What Was Deku’s Original Quirk

My Hero Academia is a manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi about a Japanese superhero. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters collected in 24 volumes as of August 2019.

It follows the lives of an average boy called Izuku Midoriya and his journey to becoming a supporter of the greatest Hero alive. Midoriya is a young guy who has idolized heroes and their feats from birth.

Izuku Midoriya stands out like a sore thumb in a society where superpowers, here known as quirks, are the norm. From the quirky underdog to the only hero capable of defeating history’s greatest evil, My Hero Academia has been quite the journey!

Midoriya has always aspired to be a heroic figure like hid idol of All Might. His hopes were dashed, however, when a routine doctor’s examination revealed that he was, against all chances, quirkless. Midoriya’s lack of quirks was odd in light of the fact that both of his parents had them, and quirks were very prevalent.

On a pivotal day, he meets All Might, history’s greatest hero. All Might is impressed by Midoriya’s diligent attitude and unwavering determination to become a hero. He is chosen as the heir apparent to the power of One for All.

From whether Midoriya has a quirk and what it may be to whether it was stolen or was just inconspicuous, fans have been tortured with questions for an extended period of time!

What Was Deku's Original Quirk

What Do We Know About Deku’s Original Quirk?

Midoriya’s parents both had quirks, but he was born without, prompting many fans to think that Midoriya’s quirk was removed from him while he was very tiny. In Chapter 1, Midoriya and his mother encounter a doctor who has an uncanny similarity to Dr. Garaki, supervillain All For One’s collaborator and brains behind the evil Nomus.

Izuku’s father has been missing throughout the series and has yet to be seen. He was unusual in that he was authorized to emit scorching hot fire breath from his lips. He accepted a job opportunity overseas and left when Izuku was still a baby.

His whereabouts have been unknown ever since. His given name translates as “a long time ago,” implying his absence from the lives of Inko and Izuku.

Inko had married him and given birth to a kid just before he left. Her oddity was her ability to attract little objects. Each and every one of their outstanding abilities. Izuku, on the other hand, was born “quirkless.”

According to fans, Midoriya did have a quirk, but it was absorbed by Dr. Garaki. Dr. Garaki would have to be the first physician Midoriya contacts, and his mother’s approval would be required.

Midoriya’s quirk was revealed by his x-ray, which revealed he possessed an extra joint in his pinky toe, which is linked with eccentricity. If the x-ray was manufactured, another physician might easily contradict the diagnosis.

Additionally, Inko said that all of the other kindergarten children except for Midoriya had already begun expressing their quirks, implying that he was born without quirks to begin with.

Midoriya is improbable, but not impossible, to be born without peculiarities as a result of her genetics. Midoriya may have inherited two recessive genes, depriving him of his eccentricities. If both of his parents had the recessive quirkless gene, Midoriya had a 25% chance of being born quirkless.

What Do We Know About Deku’s New Quirk – One For All?

The prospect of Midoriya possessing a quirk, as well as the biology and genetics of quirk acquisition, has spawned a variety of fascinating thoughts and opinions among fans. Chapter 304, fortunately, cleared the matter.

Midoriya is free of quirks. Shinomori, the fourth user, said in Chapter 304 that he used One For All to prolong his life and ultimately destroy his body. Midoriya is incapable of possessing a quirk since One For All, the quirk Midoriya acquired from All Might, cannot be contained inside a body that previously possessed a quirk.

Midoriya’s birth without a quirk also makes genetic sense. He may have inherited two recessive genes known to be associated with quirk development.

Midoriya meets former One For All users in Chapter 304, while comatose in the hospital. Shinomori Hikage, the fourth user, disclosed in the vestige realm that he died of natural causes at the age of 40 as a result of OFA consuming his life energy. The oddity eventually killed his body after 18 years.

By comparison, All Might got OFA for 40 years without ever experiencing any potentially fatal side effects. As with Midoriya, All Might lacks any original quirk.

Yoichi, the original user, later commented that both Midoriya and All Might were suitable vehicles for OFA since they lacked extra quirks. They could use OFA without having to worry about anything ‘exploding.’

This proves that Midoriya is really one-of-a-kind and is devoid of hidden, underlying idiosyncrasies. Midoriya, like All Might, has not suffered any of Shinomori’s adverse effects.

Why Can Deku Use Multiple Quirks?

Midoriya may have had a hidden quirk that permitted him to access the powers of previous users, according to some fan theories.

Midoriya is able to use the idiosyncrasies of previous users since OFA has matured and absorbed vestiges of the strangeness imprinted on it. OFA’s key values have developed throughout the years. This is compatible with Dr. Garaki’s Quirk Singularity idea.

Dr. Garaki’s Quirk Singularity Theory states that oddities get stronger and more vulnerable with each generation. Idiosyncrasies eventually grow too powerful for their own good.

Additionally, One For All has gained popularity as it has been passed on from user to user. By the time it was handed over to Midoriya, it had matured enough to enable the user to make use of previous users’ quirks.