Momocon: Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

As Atlanta’s biggest animation, gaming and comics convention, Momocon has been incredibly popular for fans and friends alike since its establishment in 2005. 

Momocon Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

Momo means ‘peaches’ in Japan, so what could be more perfect for the Peach State than a name that represents its biggest export!

Embracing all things anime, LARP, video games, manga, comics, costumes and tabletop or card games, it gets thousands of visitors every year, so you’ll want to be prepared to ensure you have the best possible day.

Buying Your Ticket/Badge

In order to attend Momocon, you’ll have to register online at the link here. There are several ticket options and add-ons available, including:

Multi-Day 4 Day Pass – $65
Multi-Day 4 Day Pass + Early Release Mail Option – $80
Thursday Only (1 Day Pass) – $35
Friday Only (1 Day Pass) – $45
Saturday Only (1 Day Pass) – $50
Sunday Only (1 Day Pass) – $35
Momocon 2022 Lanyard – $5
Momocon 2022 Hero Shirt
– $22
Momocon 2022 Villain Shirt – $22
Momo the Monster Mascot Plushie – $15

Only the early release, mailed option comes with a mailed badge – all others must be collected at registration, and mailing your badge cannot be added to your purchase after you have submitted your order.

Please Note: any children nine or younger may enter for free – there is no need to register them online, simply swing by the on-site Registration booth to pick up a complimentary kids’ badge.

Anybody under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or older who can sign up for their badge pickup. Registration closes at 3pm on the Sunday of Momocon weekend, so make sure you’ve collected your badge before then!

What To Bring to Momocon

Cellphone and charger

In order to keep in touch with your friends and make sure you’re able to snap that all-important pic with your favorite guest, you’re going to want to take your fully charged phone with you!

There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find an outlet to plug into though, so taking a charged power bank or portable battery is also recommended, because the days (and lines) are long!


Not got a phone with a camera, or prefer to get the highest quality possible shot? Take your camera with you! It’s highly recommended you keep this on a strap around your neck or in a bag zipped up securely, as things get very busy and you don’t want to lose it or risk having it stolen.

Snacks and water

Though there’ll be plenty to buy at the convention center and local restaurants and stores, you’ll save a bunch of money if you bring your own snacks.

Things can get quite hot in the center when it’s full and busy, so ensuring you have a bottle of water on you at all times is also highly recommended so you don’t overheat, especially if you’re in a heavy, thick or intricate costume that’s difficult to remove.

An autograph book/your favorite merch

If there’s a celebrity guest that you admire, then take something for them to sign!

Whether you’ve got a specific book for keeping such things, or a piece of their merchandise that you’d like for them to sign, most if not all of the guests should be happy to give you a signature, though you may have to attend a specific panel or queue up for a while in order to get one.

Fanny pack

Whatever your opinion on if they are cool or not, fanny packs are an incredibly useful invention that ensures all of your valuables can be kept secure and within your grasp at all times. This is especially true in a busy con environment, where backpacks, totes and purses are easily lost or stolen. Don’t let thieves and opportunists ruin your weekend – prepare in advance!

What NOT to bring to Momocon:

Though there is a full list here for all items that can either net you a warning, removal from the convention or a referral to the Atlanta Police Department, you want to avoid bringing the following items to Momo…

  • Projectile props/toys or prop firearms: Momocon has a full weapons policy that offers full guidelines on this, just to be sure
  • Signs: doesn’t matter how cool or creative, you cannot bring a cardboard or paper sign to the con, unless it is specifically part of your costume and you can prove this. No “Free Hugs” signs at Momo!
  • Offensive shirts/hoodies/apparel: We’re talking Nazi/KKK paraphernalia here, anything that could be considered hate speech to the rest of the convention. If you ignore this rule, you’ll be asked to change, turn your shirt inside out or leave the premises.
  • Skateboards/rollerblades/stilts: these are not permitted inside the convention center but are absolutely free game outside of it!
  • Goods for sale: unless you are a registered Momocon vendor or artist, you are not permitted to sell anything and will be quickly ejected from the event if caught.
  • Alcohol: though there are plenty of bars around Atlanta for you to drink at (provided you’re 21 or over, of course!) there is no alcohol allowed on the convention floors and if you are found in possession of it, you will be asked to get rid of it or leave. 

What To Wear To Momocon

Of course, the primary concern here is your cosplay! You want to make sure that you are comfortable and able to ventilate when necessary, as it’s very easy to overheat in a room with thousands of other people.

That being said, outside of your costume, there are a couple of other things to bring/wear whilst at Momocon.

Comfortable shoes

Whilst at the con, especially if you’re there for the whole weekend, you’ll be doing a lot of standing, walking and waiting.

This requires shoes that aren’t going to rub your feet, cause significant sweating or otherwise impede your ability to get around. If your costume calls for uncomfy shoes, make sure you bring a backup pair to switch into just in case!

Weather appropriate clothes

Outside of your costume, you’re going to want to dress for the weather. Check the forecast in advance and make sure you’re equipped with the right clothes for the job! If it’s going to be cold, pack an extra hoodie. Rain forecast?

Make sure you have a waterproof jacket and an umbrella!

Shades, hats and sunscreen

Somewhat pertaining to the above, if it’s a hot day (and Georgia during May can get pretty warm!) then you’ll want to ensure you’re well protected from those UV rays.

Smothering yourself in sunblock and covering up beneath a hat and shades is highly recommended, as you don’t want to pass out and miss the panel you’d most been looking forward to! 

Easy Momocon Costume Ideas

Easy Momocon Costume Ideas

Some of the easiest cosplays in the world are for characters that can be easily identified by a hat and the color of their clothes, for instance Louise from Bob’s Burgers or Finn the Human from Adventure Time.

Louise wears a pink bunny hat and a plain green dress, whilst Finn wears a white hat with ears, a blue shirt and blue shorts.

Both could be whipped up in a couple of minutes for only a few dollars, especially if you can get the hats second hand and your plain clothes somewhere cheap like Target, or even Goodwill.

Other characters that are easy to emulate are those who wear recognizable t-shirts, for instance Steven Universe’s red, star emblazoned one. For these costumes, if you already look like the character, just the shirt can be enough!

The easiest characters to cosplay that aren’t mentioned above are generally considered to be:

  • Kiki, from Kiki’s Delivery Service – requires a plain black dress, a red ribbon and (possibly) a broom
  • Chihiro from Spirited Away – calls for a simple plain t-shirt with a painted green stripe, orange shorts and yellow sneakers
  • Luffy from One Piece – you simply need a straw hat, a red vest, denim shorts and sandals to nail the look.
  • Black Widow – a black jumpsuit (or a leather jacket and black trousers) paired with a sultry ginger wig and you’re already a dead ringer for everyone’s favorite lady hero
  • Misty from Pokemon – everyone will recognise her adorable outfit, which consists of a yellow crop top, denim shorts, red sneakers and matching suspenders, with a PokeBall to finish off the look!
  • L from Death Note – long white shirt, blue sweatpants and bedhead? Easiest cosplay ever!

Can You Go To Momocon Without a Costume?

Of course you can! There’s no requirement for a costume to enter – it’s very much encouraged as a fun and enjoyable part of your visit, but nobody’s going to make you.

There’s plenty of other ways you can express yourself and connect with other members of the fandoms you’re part of, like wearing merch associated with them!

What To Do When Nobody Gets Your Cosplay

Other than being a little annoyed that you have to keep repeating yourself when/if people ask who you are, the most important thing is that you don’t let the disappointment spoil your fun!

At the end of the day, attending a convention is about having a good time and making memories. 

Even if you’re the only person in the whole center who knows who you are, at least you had fun making the costume and did something creative that you enjoy.

Plus, if it’s a really niche costume someone cares enough about to ask you where it’s from, you might well just introduce a newbie to the fandom!

Plus, you can always post pics of yourself from the con to social media afterwards, tagging with the appropriate hashtags so that you’ll reach people who will actually understand and appreciate it. Besides, there’s always next year!

Guide To Momocon Lines And Crowds

As with all major conventions, unfortunately, lines and crowds are pretty much unavoidable.

As you’ll probably be able to tell by the difference in ticket price, Friday and Saturday are usually the biggest days, attracting 30,000+ strong crowds and featuring the best and most hyped guests. 

Getting Your Comics Signed

As far as getting things signed go, you should be able to ask artists and guests to sign your merch or an autograph book, unless they have specifically stipulated that this is not the case. If you’re not sure, take them anyway! You might get lucky.

It’s important to limit personal items to two per person for any guest signing multiple free autographs, to make sure everyone in attendance is able to get theirs, as some folks can prove incredibly popular and it isn’t fair that some guests could miss out.

There are scheduled autograph sessions for popular guests, and usually more than one if they’re especially in-demand; bear in mind that these can be cancelled at any time, and that Momocon can’t do anything about that, so don’t abuse any staff if your favorite artist pulls out at the last minute!

Be aware that some guests sign autographs for free, they may charge a fee for subsequent ones, though other artists or guests may ask for payment for any and all, which is established by themselves or their agents.

This should be clearly displayed in and around the autograph area on plenty of signs.

How Much Money Do You Need?

That depends! An average amount for a full weekend convention is usually around $200, as this will give you plenty of cash for merchandise, meals and snacks, paying for autographs and exploring Artists Alley.

If you’re looking to buy a lot of merch or get a lot of signatures, you may want some more – you can always take it home with you again!

Don’t Forget To Bargain!

Some vendors will have set prices they are unwilling to budge on, whereas others, like those selling comics and collectibles, might be willing to barter or bargain with you.

There’s no harm in asking, and you might be able to snag yourself a little discount by making an offer.

This is not advice for those supporting artists in the Alley, as they will have already established the costs per print and put them at that price for a reason.

Attempting to pay less for their hard work would only make you look like a jerk in front of everybody and they’re likely to just say no anyway.

Other Tips For Momocon-goers

Only pick up the freebies you actually want! There’s so much stuff to see and do from hundreds of vendors, and you’ll very quickly find your bags, hands and pockets full up with stuff if you take something from every single stall.

Be scrupulous and leave things for those who might benefit from them if you’re not actually that bothered.

It’s also easy to let things like personal hygiene slip, especially if you’re away from home for the first time on your own or exploring the convention without supervision.

Remember, you’re sharing the event space with thousands of other people, so making sure your basic things like showering, deodorant and teeth brushing are covered will lead to a much more pleasant experience for everyone.

Bring cash! Not every vendor will accept cards or Apple Pay for instance, so make sure you have physical money on hand to support artists and buy merchandise.

Hotels Nearby Momocon

The primary hotel for MomoCon is The Omni Atlanta, which is already a part of the CNN Center and thereby the easiest place to stay.

Other options include the Embassy Suites Centennial which is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the GWCC, just opposite the College Football Hall of Fame, and the AC Hotel Atlanta, which is equally as close.

Car Rental Nearby Momocon

Unless you’re coming from the airport, which has its own car rental service, then you’ll want to take advantage of one of downtown Georgia’s locations.

Those close by include Wizz Rental Car, Thrifty Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Miles Car Rental and Avis Car Rental.

Parking At The Event

If you pre-book in advance, parking for Momocon will be a breeze! Parking onsite at the Omni Hotel costs at least $30 a day for their valet service, though there are plenty of other lots in downtown Atlanta to choose from which can cost between $5 and $20 a day.

It is highly recommended you use Spot Hero or Park Mobile, or alternatively take advantage of the Red Deck at the GWCC, in order to secure your parking space in advance.

The majority fill up before the weekend has even begun, and most lots will hike up their costs in order to take advantage of the unprepared!

Public Transport To The Event

Besides using Lyft or Uber, both of which are available in Georgia, there are two other methods for getting to Momocon: bus, or subway.

Luckily, the Moovit app has plenty of guides for finding your way to the convention on public transportation, with variants to suit those coming from a range of directions. Check them out here!