The Cart Titan (Attack On Titan) – Who Is It?

In the final season of the anime series Attack on Titan, all of the Shifter Titans and their identities were finally revealed. One of the strangest Shifter Titans in the Attack On Titan anime is known as the Cart Titan, first shown in Season 3, Episode 16.

But who is the Cart Titan? Read on to find out more.

The Cart Titan (Attack on Titan) - Who is it?

Who Is The Cart Titan?

The Cart Titan was revealed in Season 3 of the anime, the Cart Titan and was shown to be physically very different from a typical Titan, Shifter or Pure. The Cart Titan has something called a quadrupedal form, which allows it to use all four of it’s limbs to move around.

This presents it with a strong advantage in two distinct ways. First of all, it can carry items on its back, and secondly, having the use of all four of its limbs makes it very fast.

During Season 4, Episode 1 of Attack the Titan, the Cart Titan is shown in its full militarized mode, performing as a moving machine gun in a conflict between Marley and the Mideast Allies.

It is known to have incredible speed and endurance levels and is currently in the possession of Pieck Finger. It acted as a scout and carrier in Zeke Jaeger’s army throughout the battle of Shiganshina District.

Versatility And Speed

It’s also a highly useful Titan in terms of versatility. Whether used defensively or as a supporting Titan, the Cart Titan is always a successful weapon. It is able to carry lots of important supplies on its back easily, unlike upright Titans which would struggle more with this feat.

The impressive ability to use all four limbs for motion gives it a huge benefit when it comes to out speeding opponents.

It can move so quickly that it is almost on par with the speeds reached by the Jaw Titan, and works exceptionally well as part of the team for Marley and their military.

Strength And Endurance

Also, the Cart Titan showcases excellent strength and endurance capability. It can easily hold out against lengthy battles and can withstand long journeys in it’s Titan form without the need for rest and recovery. It can continue in battle and on a journey for months at a time.

It itakes a lot to wear down the Cart Titan, and it can stay in its Titan form for much longer periods than the other Shifter Titans. The only downside to the Cart Titan’s abilities is that it doesn’t regenerate as quickly as the other Shifter Titans. So, if it is hit hard, it may be quickly defeated in battle.


The Cart Titan’s holder is an Eldian Warrior of Marley called Pieck Finger. Pieck Finger is a relatively calm and even-tempered character and comes across in the anime series as approachable and clever.

It’s interesting that she has such a composed personality, considering that she is the holder of one of the strongest and strangest Shifter Titans in existence.

Side-Effects For Human Form

One problem with the Cart Titan’s quadrupedal form is that the holder will lose their ability to walk in human form for some time after they have spent a long time in Titan form.

In the anime series, we have seen Pieck Finger walking on all four limbs in her human form because it feels natural to her after too much time spent in Titan form. When walking as a normal human, she uses a crutch because she finds it difficult to transition from a Titan stance to a human stance.

The Cart Titan is the only Titan form that causes side effects to the holder after it transitions into human form following long periods of time in the Titan form.

To Summarize

The Cart Titan is one of the strangest of the Nine Shifter Titans, but also one of the most powerful Titan forms. It has mind-blowing speeds and unrivalled endurance, but can struggle when hit with a hard shot due to its lack of regenerative speed unlike the other Shifter Titans.

It can use all four limbs for movement which makes it even faster and makes it able to carry huge loads. This makes it a useful mule for wars.

It is able to stay in it’s Titan form for very long periods, however, this can negatively impact the holder when it returns to human form, as they may be unable to walk normally as a human for a time.