where he was the underclassman of Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto. During his time at school, Nanami studied to become a sorcerer but chose a career as a salaryman following his graduation. 

However, Nanami would return to the school four years later, where he would take up his position as a grade one sorcerer. Due to his friendship with Saturo Gojo, Namami would meet Yuji Idotari, who he would help train to control his cursed energy. 

During this time, Nanami and Yuji would form a close friendship, with their mentor-student bond evolving into a more paternalistic relationship. Unfortunately, Nanami would later be killed by the spirit Mahito, leaving Yuji to deal with the trauma and impact. 

Known for his tall stature and white-blonde hair, Nanami was a reserved yet wise man who treated Yuji like his own son. However, he was also blunt and to-the-point, which meant he had little time for impractical optimism and needless interpretation. 

So how did such a powerful sorcerer meet his end against a cursed spirit? Before we can answer that question, let’s take a look at the spirit himself…


Who is Mahito?

Mahito is one of the main antagonists of the series and a powerful cursed spirit allied with the Pseudo-Geto. His ultimate goal is to take over the world by eradicating the human population and replacing it with cursed spirits. 

During the series, Mahito would enter a confrontation with Nanami Kento, which led to a brutal battle where both parties were wounded. Through this battle, it was discovered that Kento’s cursed technique had no effect on Mahito or his powers. 

Following this fight, the fandom knew that a second battle was on the way and that it would be ten times more brutal than the first. However, no one suspected just how significant that battle would be… 

Is Nanami Kento Dead? 

In the Shibuya arc, Nanami Kento would once again encounter Mahito and die at the spirit’s hands. During this time, the sorcerer had taken on a weakened state and had nearly died on several occasions. 

However, it seems his final battle with Mahito was enough to bring Nanami to his knees, as he was left severely wounded by the confrontation. It seems this was Mahito’s plan, as he allowed Nanami his final words before obliterating his body. 

The reaction to Nanami’s death was emotional to say the least, as the fandom had warmed to the character because of his kind heart and father-son relationship with Yuji. Not only did he care about the boy, but he also recognized him as the sorcerer he was meant to be. 

During his final moments, Nanami even spared Yuji the weight of his legacy and instead encouraged him to follow his own path: 

‘I believe in you, Yuji. I trust that you will find your path. Until now, I taught you all I could. You’ve got it from here…’

Nanami’s last words | Chapter 120 

While his death shook the fandom, it could be argued that Nanami’s death was necessary for the story going forward. Particularly in how it pertains to Yuji’s journey and his character development… 

Was Nanami’s Death Necessary? 

It cannot be denied that Nanami’s death will have a huge impact on Yuji’s life, as he has essentially lost the only father figure and best friend. 

During the series, Nanami never treated Yuji differently because of his young age and even said that it was fine to leave the dirty work to the elders. So the fact that Nanami died protecting his child also adds to the trauma and emotion Yuji will face.

Unfortunately, Nanami’s death also came right after Sukuna’s massacre, with Mahito using each event to slowly tear apart Yuji’s soul. 

While we cannot know what will happen to Yuji moving forwards, it can be theorized that Nanami’s death will have a huge impact on his decisions and behavior. In many ways, it could be compared to Junpei’s death, which also left a lasting impression on Yuji’s attitude towards the cursed. 


Whether this change will be for the better, we’ll have to see in the upcoming arcs. But it can be concluded that Nanami’s death was necessary for the series and that it will have a huge impact on Yuji’s character development. 

Let’s just hope he finds his own path and that it isn’t one paved with darkness and revenge…