Rose City Comic Con: Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

Have you ever wanted to attend a comic con but have been too timid to bust out your favorite Pokemon costume? Or have you ever wanted to make friends with fellow comic and anime enthusiasts?

Rose City Comic Con Ultimate Guide On Prep And What To Expect

Well, you won’t have to worry anymore, because we have everything you need to make sure you are fully prepared for the Rose City Comic Con.

The Rose City Comic Con was set up by LeftField and was designed to gather together local artists and comic book enthusiasts in one place to share their love of their favorite programs and comic books.

It is a boutique event that combines convention organizers and fans.

This event is dedicated to the family, so they aim to include all members, with a little something for mum and dad as well as children and teenagers. This event takes place in Oregon, USA, at the Oregon convention center.

It is running on the weekend of the Friday September 10th to Sunday September 12th, 2021.

But what happens if you don’t wear a costume to this comic con? How can you get an autograph from your favorite comic book artists? What should you do if your costume hasn’t quite gone over in the way that you want?

How much money will you need to take with you to one of these events? How long can you expect to be there?

Well, if you want answers to these questions and a whole lot more, then we would suggest that you read on.

We have a comprehensive list of everything that you’ll need for this event, from the costume changes to how you can get there on public transport.

After reading this, you’ll rock up knowing exactly where to go and how to conduct yourself.

Buying your ticket/badge

For anyone aged 3 years old and upwards, you will need a ticket. These are either available from the kiosk directly or from the Rose City Comic-con website.

It is strongly recommended that all adults under 18 should be accom[panied by an adult.

If you are 13 or under then it is a strict policy that you are accompanied by an adult. You should make sure that everything with you has a ticket to the event and can provide proof of purchase when asked.

All supervising adults will need to buy their own tickets.

All tickets are non-refundable, although there are some exceptions in the case of anyone who has Covid-19.

If you are getting symptoms of Covid, then you must not attend the event, isolating for the required amount of time as stated by your doctor. You can send an email to You can then negotiate a refund.

If you lose your badge, then this cannot be refunded or compensated. The event’s organizers recommend that you take close care of your badge, as this will be the only way you are allowed valid entry into the event.

There is a military discount for all people who have served in the forces. Military personnel get $5 discount on their ticket.

All of the badges will be mailed to the ticket purchasers before the event itself. You won’t be able to pick up your badge on-site, as the convention has to abide by lockdown protocols.

The badges that are shipped internationally will not have the shipping covered, so if you are coming from overseas, you will need to pay for the shipping of your badge.

Badges will take a while to be shipped to the ticket holders, as there may be a delay in the shipping due to a large demand to attend the convention.

What to bring to Rose City Comic Con (Include things such as snacks, chargers, books, autograph book, etc.)

Remember that these comic cons can be long events, so be sure that you have enough water as well as some snacks that you can eat as you are walking around.

The Rose City Comic Con has a specially designated area that complies with Covid restrictions where people can rest and have something to eat.

There is a dress code, where people are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing such as footwear and shirts. People who wear clothing with vulgar or offensive slogans on them will be asked to leave the venue immediately.

Autographs can be bought on the website and reclaimed with a QR code that you can get at the door.

You can bring a camera to take photos, although you should not do this in areas where there might be a high volume of people (escalators, lifts etc.) If you have an item that you would like a guest to autograph, then you will have to ask them.

Not all guests are required to sign every item.

You cannot bring any pets to the event, although exceptions are made for guide dogs. You also cannot bring real weapons although imitation weaponry as part of a costume is allowed.

If you are bringing your own artwork to sell, you’ll have to make sure that you register it with the organizers first. You can join the artist alley wall, which will mean that people walking through this will be able to see your artwork.

You can also advertise your website, which will help increase traffic and hopefully get some commissions!

What to wear to Rose City Comic Con (Include obvious things such as costumes, but also things such as comfortable shoes, etc.)

The company running the event requires you to wear appropriate footwear, so that you do not damage the floor of the venue. Having appropriate footwear is also important for keeping the traffic in the venue moving.

If there are crowds, then the venue runs the risk of violating its social distancing policy, which might risk the entire event.

If you are thinking of wearing a costume, then you must stick to the rules laid down by the organizers (we’ll list some of these rules below). You must also make sure that you are wearing your access badge at all times so that it is visible.

If security sees you without your badge, then you might be asked to leave the premises.

Easy Rose City Comic Con Costumes Ideas

There are plenty of easy costume ideas that you can throw together at the last minute. Here are a few that we’ve provided that you can try.

  1. Batman and Robin

This is one of the easiest costume ideas simply because of its availability. You can get a very solid Batman and Robin costume from your local Walmart or supermarket chain.

  1. Breaking Bad

This is another very easy one. All you need to do is grab yourself a bald wig and a Stetson. Throw on a yellow raincoat and some safety goggles that you can pick up from your local hardware store and bingo – you have yourself a Walter White costume.

  1. Frankenstein’s Monster

This is another costume that you can find the rudiments of at your local supermarket. All you need to do is grab a plastic extended green forehead along with some bolts on the side of your neck and a little bit of costume make-up.

Finish the whole thing off by grabbing a suit and tie.

  1. Ghostbusters

Now that the franchise is female-inclusive, there are no gender limits on your costume. You can make a proton pack out of an old cereal box, going as either Bill Murray or Kristen Wiig.

  1. Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy

Take some cardboard boxes and cut them into branch-like shapes. Then stick them onto your body and bingo, you have a great Goot costume.

However, make sure the branches aren’t too sharp and don’t violate the convention’s strict rules on costume safety.

  1. Joker from Batman

This is another classic costume, allowing you plenty of options – whether it is Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto or Joaquin Phoenix. All you need is some thick grease paint and a little bit of hair dye.

  1. Mario and Luigi

Another costume that is available from most costume stores. Why not get together with a friend and go as gaming’s most famous duo?

  1. Spider-Man

Another favorite that you’ll probably be able to find at most costume stores. This is a one-piece lycra situation, so make sure that you wear underwear and don’t violate the convention’s strict anti-nudity policy.

  1. Star Trek

This one is a very versatile costume, all you need is the classic uniform, which you can get from any costume store and claim to be any character. However, just make sure that you don’t run foul of any Star Trek pedants.

  1. Luke Skywalker

With a plethora of Star Wars costumes available from your costume store, dressing up as Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker or any number of the Star Wars gang should be very easy.

There are just a few options that will be very easy for you to pull off. There are plenty of other costumes from the Incredible Hulk to Wolverine that you can cobble together using just a few household implements.

Can you go to Rose City Comic Con without a costume?

Can you go to Rose City Comic Con without a costume

You can, there are no strict rules about not wearing a costume. In fact, plenty of people go there just to absorb the sights and sounds of the convention, rather than drawing attention to themselves.

What to do when nobody gets your cosplay

Look, given the fact that there will be so many people at the convention, it’ll be inevitable that there will be one or two there who don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

But don’t worry, there will be plenty of people who do understand what you are trying to do.

We would recommend that you use your costume as a talking point for people. If someone doesn’t get what you are supposed to be, use it as an excuse to get to know them.

This will allow you to brag about your favorite show and, who knows, maybe the person might get into that show too.

Guide to Rose City Comic Con Lines and Crowds

You’ll be certain to encounter some hefty lines at the Rose City Comic Con, it is one of the main occupational hazards of going to a comic con.

However, be sure that all the staff at the center will do their best to keep the lines moving along at a steady pace.

Also, one thing you have to keep in mind is social distancing. Make sure that you stick to the rules and that you are polite and respectful.

If you are seen to be purposefully violating the lockdown rules, then you will be asked to leave the venue.

The event will be opening its doors 2 hours before the event starts. The following are the times that the venue will be opening on each day:

  • Friday – 11am
  • Saturday – 8am
  • Sunday – 8am

Make sure that you get there early so that you can see as much as possible at this event. If you want to see a specific guest, then make sure that they are the first on your list.

Getting your comics signed

You can buy an autograph online that you can then redeem at the venue itself. You can request that a specific guest sign your comic book, although this will be up to them whether they decide to sign it or not.

If you wait in line to see a guest, then make sure that you have your comic book ready to sign. You should be sure that your comic can be checked before being given to the guest.

This is to be sure that everyone is following social distancing rules.

How much money do you need?

This will all depend on how much you plan on buying. There are various comics and merchandise that are available for a wide variety of prices.

These items will have a marked price, so make sure that you have the money available to purchase them.

If you are wanting to buy 10 comics, for example, you should be aware that they are probably worth around $10 each. This means that you’ll need to budget around $100 for comic books.

Some items available at comic cons are exclusive to that event, so you can be certain that there will be some very pricey items on offer there.

If you are limited to a budget, we would recommend that you get the items that you know you won’t be able to get elsewhere. A signed copy of something will also be worth more and might be rarer.

Do your research before you go!

Don’t forget to bargain

One thing you should definitely do before attending your comic con is to learn the average price of a comic.

The sellers will definitely know a lot more than you when it comes to the price of their comics, so they will definitely drive a very hard bargain. One way to insult them is to offer way less than what they feel it is worth.

Also, try not to be so pushy. We understand that you might be keen to get a limited edition comic for a decent price. However, if you are rude, then the chances are that you might not get them for the price that you wanted.

Remember: be polite and nice. Niceness will get you a long way and if you can convince the seller that you are a real fan with a love of comic books, then they’ll be more than likely to sell you one of these comic books.

Other tips for Rose City Comic Con-goers

Keep your entry badge with you at all times and make sure that it is visible around your neck. You’ll want to give the impression to the staff and security that you have paid to get into the venue.

Be polite, especially if you are requesting an autograph or even a hug. Always ask permission before you approach a guest or another member of the comic-con. This convention is trying to obey the rules of social distancing.

There really will be a zero-tolerance policy on people who do not obey these rules.

Hotels nearby

This convention is partnered with Group Travel Associates, so make sure to visit their website for information on hotels and discounts:

Car rental nearby

There are a few car rental spots nearby, you might have to check the local travel information for a list of all car rental companies.

Parking at the event

There is plenty of parking in and around the venue. The Oregon Convention Center provides clean and secure garage parking.

Public transport to the event

There is plenty of public transport to the event, with most buses dropping you off right outside the venue.