Sasuke – When Will He Return In Naruto?

If you are a fan of Naruto, then you probably won’t need an introduction to who this character is in this 250 million-selling anime. However, for the uninitiated, let’s have a quick recap regarding this character.

Sasuke is the main rival to Naruto, designed to be the super-cool genius of the series.

Sasuke - When Will He Return In Naruto

His brother, the unforgettable Itachi Uhitcha, wiped out their family, so as a result, Sasuke’s sole mission is to kill his brother and seek vengeance for what was done to his family.

Sasuke is a very distant and cold character, probably owing to the circumstances of his family’s passing.

However, when he eventually joins team 7 of the Naruto gang, he develops a fondness for his companions and even goes as far as to risk his life for them.

However, when he is defeated by his brother, Sasuke leaves the leaf village in order to seek more power to defeat his brother.

In the Baruto spin-off series, the rumor has it that Sasuke has become a vigilante who is roving the land investigating the Otsutsuki clan.

So where exactly has Sasuke gone? At what point does he return to the leaf village and does he stay long-term? What is the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke like?

Does he find what he is looking for from the Otsutsuki clan? Does he even make an appearance in Baruto and if so what is his status?

If you are a big Naruto fan and can’t wait to see the series to find out what happens to this enigmatic character, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

We have everything that you need to know about this amazing character. We’ll talk about Sasuke’s exit from the series, the various reappearances that he’s made and whether or not we think he’ll be coming back.

What Is Naruto?

Naruto is one of the best-selling anime of all time, shipping over 250 million copies around the world, making it extremely successful. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the amazing cast of characters that populate the show.

Naruto himself is the hero of the series, an enthusiastic and energetic hero who might be shunned by his village, but this never deters him from pursuing all of the goals that he sets for himself.

As the series goes on, his personality wins him the affection of the many characters, eventually gaining him worldwide fame.

Who Is Sasuke?

Sasuke is one of the main rivals of the series, although his allegiances are never quite set in stone – which probably is what makes him so interesting to the millions of viewers!

Up until his disappearance, the main objective of Sasuke is to find his brother and take revenge on him for killing their family.

However, Sasuke suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of his brother, losing his arm in the process.

This is very important to the development of Sasuke’s character, as he resolves to leave the leaf village forever in order to gain more power and to reflect on his past to become a better warrior.

Sasuke definitely thinks that by learning from his mistakes he can get better in his training and eventually defeat his brother. However, since then, fans have not seen much of this character, only in fleeting visits. So what exactly has happened to Sasuke?

What Episode Does Sasuke Return?

The episode that Sasuke returns is entitled “The Unison Sign” and it involves the final climactic battle between Naruto and Sasuke, with the latter finally succumbing to the former’s ninja ways and accepting his return to the leaf village.

However, Sasuke vows never to return to the village ever again, instead, he visits the village regularly in order to protect it from enemies.

The reason for this is that Sasuke has reached the maximum level of sharingan and rinnegan – the ability to copy their opponent’s abilities – then he is obliged to take missions from others.

There have been numerous occasions when Sasuke has left the leaf village, some of which we will list below.

Does Sasuke Return To The Leaf Village?

Sasuke does indeed return to the leaf village, but he does not live there again.

This is because he is a hired gun, going out and conducting investigations on behalf of Konohagakure, which leads him to ignore the dark arts that made him and Baruto turn from friend into enemies for a time.

Sasuke leaves the leaf village to seek training from Orochimaru, who is a former ninja of the leaf village who has utilized dark arts and technology in order to make himself immortal.

He uses snakes in battle with others and actually uses snakes in his attacks against other ninjas. Sasuke becomes completely power-crazed when he trains with Orochimaru.

Does Sasuke Come Back From Orochimaru?

Luckily, Sasuke soon sees the error of his ways and eventually returns from the dark path. This is when he has to face team 7 that he used to be a part of, which includes his old training buddy Naruto.

Unable to stop himself from feeling protective over his old friends, he teams up with them to help save the village from evil forces.

The reason that Sasuke came back from the dark side was Naruto, who never gave up faith in his friend.

Eventually, Sasuke recognizes all that Naruto has done for him, as well as the bond they developed in training when they were younger. These two things are what bring Sasuke back from the dark side.

What’s The Reason For Sasuke’s Disappearance?

Sasuke is looking for revenge against his brother who killed his family. The reason for his leaving is that he is defeated and he wants to gain more knowledge and power in order to defeat his brother in combat.

This is when he falls in with Orochimaru, who teaches him some of the dark arts that starts to lead him astray.

In later episodes, even after he does return to the leaf village, he refuses to live there. This is because he wants to stay in the shadows, having only a tenuous and long-distance relationship with his wife Sakura and his young child.

The scars of the Uchiha massacre and the relationship with his brother run too deep and he decides to stay away.

The reasons for Sasuke coming back are to protect the village and see his family. He also still has close ties with Naruto, and he considers him to be one of his best friends.

One of the many duties that he has as a Hokage is to organize village meetings and determine what is to be done about the community.

Does Sasuke Make An Appearance In Boruto?

Does Sasuke Make An Appearance In Boruto

Sasuke does make an appearance in the spin-off of Naruto, Boruto. His mission is to arrive whenever any threats that involve the dark arts practiced by his old master Orochimaru arrive to threaten the village and its inhabitants.

There is also a storyline where Boruto is trained by Sasuke, who teaches him some of the complex moves that he has learned being a ninja.

They are also partnered together when Naruto, Boruto’s father, is kidnapped and they must get him back. When Momishiki arrives to attack the village, Boruto, his father and Sasuke must unite together to defeat the enemy.

However, there is evidence that the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto is strained. During the battle against the monster known as Jigen, the ninjas are defeated and Sasuke decides to leave the leaf village and Naruto in the hands of the enemy.

What Is The Relationship Between Sasuke And Naruto?

Sasuke and Naruto have been paired together in many battles and although his allegiances have seemed to waver at times, the two seem to be on very good terms.

This is the true friendship that is displayed between these two characters: although they still have their disagreements, Sasuke will always have Naruto’s back.

Some fans have questioned Sasuke’s loyalty as he does not return to the leaf village for good.

However, after the battle with his brother where he loses his arm, Sasuke does return to the village frequently to help out Naruto, especially when protecting the beloved leaf village from attacks.

What Is The Relationship Between Sasuke And Boruto?

These two characters are connected in the naruto spin-off and it is through this relationship that we see the true friendship between Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke is always giving information to Naruto in order to help him protect the leaf village. He also often goes out of his way to help these characters.

Sasuke also often leaves to risk his life in order to save the leaf village. This is a testament to the strength of his character, his affection for the leaf village and his unwavering loyalty to Naruto.

Without Sasuke, Naruto also would have reached his full potential as a ninja warrior, and the same can be said for his son, Boruto.

If you ask fans of the show Naruto and its spin-off Boruto, you’ll see how important a character that Sasuke is to the main characters and the overall story.

Whether or not you regard Sasuke as a hero or a villain, you’ll quickly learn that he is a very sensitive, deep and complex character.

One of the reasons for Sasuke’s popularity is because he is such a complicated character. You cannot guess his movements or even his intentions, especially in the lead-up to the battle with his brother.

All that we can prove is that Sasuke is one of the strongest-willed characters in the series and has triumphed over much public and private adversity.

Our Final Say

We hope that our breakdown of the mighty Sasuke has helped you to figure out some of his intentions. We suggest that you do a deep dive into the series and follow this character as he evolves into a dark, twisted and eventually compassionate ninja warrior.