The Bizarre and Brutal World of Kaiou Dorian

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world of incredibly brutal martial artists? Well, in the world of Baki, there are many fighters to be found. Some are brutal and efficient. Others are strange and bizarre. But where does Kaiou Dorian fit? 

Kaiou is a character from the manga and anime series Baki and a fighter who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is known for his brutal tactics and willingness to do whatever it takes to win. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life and times of Kaiou Dorian!

Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

Kaiou Dorian

The Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga introduces us to five of the most dangerous prisoners in Baki. These convicts are so dangerous that they have been isolated from the general population and are kept under 24-hour surveillance, but now they’ve managed to escape from the maximum security prisons.

These are the five of the most evil death row convicts featured in the show:

  • Kaiou Dorian: A legendary American fighter who mastered Chinese Kempo, Dorian is a ruthless killer who takes sadistic pleasure in torturing and murdering his opponents.
  • Hector Doyle: An assassin of British descent, Doyle is a cold-blooded killer who will stop at nothing to complete his missions.
  • Sikorsky: A Russian convict feared for his athletic prowess and incredible finger strength, Sikorsky is a powerful and dangerous criminal.
  • Spec: Another American convict, who manages to escape from a submarine 200 feet below the sea level. Spec is a highly intelligent and resourceful fugitive.
  • Ryuukou Yanagi: The only convict originating from Japan, Yanagi is a student of Kunimastu, a deadly martial art. Yanagi is a dangerous and cunning opponent, capable of defeating even the strongest fighters.

All of them are extremely brutal fighters, but in this blog post we’ll focus only on Kaiou Dorian.

Who is Kaiou Dorian?

Kaiou Dorian

Kaiou Dorian is an elderly man who was hanged for his crimes (mass murders), but managed to escape from Algardos prison. He is of looming stature, with large muscles and long gray hair. At 6’8″ tall and weighing 286 lbs, he is an imposing figure. Kaiou Dorian is calm and relaxed most of the time, but can be dangerous when provoked.

Kaiou Dorian was born in the United States shortly after World War II. When he was a young man, he enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Japan. It was during this time that he began to learn martial arts. After his tour of duty ended, Dorian traveled to China where he became a practitioner of Chinese Kenpo.

On death row, Kaiou Dorian was sentenced to death by hanging. For a while, he pretended to be dead, but after a while he opened his eyes and proceeded to kill the guards by hanging them. In the end, he was successful in escaping execution and lived to see another day.

Is Baki Hanma Stronger Than Dorian Kaiō?

Kaiou Dorian and baki

We didn’t see Baki Hanma and Dorian Kaiō fight directly, but all evidence points to Baki being much stronger than Dorian. For one thing, Baki has consistently been shown to be one of the strongest fighters in the world, while Dorian has never even come close to his level of strength. Additionally, Baki has been able to defeat multiple opponents who were far stronger than Dorian.

Fighting Style

Kaiou Dorian is a skilled martial artist who uses a unique fighting style known as Chinese Kenpo. This system of self-defense was developed by Dorian’s teacher, Kaiou Ryuu, and is based on the traditional Chinese martial art of Kung Fu. Chinese Kenpo is a versatile and effective form of combat, utilizing both striking and grappling techniques. Kaiou Dorian has used this system to great effect in countless battles.

In the early days of his Kaiou training, Dorian had been eager to prove himself. He was determined to be the first Westerner to achieve the title of Kaiou, and he was willing to do whatever it took to reach his goal. The title is given to those who have displayed great martial skills. His hard work and dedication paid off, and he gained the Kaiou title.

However, he prefers to rely on his gadgets and dirty tricks to get the upper hand. One of his favorite tricks is to suddenly start crying in the middle of a fight. This always seems to bewilder his opponent and make them feel pity for him. However, Dorian is always quick to take advantage of their momentary lapse in concentration.

Dorian’s massive frame is densely packed with muscle, making him immensely strong. In addition to his physical strength, Dorian also possesses a sharp mind. He is an expert strategist, able to think several steps ahead of his opponents. He also knows a form of hypnosis that allows him to cloud his opponents’ senses, making them easy prey for his attacks. Combined, these abilities make Dorian a fearsome opponent on the battlefield.

Not only is he incredibly strong, but he also has amazing durability and pain tolerance. Case in point: he survived after being hung up for 10 minutes. Most people would have passed out after just a few minutes, but Dorian was able to endure the pain and live to tell the tale.

Signature Techniques

Kaiou Dorian fighting

Dorian Kaiou is a powerful martial artist with a wide array of signature techniques. One of his most fearsome moves is the Rear Naked Choke, a chokehold that can be applied from an opponent’s back. With this move, Dorian can render an opponent unconscious in seconds. 

Another of Dorian’s signature techniques is hypnosis. By putting his opponents into a trance, Dorian can control their actions and make them do his bidding. Additionally, Dorian is skilled in the use of Nukite, a thrusting spear-like attack that can penetrate an opponent’s body. 

Finally, Dorian’s Axe Kick is a truly devastating move. By raising his leg higher than the opponent’s head and then quickly pulling it down, Dorian can generate enough force to crush bones and inflict severe damage. 

What Happened to Kaioh Dorian?

The Raitai Tournament is a martial arts tournament that happens every 100 years. In the Great Chinese Challenge Baki Saga, we see Kaiou Dorian fight Kaiou You to decide the “Real Kaiou”. Dorian’s manager is Biscuit Oliva, jailer from The Black Pentagon (Arizona State Prison). The Raitai Tournament is a tough competition, and it’s clear that the participants take it very seriously. However, Kaiou You won without much trouble.

Before that, Dorian was also defeated by karate grandmaster Doppo Orochi. Doppo Orochi was seriously injured when he fought Kaioh Dorian, but he managed to catch his opponent by surprise and thrust his stump into Dorian’s face. 

Kaiou Dorian makes a brief appearance in the spin-off series Baki: Revenge Tokyo. After a series of losses, Dorian is trying to recover both physically and mentally. He spends his time painting and eating candies, and while it’s not known exactly what is going on in his mind, it’s clear that he is struggling to come to terms with his new reality. Dorian’s later fate is unknown, but it’s clear that he will never be the same after the events of the series.


Why is Kaioh Dorian always eating candy?

Kaioh Dorian always seems to have a sweet tooth, and he’s never been shy about indulging his cravings. As it turns out, there’s a reason for his love of candy. When Dorian was a child, his father was very strict with him, only giving him two pieces of candy.

Is Kaioh Dorian based on a real person?

No, Kaioh Dorian from Baki is not based on a real character or at least there is no evidence to support this claim. While he may not be based on a real person, Dorian is certainly one of the most memorable characters in the Baki universe.

Is Kaioh Dorian evil? 

Kaioh Dorian certainly isn’t a good person. He’s selfish, manipulative, and ruthless. He’s also proud, arrogant, and quick to anger. In short, he’s everything you wouldn’t want in a friend or ally. But is he evil? That’s a difficult question to answer as he seems to be tortured by unresolved childhood traumas.

Who is Kaiou Retsu?

Kaiou Retsu is a skilled Chinese Kenpo fighter. When Retsu fought Kaiou Dorian, he was able to defeat him with his quick wits. However after the fight had ended and when it became clear that his opponent would never recover from mental disability, he felt pity for Dorian and promised to buy him candy.

Final Thoughts

Kaiou Dorian is one of the most eccentric characters in the Baki series. He’s a strong fighter, but he’s been defeated several times. Despite this, he remains a powerful force to be reckoned with. He’s known for his brutal and violent methods, as well as his strange and often bizarre behavior. 

He’s an unpredictable fighter, and this makes him dangerous. However, he’s also a very intelligent man, and he knows how to use his strengths to his advantage. Dorian is one of the most complicated and fascinating characters in the series, and he definitely leaves a lasting impression.