(Ranking) What Is The Power Level Of Might Guy In Naruto Shippuden?

Is there a more optimistic character in Naruto than Might Guy? Armed with incredible Taijutsu skills and the spirit of ever-burning youth, Guy is one of the funniest and most powerful ninjas in the Naruto Universe.

(Ranking) What Is The Power Level Of Might Guy In Naruto Shippuden

Throughout the series, we learn more about him – including his history, his powers, and what he is truly capable of as a character. It turns out that Guy’s intense confidence is actually more than just talk – and that he may be one of the most powerful ninjas in all of Naruto.

But how can this be? With so many strong ninjas with innate powers such as the Sharingan, Rinnegan, Seals, and Creature Summons – how is it that a fairly basic ninja, armed with nothing more than a good work ethic and a youthful spirit could stand with the best?

If you’ve ever debated with friends how strong Might Guy is – then you’ve found the right article!

We’re going to be ranking Might Guy’s power level in relation to all the other ninja in Naruto: Shippuden. We’ll consider all aspects of his power, history, as well as his most important battles.

It’s possible you think that Might Guy isn’t all that powerful – but by the end of this article, you’ll understand quite how overpowered he is.

So without further ado – let’s harness the power of the Eight Gates and the spirit of ever-burning youth, and begin to look at the life of the legendary Might guy!

The History Of Might Guy

Might Guy is a Jonin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is the life-long rival of Kakashi Hatake and one of the most talented Taijutsu specialists in the whole of the Naruto universe. Guy followed a similar path to many in the Hidden Leaf, starting as a member of the Ninja Academy.

It’s worth stating that originally Guy did not pass his entrance exam, but through his tenacity was eventually permitted entry. It is here we see the beginning of a pattern with Might Guy – that his hard work was the main thing that allowed him to do everything great in his life.

Throughout his time as a Genin, he fostered a fierce rivalry with Kakashi Hatake, who was naturally talented and often beat Guy in competition and sparring.

After the death of his Father, Might Guy became even more strong-willed, content that he would be as powerful as his peers (such as Kakashi) Might Guy began to hone his skills within Taijutsu until he was unmatched by anyone his age.

Eventually, Might Guy was made a Jonin and given a team of his own to train. He passed on his special Taijutsu skills to Rock Lee, who like him was less talented with Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

Hilariously, Rock Lee even began to emulate Guy’s appearance by sporting a 1960s Beatles-esque haircut and green jumpsuit.

Team Might Guy became some of the most promising Genin in the Hidden Leaf Village, and he trained them to have good moral character as well as powerful skills.

Might Guy continued his work as a Jonin, going on missions with his team and building a name for himself as a powerful member of the Hidden Leaf.

It is not until later battles that we begin to realize quite how powerful Might Guy is. If you were to ask a fan of the earliest episodes and chapters of Naruto how powerful Guy really was, you would likely be met with a laugh and a shrug.

Might Guy was for a very long time not thought of as especially powerful – it isn’t until his eventual fights with Kisame Hoshigaki (extremely powerful member of the Akatsuki), and Madara Uchiha (arguably the most powerful Ninja of all time), that we begin to understand the power level of Guy.

It isn’t until the Fourth Great Ninja War that Might Guy is put into contact with some of the most dangerous ninja alive.

All through the series – through both Might Guy and Rock Lee – we learn about the Eight Gates, and most importantly that the final of these trades insane power for the consequence of death. But it isn’t until Might Guy is forced to use it that we understand its true power.

The Powers Of Might Guy

Before we look at the ultimate power level of Might Guy, let’s discuss all of the powers he has at his disposal. Below is a list of some of the most notable powers that we see Might Guy use throughout Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden.

Taijutsu Specialist

The first thing that’s worth noting about Might Guy is his prowess as a Taijutsu Specialist. In the Naruto Universe, there are three main powers we see ninjas use: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu.

Taijutsu is often the most neglected, as the others have such powerful magical effects that are much cooler. But not for Might Guy.

Because he didn’t have much power over the others, Might Guy learned to have extreme control over his own body – pushing it to its physical limits regularly to achieve great speed, stamina, and strength.


Might Guy differs from his student Rock Lee, in that he has a little bit of Ninjutsu skill. He can is able to summon turtles, as well as have some power in resistance against Genjutsu illusions as well as elemental Jutsu.

Eight Gates

This is where the real power of Might Guy comes into play. The Eight Gates are a Taijutsu ability that allows one to completely rip open the gates within their own body that limit the flow of chakra.

With each gate that the user breaks, they are flooded with chakra and become more powerful. Might Guy has the ability to unleash each and every single one of the eight gates, including:

  • The Gate of Opening – which increases the user’s mental prowess, including how quickly they are able to read the movements of others, as well as forge their own plans and attacks. The main drawback to this gate is that it will cause extreme fatigue in the user once they are done.
  • The Gate of Healing – This gate massively increases the user’s physical prowess. It is also worth noting that this will cause extreme fatigue when used.
  • The Gate of Life – The Gate of Life allows them to be much stronger than normal, as well as faster and more dexterous. It allows Might Guy to use the ability known as ‘Reverse Lotus’ which is a deadly Taijutsu attack.
  • The Gate of Pain – The Gate of Pain is where opening the Eight Gates begins to get serious. It begins to rip and tear the user’s body apart but increases speed extremely.
  • The Gate of Limit – The gate of limit means access to more powerful Taijutsu abilities, but also begins to break and crack the user’s bones.
  • The Gate of View – the Gate of view is the next level up and means that the user’s physical abilities are beyond supernatural.
  • The Gate of Wonder – the gate of wonder allows the user to punch powerful bullets of air. This one is extremely dangerous and will cause possible irreversible damage to the user’s body.
  • The Gate of Death – achieve god-like power but cause the body to heat up until the user dies.

All of these offer the user powerful abilities and enhancements to the usual workings of their body. Although Might Guy has experience using many of them, it is not until late in the story when he opens the final gate – the Gate of Death.

The Gate of Death offers god-like power with the drawback of killing the user. It is this main gate where we can understand the true power level of Might Guy.

Who Has Might Guy Fought?

The two most notable battles that we can use to rank Guy are when he fights Kisame and when he fights Madara Uchiha.


This is one of the most beloved battles in all of Naruto because it features two eccentric characters who also happen to be extremely powerful.

Kisame and Might Guy encounter each other multiple times throughout the series, but it is their final battle in which we begin to understand the true power of Might Guy. By opening the 7th Gate – wonder, Might Guy is able to Defeat Kisame.


This is the real moment in which we must look to in order to rate the power level of Might Guy in Naruto: Shippuden. Madara is by far one of the most powerful ninjas in all of Naruto. Might Guy unleashes the final Gate – death – in order to try and stop him.

During this battle Might Guy is so strong and powerful that Madara can hardly keep up with him. Might Guy very nearly kills Madara before succumbing to his wounds.

Where Does Might Guy Rank In Naruto: Shippuden?

When trying to decide quite how powerful Might Guy is in Naruto Shippuden, we have to consider it in relation to his powers. When Might Guy has unleashed the Eighth Gate – Death, he is extremely powerful.

Judging from his battle with Madara, it could be said that under this power-up, Might Guy would easily beat almost all of the characters in the entirety of Naruto Universe.

In fact, Madara – who is regularly dubbed a ‘God’ of Shinobi’ makes sure to declare Might Guy as the most powerful Taijutsu Master in the history of Ninja – which is an impressive compliment.

This power, however, comes at such a deadly price. Might Guy can be that powerful only once in his life – after that it means death. Thankfully, Might Guy survives his brush with death but is left forever unable to use it again.

Without the Eighth Gate, we can’t say that Might Guy is that powerful, only that he is a very strong Genin that defeats one of the most deadly Akatsuki in the series.

Generally, a fair assessment of how powerful Might Guy is – is to say that he is among the upper reaches of all characters in Naruto, though not as powerful as innate geniuses such as Itachi Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, and others.

That said, with his use of the Eighth Gate it is possible he surpasses many of these.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s not so easy to rate Might Guy against all of the other ninjas in the Naruto Universe, simply because of the unique nature of his abilities.

No matter where you rank him, Might Guy is one of the most entertaining characters in the Naruto Universe, and a great example of an underdog that achieves more than we as viewers or readers ever thought he could.

Might Guy surpasses all of his doubters, choosing one discipline and working at it day by day until he is an absolute master. He uses this mastery to help protect those around him, eventually destroying his body to do so.

We can learn a lot about loyalty, work ethic, and optimism from Might Guy – which is why he is one of the most loved Naruto characters – despite his goofy haircut!

We hope that this article has given you a good understanding of the power level of Might Guy and that it settles any arguments you might be having online or amongst friends!