Naruto Lore Explored: How Strong Is The Ten Tailed Beast (Juubi)?

The Ten Tailed Beast is a really interesting character of Naruto lore. The Ten Tails is a particularly fearful being that has an ancient power. The beast has a really interesting story that is deeply intertwined with the birth of chakra on Earth and namely Kaguya Otsutsuki.

Naruto Lore Explored How Strong Is The Ten Tailed Beast (Juubi)

We see the beast at the end of the series as Obito and Madara use the beast for their own purposes of casting the world back into Infinite Tsukuyomi. 

The lore and history behind the beast isi pretty deep and complex and answers the question of strength for us, so let’s get right into it. Read on to learn more about the Ten Tails, or the Juubi. 

Where Did The Ten Tails Come From?

The history of the Ten Tails is integrally intertwined with Kaguya Otsutsuki as well as the original God Tree that birthed the original Chakra fruit.

Much of Ten Tails history is contained outside of the events we see occur in the timeline of the Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden plot, but much of this story forms the main plot of Naruto Part I and II also. So, buckle in for the ride. 

Pre-Naruto Timeline

The Otsutsuki tribe was originally sent to Earth to end years of war and torment by growing a God Tree to produce Chakra for their uses. It’s important to recognise that Ten Tails and the God Tree are one and the same.

The Otsutsuki’s plant a Ten Tails seedling in Earth that burrows to the core of the planet and spreads its roots.

In order to bloom into a God Tree the Ten Tails must be fed a sacrificial member of the Otsutsuki clan, this was supposed to be Kaguya on Earth. The Ten Tails then blooms into a ‘God Tree’ which can produce chakra fruit by slowly draining all the energy from the planet. 

It’s forbidden among Otsutsuki to eat chakra fruit, however Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki chose one day to eat the Chakra fruit on earth that she was sent to cultivate.

Once Kaguya gains chakra she gains many powers, namely she gains the Rinne Sharingan, perhaps the most powerful dojutsu out there but also the original dojutsu that other eyes are born from such as the Sharingan and Rinnegan.

Once Kaguya gained the Rinne Sharingan she chose to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi on the planet, placing the whole of planet Earth into a dreamlike sleep whereby Kaguya could harness the Earth’s energy and turn it into chakra fruit.

When in this dreamlike state Kaguya harvested each person’s energy and in turn made them into White Zetsu, creating an army for herself which can protect Kaguya against other Otsutsuki who try to steal her chakra. 

Later on, Kaguya gave birth to two twin brothers Hagoromo and Hamura Otsutsuki. Her chakra was split into these two children and they each were their own progenitors of clans we see in the current Naruto world.

Hagoromo is the progenitor of the Uchiha and Senju clans, and Hamura is the progenitor of the Hyuga clan.

At some point Kaguya becomes maddeningly obsessed with chakra once more, and decides that she wants to reclaim the chakra she split into her sons. Thus, Kaguya chose to sacrifice herself to the God Tree, finally unleashing the Ten Tails in all its power.

While Kaguya reaped destruction on the planet in an attempt to steal back her chakra, her sons, not knowing Kaguya’s true resolve, thought the God Tree had become its own monster to steal the chakra that Kaguya stole from it. 

What resulted is Hagoromo choosing to seal the Ten Tails into himself to become the first ever jinchuriki. This sounds like an insurmountable task, but being the first descendent of the God of Chakra he certainly was up to the task.

However, this was only the beast’s chakra, Hagormo chose to seal the actual beast into what would become the moon. Hamura then moves to the moon to create a separate clan of which can protect the moon and the Ten Tails from ever being unleashed on Earth again. 

Later on, Hagoromo chose to disperse the Ten Tails into Nine separate Chakra Beasts. These all became the Nine Chakra Beasts that are present in the current Naruto timeline. They were further sealed into Nine separate jinchuriki to make them even more safe and protected.

What the brothers hadn’t realised is that prior to fusing with the God Tree, Kaguya had created Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu was created with the singular purpose to revive Kaguya Otsutsuki.

To that end, Black Zetsu spent years trying to awaken the Rinnegan in a human, in order to revive Kaguya once more. Eventually Black Zetsu managed to get the Rinnegan to awaken in Madara Uchiha.

There were many problems in awakening the Rinnegan in Madara Uchiha, it took him literal decades to do and wouldn’t have happened if Madara didn’t vastly extend his life by other means. Essentially, Madara awoke this Rinnegan by combining his cells with Hashiramas.

As Madara is a direct descendent of Indra, and Hashirmama is the same for Asura, Madara had essentially combined teh Yin and Yang of Hagoromo’s DNA meaning that he could manifest the Rinnegan.

This didn’t occur until Madara was extremely old and essentially as his final act in his natural life he summoned the Gedo Statue (the form of Ten Tails) down to earth from the moon.

From the Gedo Statue he could cultivate more and more of Haskirama’s cells and through experiment prolonged his life extensively by siphoning its chakra into him.

Yet, by this point he was seriously old and incapable of using it at all and on his deathbed anyway. So, Madara chose to implant his Rinnegan into Nagato and later Obito.

When Madara finally passed into death he told Obito of his plans to place the world back into Infinite Tsukuyomi, telling Obito he had to take Madara’s Rinnegan and use it to store all nine tailed beasts back into the statue and in turn reanimate the Ten Tails.

Obito couldn’t handle the Rinnegan at first so chose to hide it away until Madara was revived, Nagato had better luck with taking the eye as he was an Uzumaki.

Naruto Part I And II Timeline

The events that follow form most of the action of Parts I and II of Naruto. What eventually occurs is that Tobi/Obito alongside other members of the Akatsuki manage to seal many of the Tailed Beasts into the Gedo Statue.

Once they get close, with only the eight and nine tails left to seal, Madara is revived with both his original Rinnegan, which is super important. 

Once almost all of the Nine Tailed Beasts are sealed into the Gedo Statue, it can become the Ten Tails. The Ten Tails was then sealed into Obito making him the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki.

Events conspire and Madara eventually revives himself truly into his normal human form with both Rinnegan and eventually absorbs the Ten Tails chakra. With both Rinnegan intact and the Ten Tails’ chakra Madara can finally cast Infinite Tsukuyomi.

While the world is in Infinite Tsukoyomi, Black Zetsu, whom Madra believes is his will, kills Madara, reveals he is in fact Kaguya Otsutsuki’s will with the only intention to revive her, and then uses Madara’s body to absorb the chakra from the comatosed human race and thus revives Kaguya Otsutsuki back into her true form with the goal of taking back the chakra she dispersed into the human race. 

Phew, there you have it, this is how the Ten Tails came to be. 

How Strong Is Ten Tails?

The reason we just told that convoluted story is to demonstrate the power of Ten Tails. Ten Tails has to be one of the most powerful beings in the whole of Naruto. Ten Tails is essentially Kaguya Otsutsuki, they are both the same thing, as is the God Tree.

It’s easiest to think of this like the Holy Trinity in Christianity, they are all the same thing but simply manifestations of a singular concept. This is the same thing with the aforementioned trio in Naruto.

Kaguya has to merge with the God Tree in order to become Ten Tails. So if Ten Tails is awake, this is a combination of both Kaguya and the God Tree.

So, just think about that. Ten Tails is the manifestation of the first person to ever have chakra on Earth, to the extent that she becomes a literal God for millenia, as well as the God Tree which literally creates chakra itself. 

How powerful is Ten Tails? Basically the most powerful being in all of the Naruto universe, stronger than even Kaguya herself. Ten Tails, in this trinity of Kaguya and the God Tree is the progenitor of chakra itself on Earth. Literally the entire Naruto universe would not exist without Ten Tails. 

If this doesn’t already explain how powerful Ten Tails is, just think about how much power each individual Chakra Beast has. Kurama is so powerful that Minato, one of the most powerful shinobi ever, was killed in his wake.

So, moreover, Ten Tails is the combination of not only Kurama but the other seven Chakra Beasts too. 

Even if you conceive of Ten Tails physically, his power is enough to wipe out the Hidden Leaf Village forever, which nearly occurred during Pain’s assault and he had a fraction of the power necessary to summon Ten Tails.

Ten Tails hand is near enough the size of Kurama who is one of the  most powerful chakra beasts. Ten Tails literally foremed the moon with his body and a whole division of Otsutsuki members were charged with attempting to keep the Ten Tails sealed within it. 

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, the true story of Ten Tails power. We can’t tell you enough that Ten Tails is the most powerful being in all of Naruto, Ten Tails is literally the origin of chakra himself so trumps almost every character within the Naruto universe. 

Yes, some fans may argue that Naruto and his pals managed to defeat Kaguya and Ten Tails but it took some of the most powerful shinobi ever to be revived in order for this to occur. It took the Sage of Six Paths, her son, to give Naruto the blueprints to beat her.

Namely these blueprints to success were sealing Kaguya in her own dimension, along with the Ten Tails, so yeah the Ten Tails is pretty darn powerful.

This is some of the deepest and most complex Naruto lore there is, so we hope you managed to learn something about the Naruto universe from this article!