Rhode Island Comic Con: Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

The Rhode Island Comic Con is a three-day-long comic convention that takes place during November.

As it needs a lot of space, it is held within a few different places: the Rhode Island Convention Center, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, and the Omni Providence Hotel.

Rhode Island Comic Con Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

So the events and activities are spread around those three locations, and attendees have access to all. 

This Comic Con was the first to ever be hosted in Rhode Island, and now the organizers also run a Terror Con in the same location, due to the huge success events have been thus far. 

The comic convention mainly focuses on all things comic books, hence the name. However, it is very multi-genre, and you will also see all sorts of events and guests from anime, video games, TV and movie, cosplay, and more.

Basically, it’s a three-day event full of all things geek, to celebrate geek culture and share it with thousands of people that come from many different places. 

If it’s your first time ever attending the Rhode Island Comic Con, then you’re in for an excellent experience.

However, there are a few basic things you need to know beforehand in order to make sure you’re prepared, and able to make the most of everything. 

We’ll cover everything you need to know in this ultimate guide, so let’s get right into it!

Buying your ticket for Rhode Island Comic Con:

In order to attend the Rhode Island Comic Con, you need to purchase an admission ticket. You can do this in advance through the official website, and the admittance badge will then be mailed to your address.

However, there are also a few in-person locations where you can buy the tickets, listed on the official website. 

All of the ticket sales are final, so they aren’t transferable or refundable. Something to keep in mind before you decide to buy a ticket. 

Children under the age of 6 have free entry, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian with a valid ticket. 

For everybody else, there are a few different ticket options: 

  • Adult single admission ticket:

This is a single-day ticket. You can choose Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and the ticket will be valid for that day only. 

  • Child single admission ticket:

This is a single-day ticket for children aged between 6 and 12.  You can choose Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and the ticket will be valid for that day only. 

  • Adult weekend admission ticket:

This is a three-day pass ticket, valid for the entire duration of the comic convention. 

  • Child weekend admission ticket:

This is a three-day pass ticket for children aged between 6 and 12. It is valid for the entire duration of the comic convention. 

  • Weekend VIP ticket:

This VIP weekend pass is a ticket valid for the entire duration of the three-day event, but as a VIP it comes with a few extra perks. These tickets are available in a more limited amount, so if you’re interested make sure to get one early on! 

These are the extra perks included in the VIP weekend pass:

  • Early bird admission at 9 am on both Saturday and Sunday
  • A private VIP entrance, no waiting in line
  • A VIP private lounge (new and improved)
  • 3 exclusive Rhode Island Comic Con show prints
  • A Rhode Island Comic Con swag bag
  • A 20% discount off RI Comic Con branded merchandise
  • An exclusive VIP RI Comic Con badge
  • An exclusive RI Comic Con AR Comics-Comic book
  • An exclusive RI Comic Con book
  • A Fast Pass for the Autograph line and the photo OPs
  • An exclusive mystery item
  • A chance to win a free VIP pass for the following year 

What to bring to Rhode Island Comic Con:

When you attend the Rhode Island Comic Con, you will want to spend as much of the day there as possible, so that you make the most of your ticket to see and do as much as possible.

This means that you need to carry everything you need for the day with you. 

But what should you bring to the RI Comic Con? Here are some of the basics we recommend:

  • Your ticket and badge!

You need to purchase your ticket beforehand so that the badge is mailed to your address. Upon entrance, once your ticket has been checked, you will be given a lanyard to put around your neck, upon which you should display the badge at all times. 

  • Suitable attire:

We’ll talk about clothing later on. But one thing is super important, you need comfy shoes!

  • A spacious and comfortable bag:

You’ll be carrying your stuff with you all day, so make sure you have a comfortable and secure bag. It’s also a good idea to have some extra space in there, just in case you buy merchandise or other stuff (which you probably will!)

  • Money:

Once you’re inside the convention, there will be lots to do and see, and lots to spend on. Having money on you is pretty important, whether it’s cash or your card. 

  • Your phone:

Your phone is vital for a big number of different things. From keeping in contact with your friends (especially if you get separated), to taking photos, keeping track of the time or where you are, and more.

Make sure your phone is fully charged so that it can last the entire day. You might be able to charge it at the convention, but it’s not a guarantee. 

  • Snacks and drinks:

Conventions can be very physically demanding, as you’re on your feet all day and walking around. Having a bottle of water is super useful, to stay hydrated. And a snack will be vital for boosting your energy when needed. 

You will also be able to purchase food and drinks at the convention center. 

  • A notebook or autograph book:

If you’re planning on getting an autograph from a celebrity guest, you will absolutely need a notebook or autograph book for them to sign in.

Plus, a notebook can also come in handy for writing down new contacts or information, as well as social media handles from people you meet. 

What to wear to Rhode Island Comic Con:

Let’s circle back to what the proper clothing attire is for Rhode Island Comic Con, because some newbies get confused on what exactly they should wear. You essentially have two options, cosplay, and normal clothing. We have advice for both: 

  • Wearing cosplay:

A lot of people will choose to wear cosplay, dressing up as their favorite character. This is a super fun way to show your dress-up skills and to share your interest with everybody else.

Sometimes groups of friends will coordinate their cosplays, and some will be super impressive!

If you do this, just remember that you’ll be wearing it all day (unless you plan to bring a change of clothes), so the cosplay needs to look good but should also be practical and comfortable. 

  • Wearing normal clothing:

When wearing normal clothing, we recommend you opt for layers. Outside it might be cold, as the convention takes place during November.

But inside the number of people and the heating combined will make you get very hot very fast, so layers that are easy to take off are the best idea. And again, wear comfortable and practical items. 

Easy Rhode Island Comic Con Costume Ideas:

Easy Rhode Island Comic Con Costume Ideas

There are plenty of costume ideas if you decide to attend the Rhode Island Comic Con in cosplay. But if you are looking for something easy, because you’re a beginner, then these are some of the easiest options: 

  • A costest cosplay:

Costest cosplays are simpler versions of full costumes, usually, put together with things that you already own within your wardrobe. Sometimes they are simply the most recognizable accessories or elements of the character, and there’s no need for a full outfit or too much effort. 

  • A well-known comic book character:

Whether you like superheroes or villains, there are plenty of easy comic book characters to dress up as! 

  • A character from TV or movie:

The comic convention is multi-genre, so a character from TV or movie will also be recognizable and appreciated. 

  • An easy anime or video game character:

Most anime and video game characters are pretty full-on and hard to achieve. But there are some simple and easy ones you can pick from!

Can you go to Rhode Island Comic Con without a costume?

There will be a lot of people in cosplay at Rhode Island Comic Con, but it is not by any means a requirement! It’s completely fine for you to turn up in normal clothes. 

What to do when nobody gets your costume:

As you’ll be surrounded by geeks of all types, it will be very rare for nobody at all to get your costume. There’s at least one person bound to recognize who you’ve dressed up as and express as much. 

However, if you’ve just so happened to cosplay an especially obscure or hard to identify character, then you might go through the day without a single person having guessed it correctly. So what do you do then? 

Here are some of our tips for this kind of situation: 

  • Don’t feel insulted. You haven’t done anything wrong, the character is simply a little trickier to guess. Take this as a chance to introduce people to this character, so that more will be able to recognize them in the future! You’re basically spreading the word!
  • Practice some poses or quotes that might help people guess the character better.
  • Have some hints or clues prepared, sometimes people just need a little help in order to get it right!

Guide to Rhode Island Comic Con crowds and lines:

Lots of people attend the Rhode Island Comic Con throughout the three days the event lasts for, so you will inevitably be met with lines and crowds.

The trick is knowing where the bulk of these will be located, and how to avoid most of them so that you don’t waste too much time just waiting. 

Out of the three days, Saturday is by far the busiest, so avoid this day if you want to avoid most of the crowd. Nevertheless, it also depends on the time. Getting there early is a must so that you aren’t stuck in line waiting to go in. 

Mid-morning is when it starts getting really busy, all the way into the afternoon. Lunchtime is sometimes a good time to go around some of the events, as a lot of people will take a break and go for lunch, so the convention will be slightly quieter for a tiny bit. 

As for the lines, the main ones will be at the entrance, at food and drink stalls, and at the guest celebrity autograph and photo Op booths. 

Getting your comics signed:

Two weeks before the convention an official list of the celebrity guests will be posted on the official website.

This list will include the days and times during which each celebrity will be present at the event, plus it will have a list of all the different fees that each celebrity charged for either the autograph or the photo Op. (Each celebrity sets their own price). 

For photo Ops, you can book a time slot beforehand to make sure you are guaranteed the photo with your favorite celebrity. And if for any reason the celebrity cancels attendance last minute, the photo Op will be refunded to you. 

Autographs, on the other hand, are on a first come first serve basis. There will be a line in front of each guest celebrity, and you can wait there until it’s your turn!

Make sure to check the fee information, as sometimes they will only accept cash for the autographs!

How much money do you need?

Being a geek is pretty expensive, as there are lots of things to spend money on, and everything is super tempting. Technically, once you’ve purchased your tickets you don’t have to spend anymore.

However, it’s basically impossible to not spend money inside the convention, whether it’s the autograph fee, getting some food, or buying all sorts of merchandise and geeky items. 

So the question is, how much money do you need? 

It depends on how much you are willing to spend. The average person will spend around $200 or so. It’s good to set a budget or limit for yourself so that you don’t accidentally bankrupt yourself. (It happens more often than you’d think!) 

Most stalls and activities will only accept cash, but some will also take card payments. However, there are also cash withdrawal machines, if you do run out of cash. 

Don’t forget to bargain:

In some of the stalls for geeky products you can actually try bargaining, so you snag up a better deal. Here are some tips to do this successfully:

  • Be nice!

A lot of stall owners will throw in a discount or give you an extra freebie if you’re nice to them and interact respectfully. 

  • Be reasonable!

Bargaining is about compromise. You want to lower the price a little, but also respect the craft and don’t try to take advantage. 

  • Know the worth of things! 

The more you know about the average price of things, the better you will be able to bargain. 

Other tips for Rhode Island Comic Con goers:

Here are some extra tips for first-timers attending RI Comic Con: 

  • Respect the cosplayers. Always ask permission before you take a picture or try to pose them, and don’t touch them unless they say it’s okay for you to do so!
  • Keep the map on hand. It’s super easy to get lost, as the center is pretty big. 
  • Check the regulations for cosplay attire and cosplay props. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck unable to enter the place!

Hotels nearby:

There are plenty of nearby hotels to book your stay throughout the duration of the comic convention.

However, there are two hotels that will offer a discount on your stay if you prove that you’re attending the RI Comic Con: the Omni Providence, and the Graduate Providence. 

Car rentals nearby:

There are plenty of car rental companies in Rhode Island, so check the one nearest to where you’re staying. 

Parking at the event:

If you’re driving to the convention, be aware that parking your car for the whole day will only be available for a fee. However, it is worth it to avoid having to walk or take public transport. 

The Rhode Island Convention Center has its own parking garage, and you can also park at the Providence Place Mall. 

If both of these are full, then there are also other parking options nearby, which you can look upon the RI Comic Con official website. 

Public transport to the event:

You can also get to the Rhode Island Comic Con convention through the use of public transport.

The combinations and connections will vary depending on where you are traveling from. Just make sure to double-check the schedule and timetable beforehand so you’re on time!