Who Is Luke Cage And How Powerful Is He?

Luke Cage (originally called Carl Lucas) is a former policeman from Georgia, who was imprisoned at Seagate Prison for a crime he didn’t commit. During his prison stay, he was experimented on by Noah Burstein in a bid to save his life.

These experiments left him with superpowers which will be outlined below. After Luke escaped from his prison, he used his powers to protect the residents of New York. His wife died in a “random bus crash”.

Following his wife’s death, Luke Cage met a private investigator named Jessica Jones. However, he later found out that his wife was murdered and Jessica was involved through the influence of Kilgrave. Luke moved to Harlem to work for Pop, who was then killed by villain Cottonmouth’s henchmen.

This began a war between Luke and Cottonmouth which finished when Cottonmouth was found dead. Luke had to go on the run due to being blamed for murdering Cottonmouth and was hunted down by his old friends Misty Knight and Willis Stryker. 

Luke defeated Willis Stryker (who turned out to be his brother) but was then captured by police and returned to prison. After serving jail time, Luke joined the Defenders, a superhero team consisting of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil.

Who Is Luke Cage And How Powerful Is He

What Are Luke Cage’s Powers?

Luke Cage has many powers which make him superhuman and able to successfully fight and defeat forces of evil and protect the innocent.

Keep reading to find out about his key powers, including: artificially enhanced physiology, super strength, super speed, super stamina, super durability and regenerative healing.

Artificially Enhanced Physiology 

Due to Noah Burstein’s experiments, Luke’s DNA was fused with foreign DNA from an abalone shell to genetically modify his body’s ability to heal and endure injury. Hydrogen covalent bonds melded with his skin cells at the same point of acidity, saline concentration and temperature as the abalone shell.

Luke’s skin cells are extremely elastic and absorbent of energy. The cells that line his organs are fused together, and when they are pulled apart, they fuse back together instantly. He has been compared with Captain America by Cottonmouth after some of his incredible fights with villains.

Super Strength

Luke’s strength gives him the ability to lift and throw other people with ease. He can break steel, break bones and break through  brick wall, crush guns with his bare hands, kick any door through and lift very heavy objects.

He is also capable of super jumps due to his strength, allowing him to jump large heights and distances. 

Super Speed

Luke can run at an exceptional speed, completing the 40 meter sprint in 3.72 seconds, faster than Usain Bolt. He can run at speeds that allow him to intercept a speeding car.

Super Stamina

Luke has superhuman stamina, with the ability to fight for many hours, complete long exercises such as swimming and running without becoming tired. He can therefore wear down his targets easily. 

Super Durability

Because of the experiments conducted on him, Luke developed super durable skin, which means he can withstand many injuries. He can survive gunshots and knife attacks because neither bullets or knives can penetrate his skin.

He can also use the bullets that bounce off his skin during gunfire as a means of attack towards his opponents. 

Regenerative Healing

The experiments conducted on Luke were intended to save his life by accelerating tissue repair. Luke developed this ability across his whole body, meaning that if he does succumb to any injury, his cells can regenerate quickly to heal any wounds he has suffered.

Final Thoughts

Luke Cage has many extraordinary superhuman powers which make him a significant threat to his opponents. Not only does Luke showcase a variety of superpowers which make him an much-valued member of the Defenders, he is also an expert combatant and investigator due to his time as a police officer.

Together with his mind-blowing superhuman powers, these mastered skills help him to be one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe.