Which Superman Is The Strongest?

One of the most commonly debated topics in pop culture is “who would win between ‘x’ and ‘y’?” These conversations often spark massive controversy across different fandoms, as members of one community seek bragging rights over another.

These debates have even translated onto the big screen, with movies like Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War, using this idea for their core premise as their main protagonists come to blows.

Which Superman is the strongest

It is easy to see the appeal of these sorts of situations, as every die-hard fan wants their favorite character to come out on top.

This is especially impactful when the characters in mind have similar abilities or backstories, but will never meet in their typical medium. With that in mind.

Today we are going to break down a battle of the Supermen – these being Homelander (Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’), Brandon Breyer (James Gunn’s ‘Brightburn), and of course, Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman.

This powerful trio all share a number of powers, like flight, super strength, and heat vision, but they also have a number of points of contention.

As such, we’ll give a quick breakdown of each of their power levels and backstories, and then move on to the actual fight.

Who Is Homelander?

Who Is Homelander?

Homelander is a Dynamite Entertainment character created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. The Boy’s #3, published in 2006, featured the Superman-like character for the first time.

Homelander is the captain of The Seven, the core super-team. The story goes like this: a young child falls from the sky, not in a spaceship, but on grassland.

He is not extraterrestrial, but a human who has been subjected to extremely high doses of Compound V since he was a fetus.

His mother was a deranged lady who was murdered not long after he was born. The first result of these tests was the hero Black Noir, a character loosely based on Batman.

Vought-American, the creators of compound V and bankrollers for the Seven, used Compound V to create their own superhero team, with Homelander at the helm.

As previously said, Homelander was heavily influenced by the Superman character archetype; nevertheless, Homelander was made significantly more vicious, violent, aggressive, and immoral in order to better fit into The Boys’ universe.

Due to his origins, Homelander is one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet. He has superhuman strength and looks to be completely indestructible. He can fly at incredible speeds and has x-ray and thermal vision.

He has a sonic scream capable of ripping people’s heads off. After Vought-American injected huge doses of Compound V to multiple fetuses in the womb, he, like the other members of the Seven, developed his talents.

He is a narcissistic, nihilistic psychopath who is fully aware of his own power and how it lets him manipulate people, despite his appearance as a Superman type.

Homelander is careless with other people, or, to put it another way, he is only interested in other individuals who can fulfill his desires and impulses.

Homelander may look to the public like a golden child, but he is everything but, and his power will crumble if the world discovers who he really is.

The ability to fly appears to be crucial to Homelander’s skills. His capacity to emerge absolutely unannounced in practically any area on the planet is one of the things that makes him so terrifying.

The mere sight of him swooping overhead is enough to frighten the show’s protagonists.

Homelander also hasn’t been found to have any weaknesses. Homelander’s son Ryan is the one thing we know that might bring him down, at least in the show’s reality.

Ryan inherited much of his father’s skills, and he’s capable of assassinating some of the world’s most powerful superheroes, as seen by his ability to defeat Stormfront.

Homelander has never been physically defeated, but that doesn’t seem to bother him. Despite being the most powerful person on the planet, he is readily misled and is constantly influenced by people around him.

He’s been in the presence of Billy Butcher on two occasions during the show, and neither time has he slain him. Billy Butcher is just an ordinary person, but Homelander’s need to be loved keeps him from achieving his objectives.

Who Is Brightburn?

Who Is Brightburn?

Brandon Breyer is the main character of the  2019 supervillain horror film, Brightburn, in which he takes on the name of his hometown as the main antagonist.

Brandon is an alien brought to Earth with the evil aim of taking over the planet, in a twist on the standard Superman story. He crashes in Brightburn, Kansas, and is taken in by a couple who are unable to have children.

Brandon’s powers got stronger as he grew older, including the realization that he possessed superhuman strength.

Brandon’s demeanor darkens after attempting to return to the ship on which he arrived, leading his adoptive parents to believe that something was wrong with him.

Brandon was a clever, shy, and polite young guy, despite his social ineptness. When he found his superpowers, on the other hand, his demeanor changed dramatically.

Over time, he developed a god complex, believing himself to be superior to humanity and demonstrating delusional tendencies while claiming to desire to do good.

This is due to his belief that humans are born with a negative attitude. Brandon developed a crush on Caitlyn, but the fact that he followed her around and even went into her room at night demonstrates that it was nothing more than a perversion.

Brandon is also a vengeful individual, as seen by his breaking Caitlyn’s arm after she declined to help him at school since she knew he stalked her or murdered her mother because she did not want Brandon to contact her.

Brandon has become a sociopathic psychopath who has no empathy, fakes emotions when it suits him and has no remorse.

Brandon’s road to villainy, despite this, is claimed to be influenced in part by his alien DNA.

After viewing the alien’s spacecraft, he walked to the farm and exclaimed in a loud voice with his eyes closed that he had to take over the world, hinting that he had been brainwashed by the ship.

However, whether he was completely brainwashed or just influenced by the message and chose to turn evil deliberately is debatable.

It’s also possible that he genuinely cared about his parents, hiding his true nature in their presence and acting normally with them, and that he only attacked them because they attempted to kill him in the first place, though even this is debatable given that he killed them without hesitation or remorse, albeit because they knew Brandon was too dangerous to be left alive at this point.

Brandon has an intrinsic power to intimidate, as proven by the fact that his presence has angered a number of hens on his property. His incredible speed is largely used to terrorize his prisoners.

Brandon can travel silently and gently because of his superhuman mobility, which includes the capacity to fly. This talent allows him to quickly hide from and pursue people.

Brandon possesses superhuman strength, capable of carrying anything as large and heavy as a pick-up truck and breaking stone and metal with his hands in a matter of seconds.

Brandon’s tremendous speed and agility combine to allow him to strike a human and absolutely demolish them.

Brandon is resistant to most physical harm, with the only thing that can harm him being the alien metal that his ship is made of. He discovered this by putting his hand within a lawnmower’s whirling blade and crushing it.

As his father attempted to shoot him, the bullet narrowly missed his skin. The ship’s metal may be used to assassinate him, as his adoptive mother came dangerously close to doing.

Brandon has never been sick or wounded in his life, according to his adoptive father. This would suggest that his immune system is significantly better than humans’, rendering him resistant to virtually all forms of harm on Earth.

Who Is Clark Kent?

Who Is Clark Kent?

The most notable of the three contenders, Clark Kent, also known as Superman, Superman is a fictional superhero who first appeared in American comic books published by DC Comics.

The character was developed by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and initially featured in the inaugural issue of Action Comics.

Superman was given the name Kal-El when he was born on the planet Krypton. When he was a baby, his parents took him to Earth in a small starship, shortly before Krypton was destroyed in a natural calamity.

His ship landed in the American countryside near the fictional town of Smallville. Jonathan and Martha Kent, who were farmers, found him and adopted him, christening him Clark Kent.

Clark was given superhuman abilities including impenetrable skin and superhuman strength. His adoptive parents urged him to use his talents, thus he chose to combat crime.

When battling crime, he wears a bright costume and goes under the alias “Superman” to maintain his incognito.

Clark Kent is a Daily Planet journalist based in Metropolis, a fictitious American metropolis. Lois Lane, Superman’s love interest and fellow journalist, Jimmy Olsen, and Lex Luthor, Superman’s archenemy, are among the supporting characters.

Superman is the quintessential superhero: he wears a strange suit, has a codename, and fights evil with superhuman abilities.

Despite the fact that there have been previous fictional characters who may be deemed superheroes, it was Superman who popularised and established the genre. He was the best-selling superhero character in American comic books until the 1980s.

Kal-El gets his powers from the Earth’s massive yellow sun. Clark Kent’s remarkable abilities are provided by the same substance that gives you or me a nice summer glow. It isn’t just a question of superpowers.

The light is largely responsible for Superman’s vulnerability. Her skills include flight, super strength, x-ray vision, thermal vision, super senses, super speed, and invulnerability.

He had an advantage before landing on Earth, despite the fact that the sun gives the majority of his strength.

Kryptonians have a considerably higher muscle density than ordinary humans since they were born on the planet Krypton, where the planet’s gravitational force is greater on the body.

On Earth, Superman discovered he has amazing strength. Because he was now on a planet with a far lower gravitational pull than Krypton, he was able to do so.

Because Earth’s gravity is lower than that of Krypton, Superman is able to do such incredible feats of strength.

The ability to fly the Man of Steel possesses might also be explained by the difference in gravity.

Superman’s power changes based on the quantity of solar energy received by his cells and the current story’s writer, despite the fact that he is widely recognized as the strongest hero in the DC universe.

After surviving a plummet into the Sun, he gained a short increase in power, but when deprived of that energy, his talents deteriorated. The maximum power limits of Superman, as well as the amount of energy he can retain, have never been determined.

Let Them Fight!

Three of the most popular superhero series include Superman, Brightburn, and Homelander. Each of the three super beings has powerful superpowers, some of which they share, such as laser vision, and others that are unique to them.

In a fight involving Brightburn, Superman, and Homelander, who would win?

Homelander and Brandon Breyer as Brightburn, the boy who hasn’t yet mastered his talents, are the most powerful of the three.

Brightburn would be easily defeated by Superman in a fight. He’d win since he’d previously fought villains that were nearly identical to Brightburn.

What if Kal-El didn’t grow up the way he did? Brightburn is based on this notion. What if he turned out to be a jerk with a snooty attitude? What if he wanted vengeance for all the Kryptonians that died? What if he turned out to be a villain trying to take over the world?

When we first meet Brightburn, he is merely a young boy who has recently found his skills after spending his whole childhood unaware of his origins.

However, he has not yet mastered the use of his abilities. He’s basically Superman’s evil counterpart, and if you’re a fan of the character, you’ll know that Superman has already faced his evil version.

Superman has fought and destroyed Zod, a formidable opponent who has Superman’s skills. Zod comes from the same planet like Superman, Krypton, and his body reacts to the yellow sun’s radiation in the same manner as Superman’s does.

On the other side, Zod possesses a wide range of physical powers that enabled him to defeat Superman. Superman, on the other hand, triumphed in the end.

In order to confront his arch-enemy, Superman has also traveled through time. We witnessed how Superman is overtaken by the darkness inside him and plots to take over the world in the Injustice comic book.

However, he is stopped by the regular Superman, who travels from another dimension to combat his evil counterpart and save the Earth.

With this in mind, it would seem easy for Superman to overcome Brightburn, even if they are of similar strength levels, primarily down to his previous combat experience. This would also presumably be a similar situation if Brightburn and Homelander came to blows.

Unlike Brightburn, Homelander was created in a lab. Jonah Vogelbaum, the project’s lead scientist, called Homelander John. Despite his many superpowers, he is a harsh and irrational person.

From a young age, he was a hater of everyone. He had to sit in front of a projector with images of the American flag, Jesus Christ, and baseball shown on it.

This was a typical workout for him. After being cut off from all human interaction for a long time, he developed a vicious attitude.

He was previously cared for by a female nurse. In a fit of wrath, Homelander kills her by crushing her spines.

As a result, if a conflict arises between Brightburn and Homlander, Homelander will emerge victorious. Homelander will benefit from the findings since he has the time and training to concentrate his abilities.

Despite the fact that he primarily used his skills for malevolent means, he learned to use them.

On the other side, Brightburn is a youngster. He is alone and has not been cultivated, despite his varied superpowers. Homelander has the potential to inflame his fury and encourage him to make terrible combat decisions.

Superman and Homelander have a lot in common. Let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages to discover who would win in a fight.

Homelander is capable of traveling at superhuman speeds. He can go faster than the speed of sound. As a result, he can reach 743 mph in less than two seconds.

Superman, on the other hand, can travel at an unimaginable speed. A bioelectric aura surrounds Superman’s body. He is invisible to global gravity due to his aura.

When he is flying, even the most enormous stars in the universe have no influence on him. His bioelectric aura negates the external gravity pull. Another point for Superman.

Homelander is devoid of Superhearing’s abilities. Superman, on the other hand, has the ability to listen in on every conversation taking place anywhere on the earth without having to be present.

Sonic Scream, on the other hand, belongs to Homelander. He could scream and destroy glassware, as well as anyone’s eardrums if they were close enough. As a result, both Superman and Homelander receive one point.

Superman has the ability to use Super Breath. It’s not simply about being able to go for long periods of time without breathing. He is, without a doubt, capable of doing so.

Superman, on the other hand, can utilize Superbreath to crash a plane that is flying hundreds of miles above sea level.

Homelander has also never encountered an adversary as formidable as himself. He’d never fought somebody on his level before.

As a result, Superman has an advantage over other superheroes since he has encountered both Earthly and extraterrestrial threats, such as Doomsday. He even went up against Lord Darkseid of Apokolips.

The motivations of Homelander and Superman are the most major difference between them. Superman fights for a good cause, yet his principles are never questioned.

As such, Superman seems to be the obvious winner, who will fight until his last breath if so needed, and overcome any obstacle in his way.