My Hero Academia: How Did Dabi Get Scarred?

If you have started watching My Hero Academia, then chances are you have a lot of questions about the show and its cast of characters.

My Hero Academia: How Did Dabi Get Scarred?

Despite being one of the most popular animes to air on television, it can be hard finding information about the different aspects of the show, which is why we have decided to use our own knowledge to answer your burning questions. 

So if you have ever wondered what happened to Dabi’s face, then you have come to the right place. In the following article, we will take a look at the reason for Dabi’s scars, while also answering some other related questions in the process… 


If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read the entire article, then we have provided a condensed explanation in the section below: 

According to the manga, Dabi got his scars from a childhood quirk accident, with it being revealed that he is actually the eldest son of Endeavor. 

During a training session with his father, Dabi’s quirk proved too powerful for his own body and the flames consumed him. Since then, Dabi has sported his iconic scarred look, a reminder of the accident. 

If you want to learn more about Dabi’s secret history, then you will find a more detailed character description in the following section… 

Who Is Dabi In My Hero Academia? 

Dabi is one of the main antagonists in the My Hero Academia manga and anime series, where he is a member of the league of villains and a former member of the disbanded vanguard action squad. 

He is a tall and pale young man with dark hair, who can often be seen wearing his iconic black coat and boots.

Despite his attractive appearance, Dabi is characterized by the purple burn scars on his face and neck, which can also be found on other parts of his body such as his arms, legs and torso.

Raised by the superhero Endeavor, Dabi was trained in combat as a child and is known to possess his father’s quirk for cremation.

Because of this, the character is able to produce destructive balls of blue flame, which he can manipulate and project across great distances.

Unfortunately, Dabi’s body has a low tolerance to his own flames, as his mother was known for her ice quirk. This means that Dabi’s flames can wound him while using his power, which can somewhat limit his abilities. 

How Did Dabi Get Scarred? 

Dabi’s purple scars are often used to characterize him as a villain, even though the burns themselves represent his tragic origins. 

In both the anime and manga, it was discovered that Dabi was actually the son of the superhero Endeavor and that his real name was Toya Todoroki.

While still a child, Dabi attended training sessions with his father, where he would learn combat skills and how to control his cremation quirk. 

However, it was during one of these training sessions that Dabi would unleash the full extent of his power, which resulted in his body being consumed by the flames.

This experience left his face permanently scarred, which is why he now boasts the purple burn scars under his eyes and chin. 

Unfortunately, Dabi did not exhibit the ideal fire/ice combination that Endeavor hoped for, although Dabi’s powers did exceed that of his father.

Early in his son’s childhood, Endeavor understood that the overheating of Dabi’s quirk could provide an issue for his son, which eventually led to the initial combustion. 

Endeavor’s Recollection Of The Events 

In chapter 291, following the revelation of Dabi’s true identity, his father would recall the events that led to the villain’s downfall: 

‘The winds of winter howled that day, and the air was dry. In the past, I used to train on Sekoto Peak, and it was there that Toya burned to death…’

My Hero Academia: How Did Dabi Get Scarred?

Endeavor’s Recollection Of Toya’s Death | Chapter 291

According to his father, Dabi burned at over 2000 degrees Celsius and his body was never recovered from the blaze. It was believed that his bones had been reduced to ash and that the updraft had scattered them to the winds.

All that was left was Toya’s lower jawbone, which Endeavor decided to keep. 

While Dabi did not exhibit the ice/fire quirk combination that his father wanted, Endeavor still sought to raise his son as a hero, even though this came with the downside of placing a lot of pressure on the young Toya. 

In his continued efforts to produce a child with both fire and ice quirks, Endeavor placed his ambitions on Dabi, citing his son’s advanced powers as the main reason.

Because of this, Dabi was often pushed to the brink of his abilities, which resulted in the combustion that would leave him both scarred and traumatized. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you understand how Dabi got his iconic scars, let’s take a look at some other related questions pondered by the fandom: 

Why Does Dabi Use Staples? 

Because of his purple scars and the constant use of his fire quirk, Dabi uses staples to hold the skin on his face together. 

As we previously mentioned, Dabi was born with a powerful fire quirk that does extend to the protection of his ice quirk skin. This means that every time Dabi uses his power, his flesh is susceptible to being burned. 

So he uses the staples to keep the skin from falling off his face, which only adds to his ghoulish appearance. 

Why Is Dabi’s Fire Quirk Blue?

The main reason for the color of Dabi’s fire quirk is his ability to produce flames at extreme temperatures, which he can both manipulate and control. 

In most cases, it is common for flames to turn blue when they reach exceptionally high temperatures, which helps to convey the strength of Dabi’s powers in comparison to his father and Shoto. 

However, some have theorized that the color of his flames could also be the result of his parentage, as his father and mother had fire and ice quirks respectively.

Dabi’s siblings (Natsuo and Fuyumi) seem to have weak ice quirks when compared to their mother and older brother. 

What Is Dabi’s True Identity? 

Despite being a member of the league of villains, Dabi’s full name is Toya Todoroki – Endeavor’s son and Shoto’s older brother. 

Dabi would run away from his family after faking his death in a fire, which resulted in the iconic burns that now mark his face. Since then, Dabi has been working against his siblings as one of the franchise’s most deadly villains.