Naruto Lore Explored: Who Are The Seven Swordsmen Of The Mist?

The Seven Hidden Swordsmen of the Mist are a group of shinobi trained in elite melee combat, each member of the seven wields a specific sword that has its own unique powers.

Naruto Lore Explored: Who are the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist?

While the Swordsmen often change, the swords will always stay the same. So, it’s best to think of this group as the Seven Swords of the Hidden Mist, as the swords stay the same, only their wielder changes. The swords are passed down from generation to generation usually.

Understanding this same premise means there have been more than seven Swordsmen of the Mist, but only seven Swordsmen at one time.

Although this can change too if one of the seven swords is stolen, which they often have been in the generation we see in Naruto Part I and II. In any case, the seven swordsmen protect Kirigakure or the Hidden Mist Village, as well as the Mizukage, with their skills.

Rather than try to rank each swordsmen, which would be an issue as there are likely many swordsmen from history that weren’t in the manga or anime, and because there is often little information about most of the swordsmen apart from the few that are of influence in the series, such as Zabuza, in this guide we will explore the lore behind the swordsmen as well as their swords.

Let’s explore the lore together and learn more about the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist as well as the blades themselves.

The Seven Swords Of The Mist


In the English dubbed version of the anime this sword is referred to as the ‘Executioner’s Blade’ which is a good way to describe its form. The blade is very long and rectangular, like a butcher’s knife.

It has a semi-circle cut out at the bottom of the blade that is mainly used for beheading, and a circle cut out at the top of the blade that can be used to swing on things.

This blade is wielded by Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Hidden Mist, in Part I of Naruto. This is a good example of how the Seven Swords are not necessarily wielded within the context of the Seven Swordsmen.

While Zabuza was technically one of the Seven Swordsmen, he defected from the Hidden Mist and was classed as a missing-nin, meaning he is in exile.

So while Zabuza was probably the most notable wielder of this blade, at least that we saw in the series, he technically wasn’t an active swordsman of the mist.


This blade is a two handed sword that can be moulded into different shapes such as twin swords, or a hammer, and more. To achieve these transformations it draws from the wielder’s chakra which it can store within the sword.

When not in use the blade is usually wrapped in bandages like other swords of the mist. The blade is very heavy hence why it has two handles, and is shaped like a flounder.

Chojuro is noteworthy wielder of this sword, a character who has permeated into the Boruto sequel, Boruto even wields one half of this sword temporarily in battle with Chojuro.

In Parts I and II of Naruto we see Chojuro wield this sword the whole time, later in Boruto he becomes the Sixth Mizukage while remaining the wielder of Hiramekarei.


This literally translates to ‘head splitter’ and is also called ‘Blunt Blade’ in the English dub, which is pretty spot on because, well, this isn’t really a sword at all. In fact, Kabutowari is actually an axe that is connected to a mallet-like hammer with a chain.

The ‘sword’ is described as having the power to destroy any defence. While each weapon can be used separately, when used together the true strength of this sword is demonstrated.

The sword was historically wielded by Jinin Akebino, but we only ever see him use it when he is reincarnated by the Edo Tensei. In Boruto we see Kyoho Fuefuki wield the swords as one of the ‘New Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist’.


Kiba literally means ‘fangs’ when translated into English. The swords are dual wielded by the wielder, the sword looks much like a katana only it has two barbs on either side of the blade, both swords are the same.

The sword is imbued with lightning nature which makes it extra powerful. According to lore, these swords are the sharpest swords ever made.

The swords are wielded most notably by Ameyuri Ringo, a kunoichi who was Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist at one point. She was particularly adept at using the blades, and defeated Omoi, another swordsman of the mist, with her proficiency using the swords.


Literally translated as ‘sewing needle’ this is one of the more creative sword designs of the seven and is particularly unique. The sword looks much like a needle, only the size of a normal sword.

The hilt has a thin wire threaded through the word’s eye which resembles a thread. The sword is so sharp it can pass easily through its victims and even sews the multiple corpses together with the wire.

Kushimaru Kuriarare is the wielder of the sewing needle, he is a particularly sadistic killer who is very proficient in stitching his victims together.

Kakashi describes him as one of the ‘Heartless Pair’ of the Swordsmen of that generation, alongside his fellow swordsmen Jinpachi. In the anime we see the pair fight with Guy and Kakashi.


The sword translates directly to ‘splash’ referring to the sword’s explosive qualities.This sword is perhaps the most non sword like, but is more like a grenade launcher.

The sword is basically a scroll that can create explosive tags which it can explode on impact or to be used as projectiles. The sword also has a sharp edge that can be used like a normal sword.

This sword is notably utilised by the other half of the ‘Heartless Pair’: Jinpachi Munashi who uses it against Kakashi and Guy. Like the other swords, they are reclaimed temporarily in the Boruto series by the short-lived ‘New Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist’.


Samehada, alongside the Executioner’s Blade, is probably the most recognisable and noteworthy of all the swords. Not only is it unique but it has some interesting wielding history. The sword is actually sentient, it’s more like a beast that can be wielded, rather than a sword.

The sword looks like a large sword but it is covered in shark scales . The sword’s main ability is being able to ‘eat’ chakra and absorb it, the more chakra it absorbs the more it grows.

When not in use it is regularly wrapped in bandages, but when unleashed it has a mind of its own and its jaws snap, earning it the title of most terrifying sword of the Hidden Mist.

Whoever wields the sword has a sort of symbiotic relationship where they can trade chakra and feed from each other’s reserves. Kisame Hoshigaki is particularly recognisable as a main wielder of Samehada.

Due to Kisame’s shark-like nature and chakra signatures he and Samehada are one and the same. Many described Kisame as the ‘tailed beast without a tail’ as a result of his connection with Samehada.

Kisame can actually merge with Samehada into a shark form much like Tailed Beast Mode. When Kisame was a missing-nin, being paired with Itachi in the Akatsuki, he took Samehada with him.

However, when Kisame fights Killer B, Samehada gains a fondness for Killer B’s chakra. As Killer B is a jinchuriki his chakra is particularly special to Samehada. Moreover, Kisame suggests it likes Killer B because he tastes like an octopus due to his sealing of Gyuki.

When they fight Samehada actually betrays Kisame for Killer B’s chakra. While it seems that Kisame has been defeated he actually hides within Samehada so that he can infiltrate Kumogakure.

It’s also worth noting that Suigetsu Hozuki, one of Sasuke’s fellow missing-nin, is particularly obsessed with Samehada and mastering all Seven Swords like his brother Mangetsu, although this never happens for Suigetsu.

Final Thoughts

These are the Seven Swords of the Hidden Mist. During the time period of Naruto Part I and Part II the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist are never actually formed as one. The swords remain in various places, either belonging to missing-nin, lost, or sealed somewhere.

So, we never really get to see the original swordmen in action, only do we see the original Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist, many of which are listed, until Kabuto reanimates them all and also unseals all the swords, returning them to their rightful owners.

Moreover, there are many wielders of each sword, some of which aren’t even from the Hidden Mist village.

Samehada is likely the most powerful of the swords, its sentience and chakra absorption makes it particularly strong.

When used in conjunction with Kisame’s chakra, there’s no doubt that they were potentially the best Swordsmen of the mist, basically giving Kisame power that is equatable with a jinchuriki.

If Mangetsu Hozuki ever managed to wield all seven swords and use them successfully, there is potential he could have been the strongest swordsmen too.