What Does ‘1000-7’ Mean in ‘Tokyo Ghoul’?

If you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, you’ll know that ‘1000-7’ is an important term that reoccurs throughout this anime. This number is of huge significance to one of the protagonists. It refers to a certain scene and has an important lesson.

In this article, we’ll discover what ‘1000-7’ means in the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

What Does “1000-7” Mean In Tokyo Ghoul

What Is Tokyo Ghoul About?

Studio Pierrot produces the Tokyo Ghoul anime based on the manga of the same name. Sui Ishida wrote and illustrated the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul occurs in an alternate reality where ghouls are creatures that are like normal people.

However these creatures can only survive by eating human flesh, so they secretly hide among humans. They conceal themselves from the authorities and try to live undetected. 

The story revolves around Ken Kaneki, who barely survives an encounter with Rize Kamishiro. Ken’s date reveals herself to be a ghoul and tries to eat him.

He is rushed to the hospital in critical condition and undergoes surgery to save his life. Afterward, he discovers that he has been transformed and is now half-ghoul. Some of Rize’s organs were transferred into his body.

Now, like every other ghoul, he must eat flesh to survive. Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki as he tries to understand his new reality and adapt to what he has become and what he must do to survive. 

What Does ‘1000-7’ Mean in Tokyo Ghoul?

The term 1000-7 begins during the final chapters of the first part of Tokyo Ghoul. Ken Kaneki has betrayed the Aogiri Tree. As a result, he is taken to Jason. In Jason’s chamber, Ken Kaneki is tortured for 10 days.

Jason uses many different methods to keep Ken alive and conscious throughout the entire ordeal. 

First, Jason cut off Ken’s fingers and toes. Then Jason made Ken eat what he had cut off to make them regrow again. This process continues. However, as Jason did this, he made Ken count down from 1000 in sevens.

As Ken counted, he began to lose his sanity. Therefore, ‘1000-7’ refers to Ken’s insanity. 

In the end, Ken killed Jason. However, Ken made Jason count down from 1000 in sevens as he endured the pain.

Ken was completely mad when he destroyed Jason. However, the counting became the symbol of what has happened to Ken. He lost his sanity the moment he began counting, and that is Jason’s fault. 

Why Did Ken Kaneki Have to Count Down as He Was Being Tortured?

Jason ordered Ken to count down, which was another method of torture to keep Ken awake. Ken had to count down from 1000 in sevens and say this number out loud.

At first, Ken was confused at this strange request. However, he discovered it was another form of torture he had to deal with alongside the physical pain.

It would be difficult to count down from such a high number normally. But, it becomes nearly impossible while also having your toes and fingers cut off and constantly eating them.

It’s no wonder that Ken lost his sanity having to deal with so much pain and suffering. 

The counting down forced Ken to stay conscious while Jason put him through the worst pain possible. If people experience unbearable pain, they can lose consciousness.

Therefore, counting down is a way of making the victim, in this case, Ken, focus on something else. So, Ken remained conscious as he had to focus on the numbers and not the agonizing pain he was experiencing. 

Jason clearly wanted Ken to suffer as much as possible. The counting may have kept Ken conscious but he reveals that the counting helped him keep his sanity longer.

It could have been easy for Ken to lose his sanity as he faced so much pain and torture. 

In addition, counting also teaches Ken a lesson: that pain is an important part of learning. In this case, he should never have betrayed the Aogiri Tree, and this is the consequence.

How Often Does ‘1000-7’ Appear in the Story After the Intisl Torture?

After Ken frees himself and deals with Jason, he regains some of his sanity. However, he walks a fine line between sanity and utter insanity. However, who can blame him after the pain he endured?

The term ‘1000-7’ appears again during the raid on Professor Kano’s laboratory. Yet again, ‘1000-7’ refers to Ken’s insanity. During this raid, Ken’s on the brink of insanity and another breakdown.

Shinohara, one of the CCG’s best investigators, is also at the laboratory. He approaches Ken to fight him. But Ken manages to survive and draws from the power of his oncoming insanity. 

Before the final attack, Ken goes fully insane. He thinks about Jason and the torture he put Ken through. He remembers what happened to his fingers and his toes and what he went through. Yet, before he attacks, Ken asks Shinohara, ‘What is 1000 minus 7?’

Ken then attacks, and we think he has killed Shinohara. But, he only eats his armour and not him. Shinohara somehow survives, thanks to Amon chasing Ken away. At this point, Shinohara claims that Ken is the craziest ghoul he has ever met. 


‘1000-7’ has huge significance for the character Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul. This term refers to the character’s sanity/insanity. Under Jason’s torture, Ken had to count down from 1000 in sevens.

Ken remained conscious under torture and counting became a mental form of torture. After he breaks free, ‘1000-7’ signifies Ken is on the edge of insanity.

We see this in the raid of Professor Kano’s laboratory and his fight against Shinohara. Jason’s torture damaged Ken mentally and physically and his ghoul side was more in control. For a long time, he was constantly on the edge of insanity.