The Jogan – What Is Boruto’s Strange Eye Power?

Eye powers are one of the coolest parts of the Naruto Universe. The idea of eye-based magic systems isn’t something that is new in Anime and Manga, though it is Naruto that has some of the most striking and most beloved examples.

The Jogan - What Is Boruto’s Strange Eye Power

The Sharingan, the Byakugan, and the Rinnegan are some of the most iconic eye powers in all of anime – visually striking powers that give their users incredible power.

There are more powers than just this though, with some of these eye powers being vague or only found in one or two characters throughout the entire series.

Since the transition from Naruto: Shippuden to Boruto: the Next Generations, fans have come into contact with a particularly interesting eye power known as the Jogan.

You may have seen it – that strange white eye that sometimes comes to Boruto, that he doesn’t seem to understand or even acknowledge. If you find yourself getting into the new series of Boruto, but confused about his latent eye power – then you’re in the right place!

We’re going to take you through everything we know about the Jogan – its powers, potential, and mysteries, as well as how it has been used in the story so far.

What Is The Jogan?

Let’s first explore what we know for sure about the Jogan. The Jogan was first seen by fans in the first volume of the Boruto Manga, and likewise in the first episode of the Anime.

It is a rare Dojutsu (the name given to unique eye powers) that is known only to members of the Otsutsuki Clan. Its name in Japanese means ‘Pure Eye,’ which gives us some hints as to its power.

We see the Jougan used in the first episodes of Boruto when Boruto is able to use it to stop a threat to the hidden leaf. At this point, he has no idea of his power, nor that it changes his appearance.

The Jogan is different from other eye powers in a physical sense because it glows, and it is also without some of the more obvious markings that we see with the Sharingan and Rinnegan.

It appears that the Jogan was inherited by Boruto, as his parents are Naruto and Hinata, who both have rich family histories, though we don’t know why it has been awakened by him and not by his sister.

The Jogan And The Otsutsuki Clan

The Otsutsuki clan are some of the main antagonists of the Naruto Universe. They are a clan of god-like people who travel the cosmos together, through multiple dimensions.

It is because of the Otsutsuki that Chakra came into the world and that almost all of the events of Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden takes place.

Although not much is known about the Jogan or the Otsutsuki, what we do know is that there is some relationship between them. In Episode 65 of Boruto, one of the Otsutsuki mentions that the Jogan is a difficult power that is inherited by certain members of their clan.

What this means is difficult for fans to wrap their heads around – only that Boruto must have some innate connection with the Otsutsuki clan. Since they are – so far – the primary antagonists of Naruto and Boruto, it makes sense that he may have inherited one of their powers.

This means big things for the future story of Boruto – the idea that the Jogan will be used by Boruto and that it will give him great power in the future.

What Can The Jogan Do?

So far all that we know is that the Jogan is very powerful and that it has abilities similar to the Byakugan. It can see the flow of chakra – including how chakra moves around the bodies of others, as well as how chakra is used outside of it.

It seems to have some connections to space-time Jutsu, as it can perceive connections between different dimensions (which is becoming increasingly more important throughout the story of Boruto).

As a child, Boruto has no dominion over his Jogan. It seemingly activates in moments of intense stress, or when he has been given great amounts of Chakra – for example when his Father helps him create a gigantic Rasengan to defeat Momoshiki at the end of the Chunin Exam Arc.

As an older teenager and adult, it appears that Boruto is able to activate the Jogan at will. We see this in the first-ever scene from Boruto, in which Boruto is fighting with Kawaki over the wreckage of the leaf village.

This scene from the future isn’t long, but it gives us many small indications as to Boruto’s future power levels. The first is his at-will activation of Karma – another Otsutsuki power that he obtains through dealing the killing blow on Momoshiki – and the second is his activation of the Jogan.

This means that in the future Boruto will likely have total control over his ‘pure eye,’ though we can only speculate on how powerful it will become.

Power Scaling In Boruto

It could be that the Jogan – and Karma for that matter – are ways of dealing with the power-scaling issues that Naruto has had since its inception. With Shonen manga and anime, there is a tendency for powers to scale indefinitely, until they hit almost god-like levels.

We saw this at the end of Naruto: Shippuden, where Sasuke and Naruto together had unimaginable levels of power. The Jogan is a new power that will perhaps succeed other eye powers such as the Rinnegan and Mangekyo Sharingan.

This seems likely, considering Boruto will eventually take the mantle of one of the strongest ninja in the world and will need powers that will surpass his father (Naruto) and his teacher (Sasuke).

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has given you some information about the Jogan. As much as we’d like to be able to give you a full breakdown of every power that it possesses like we might be able to do with the Rinnegan, it’s just not possible until we get more information.

The Jogan is one of the most interesting aspects of Boruto at the moment, and each glimpse we get of it within the story gives us more information as to its powers and significance to the story.

Hopefully, in time we will begin to understand completely, and we will get to see all of the cool ways that Boruto Uzumaki will be able to use it in epic battles throughout the series.

One thing is sure, that the addition of new powers such as the Jogan and Karma is a way to keep the series fresh – to give fans new parts of the magic system to obsess over!