Sikorsky: Baki Hanma Dangerous Russian Convict

Baki the Grappler follows teenage martial artist Baki Hanma as he trains and competes in underground matches in order to become the strongest grappler in the world. Along the way, he meets a colorful cast of characters, each with their own unique skills and motivations. 

Sikorsky: Baki the Grappler is one of the most dangerous fighters and one of those interesting characters. The Russian convict has a reputation for being brutal in the ring, and he is not afraid to kill his opponents. He is a formidable opponent, and it takes a lot of skill to beat him. In this article, we will take a closer look at Sikorsky and see what makes him so dangerous.

Who Is Sikorsky: Baki the Grappler Brutal Convict?

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Sikorsky is one of the primary antagonists of the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga. He is a Russian convict who escaped from Evans prison in Russia. Not much is known about his past, but it’s possible that he was in the Russian army before becoming a criminal. He is described as being 27 years old, 6’3″ tall, and weighing 220 lbs. Sikorsky is a dangerous and brutal individual who has no problem killing anyone who gets in his way. 

Sikorsky is incredibly cunning and enjoys playing games with his opponents, making them believe they are outmatched before striking when they are vulnerable. This shows utter contempt for professional fighters trained to fight in formal matches. Sikorsky’s viciousness and disregard for rules often put him at odds with other characters, but his undeniable fighting prowess makes him a formidable opponent.

Unlike many of the other characters in the series, Sikorsky is not based on a real-life fighter. Instead, he was created specifically for the story. As a result, Sikorsky is able to bring his own unique perspective and skills to the table.

Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

The first saga of the Baki manga series introduces us to five dangerous convicts, including Sikorsky. They are all on death row, and they’ve been brought together for one purpose: to fight Baki and prove themselves the strongest humans alive. 

This arc is full of fast-paced action and intense battles. It also provides insight into the characters’ motivations and backstories. While the convicts are clearly the villains of this story, they are also complex and sympathetic characters. This makes them some of the most evil villains in manga, and their saga is an essential part of the series.

How did Sikorsky Escape from Prison?

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It is unknown why Sikorsky was imprisoned, but it is clear that he is a skilled fighter. He was able to escape from his prison, a missile silo, by climbing out. As he walked through a snow storm, he encountered Alexander Gallen, a powerful wrestler from Russia who tried to stop him. Their fight was not shown, but it is known that Sikorsky brutalized him. This shows that Sikorsky is a dangerous criminal who should not be underestimated. Gallen was likely no match for Sikorsky’s strength and fighting abilities, and it is fortunate that Sikorsky did not cause more harm during his escape.

Fighting Style and Abilities

Sikorsky from Baki is a perfect example of a brute force fighter. Brute force is a fighting style that relies on raw physical power to overwhelm an opponent. The goal of a brute force fighter is to knock out their opponent as quickly as possible with powerful strikes. His enormous size and strength allow him to deliver crushing blows to his opponents, often resulting in quick victories. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. 

Sikorsky is known for his extreme finger grip. This strength helped him escape the prison, by climbing up the walls. He was able to grasp and maintain his grip on a fire sprinkler by tightly pinching it with his two fingers.

Sikorsky is a large and intimidating man, with great strength and durability. He was able to survive when he got shot in the chest five times and pulled a car apart with his bare hands. Sikorsky moves with inhuman speed and agility, and his palm strikes are powerful enough to cut through flesh and bone. In addition to his physical abilities, Sikorsky is also a master strategist. He is able to quickly assess a situation and come up with an effective plan of action. 

Signature Moves

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The knuckle swipe is one of Sikorsky’s signature moves in the anime series Baki. The move involves Sikorsky extending his middle finger and striking his opponent with the knuckle. The angle at which Sikorsky strikes his opponent allows him to cut them open and deal them deadly wounds. This move is considered to be Sikorsky’s deadliest move, and he often uses it to finish off his opponents. While the move may seem simple, it requires precision and timing to execute correctly. 

Another one of his signature moves is the dropkick, which he uses to devastating effect in many of his fights. The Sikorsky is also proficient in other moves such as the roll kick and chop blow. These moves, combined with his strength and speed, make him a very dangerous opponent for anyone who crosses him.

Sikorsky also employs both tackling and pinching techniques. Tackle is a move where the fighter charges at their opponent in an attempt to knock them down. Pinch, on the other hand, is a technique where the fighter grabs their opponent’s skin or clothing and squeezes it tight, causing pain. Sikorsky primarily uses these two techniques in conjunction with one another, attacking his opponents with quick, successive tackles before pinching them when they’re off-balance.


Despite his imposing size and strength, Sikorsky is not without his weaknesses. Perhaps his most notable weakness is his fear. From the moment he meets Yuujirou Hanma, Baki’s father, Sikorsky is sweating nervously, and this fear only intensifies when he is pummeled almost to death by Gaia, a super-soldier.

As a result, Sikorsky is sometimes hesitant and reluctant to fight, even when he knows he stands a chance of winning. This hesitancy ultimately leads to his downfall.

Hanma Baki vs. Sikorsky: Who Is Stronger?

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Spoiler alert: Though the circumstances are unknown, Sikorsky was hired by Hanma Yuujiro to kidnap his son Baki’s girlfriend, Kozue. Baki goes to rescue her and that’s when we see a short fight between these two characters. 

During their first encounter, Baki knocks Siroksky out of a 27th-story window. After knocking Sikorsky out of the window, Baki thinks the fight is over. However, Sikorsky’s inhumanity allows him to survive the fall. Baki Hanma then chases Sirosky through the sewers where the two fighters then engage in a brutal battle, with Baki eventually emerging victorious.

Hanma Baki versus Siroksy was a short but intense fight. After losing to Baki, Sikorsky was defeated by Biscuit Oliva and arrested. Oliva is a special jailer in the Arizona State Prison whose main purpose is to keep an eye on dangerous criminals. However, Sirkosky managed to escape from police custody once again and is back and looking for revenge. 

When Sirkosky stumbles upon a fight between Ryuukou Yanagi, another dangerous criminal who escaped a maximum security prison, and Baki, he does not hesitate to join in. However, Sikorsky teams up with Yanagi and the two prove to be a formidable team. Baki eventually runs from the fight to save his girlfriend Kozue. 

So, who is stronger? The answer, quite simply, is Baki. While both fighters are incredibly strong, Baki has demonstrated time and time again that he is the superior fighter. Given his track record, it seems likely that he could defeat both Sirkosky and Ryuukou Yanagi at the same time.

What Happens to Sikorsky?

Sikorsky challenges Baki’s half-brother, Jack Hanma, to a fight and loses after an intense battle. Although he puts up a good fight, he is ultimately defeated by the younger and stronger Hanma. As a result of his loss, Sikorsky is once again imprisoned. This time, however, he is much more accepting of his situation. He realizes that he is not as strong as he used to be and that he needs to focus on getting stronger if he ever hopes to be free again.

Final Thoughts

Sikorsky: Baki Hanma’s dangerous Russian convict and a formidable opponent in terms of physical abilities, has shown to be highly intelligent and strategic, making him a dangerous foe for anyone. Thankfully, Baki has the ability to tap into his own reserves of strength and power, giving him the edge he needs to take down Sikorsky. 

Sikorsky is a dangerous antagonist who possesses both climbing abilities and palm strength. He is also a skilled fighter, an expert in the art of deception, and a foe not to be underestimated. Despite his many strengths, Sikorsky ultimately falls to Baki and his brother Jack. We’re waiting to see if Sikorsky gets stronger and tries to take down Hanma Baki once again!